Essential oils for stillbirth grief

Recently I was talking to a nurse at the airport and we got onto the topic of essential oils. She had been visiting to attend a conference and I asked her what the conference was about. She was a little hesitant in answering and responded “palliative care”. Fantastic! I said- I write about Palliative Care. She was surprised and we spoke for a while longer about the reasons for my interest and passion in the area.  We also spoke of essential oils, and at that point she told me that Tangerine was the number one essential oil that bereaved parents of stillborn babies chose. When a child is born without life, the nurses provide a selection of essential oils for the parents to chose amongst so that they could remember their child by an aroma, and not the aroma that is associated with the decay of a body.  She was adamant that tangerine was the number one aroma chosen, and wasn’t sure why.

I went home and consulted my aromatherapy book and found out that Tangerine essential oil can be used to sedate and calm the nervous system, and when diffused with marjoram can soothe emotions of grief, anger and shock.


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Resources for stillbirth, miscarriage and SIDs:

Surviving Miscarriage by Dr Lisa Phillips-Leece


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