It seems everyone knows someone impacted by breast health issues. This week when impartial essential oil educator Robert Tisserand issued a blog regarding the impact of essential oils on breast health, I took notice. Robert Tisserand is a big debunker of myths around essential oils, and is an industry research leader and educator. You might want to read this. You might not want to go topless sun baking due to the photosensitivity of citrus oils, but that’s something we left behind in the 70’s right? Please note that personally I would use Wild Orange Essential oil due to the fact that it is higher in d-Limonene than Lemon essential oil.



If you would like to start a breast health regime, and are happy to start eating more citrus fruit as recommended by Robert Tisserand, please contact me to obtain lemon, sandalwood and bergamot essential oils. At this stage I can not help with Palmrosa or Copaiba oil.