Toxin Free Pest Control

Think you need toxic chemicals to keep pests out of your home? Think again. You can turn to the natural power of plants to do this for you in a non-toxic way. Many plants and fruits have insect repelling qualities in their natural environment. Unlike animals or humans, plants do not have an immune system and so their chemical consists of secondary metabolites which protect the plants from predators and infections. The essential oils which are derived from these plants contain the same protective functions as they did when inside the plant.

toxin free pest control

Toxin Free Repellant

What about when you are outside in nature? How do you repel the mozzies, sandflies, bugs, and other pests without the use of DDT and other toxic solutions? It’s easy. Harness the power of nature and the plants with natural repellants in them with TerraShield (known as Terra Armour in some countries). P.S It smells amazing and very relaxing- my mum was on a weekend away with friends, and was about to go for a walk and had applied her TerraShield to her legs and arms. The others in the group had seen her apply it. A gentleman came to join them, stopped beside mum, took in a deep breath and said “Don’t you just love the smell of the rainforest and the wonderful trees?”  The group laughed and said- “You’re smelling Ricky’s insect repellant” 😉


Toxin Free Pest Control


toxin free luminary


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