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What is mindfulness?

To me, mindfulness is an approach to life. It is a way of living that embraces the present moment, and appreciates our experience for what it is. It is the best way to fully appreciate the richness and complexity of being human. When we are mindful we accept our thoughts and emotions, and current situation in life for what it is in the moment.  Emotions and thoughts are like clouds, and will soon pass over the blue sky that is our mind.

“Mindfulness is the conscious awareness of our current thoughts, feelings and surroundings- and accepting this awareness with openness and curiosity in a nonjudgemental way”.  

Goldie Hawn with Wendy Holden- 10 Mindful Minutes

I personally practice Mindful Photography in that I take my camera everywhere that I go, and capture the beauty and complexity in everything that presents itself to me.  I look for the small things in life- the shadows, the textures, the subtle colours and contrasts, the patterns and other nuances that might otherwise be overlooked.  I also embrace the dark side of life.  I photograph and write when I am sad, mad and angry, when I am confused or uncertain.  Acknowledgement of these emotions brings richness to life and allows us to sit with these emotions but not allow them to take over our lives.

Image taken and graphic made circa 2011/2012

Mindfulness and Meditation are key tools which can be used to help overcome anxiety and depression and help create inner stability, calmness and lead to contentedness and inner happiness which are not dependant upon external factors such as material wealth, relationships, and career success.


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