Every now and then life can feel like it is literally sucking the oxygen out of your lungs. That picture of your perfect world that you have created in your mind gets destroyed, and you end up with your head over a toilet bowl vomiting your guts out and wondering what happened.

We all pretend we’re ok. Our Facebook statuses constantly communicate the amazing things that are happening in our lives. Sometimes we go through rough patches and we go silent, or deactivate our accounts or take a break. Only a few of us ever dare to communicate our troubles for fear of being attention seekers.

Presenting a webinar and live event not for the faint hearted.

to hell and back

This event is for anyone who has ever felt isolated by their fear. Who has ever felt alone in a perfect world. Who’s ever posted something on Facebook and then regretted it. For people fed up and wanting natural solutions. Real solutions from a real person who figured out how to make friends with all of her emotions, and let fear sit in the back seat.


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