Your body knows, before your mind does.

Danielle La Porte

Truth from Danielle La Porte.


The truth is we all think too much.  We let our mind make all the decisions, rather than feeling our way through life. We need to stop analysing all the specifics and learn to trust our gut- the place where we feel our intuition. Intuitively, we know what feels right. We know we should be making decisions based upon what result they will produce in our life- will it make us feel more alive, excited, inspired, radiant and powerful? If not, then we need to learn to say no.


How do you want to feel?

When we learn to become in tune with our feelings, then we can live an inspired life, based upon choices that uplift up and empower us. This can translate into eating what makes us feel nourished, living in surroundings where we feel “at home”, taking time to nurture ourselves so that we “feel good”. We purchase only those products are services that are not only functional, and aesthetically pleasing, but which lead to the lives of the producers being enhanced and fairly compensated for, so that they too can feel good about their occupation, and their talents.

We need to start feeling our way through life.