I'm Katische

I help starseeds, spiritual business owners  and spiritually minded people achieve change at the superconscious mind level- the Quantum level.

I help you access your guides, receive light language transmissions, gain insight and wisdom and abilities from all lifetimes so that you can achieve your purpose in this lifetime.

When you are ready, we then integrate this knowledge to connect with the wisdom of your higher self, so that you look within.

I also help and guide your higher self to remove and heal obstacles of all forms (emotional, mental and other forms), and allow you to understand your karmic role in what you have been experiencing so that you can release the past and be in the present moment.

I do this through Quantum Soul Therapy which is a blend of spiritual regression sessions and spiritual coaching guidance.  I believe this is the most powerful way to witness your own evolution of your soul.

Case Studies

I have compiled over 60 case studies that were recorded with video and audio so that you can understand what working with me is like. Each case study provides valuable information and lessons for anyone wanting to understand the journey of the soul. The case studies were initially released on The Infinite Life with Katische Haberfield Podcast but are categorised here for easy access. All types of sessions listed below can be conducted in a Quantum Soul Therapy Session with Katische because the mind will find the root cause, irrespective of which lifetime it is in, and will take you to healing with the Angels in the Life Between Lives all in the one session if it is required.

Regressions to lifetimes in other dimensions, planets, and universes. Light Language transmissions.

A series of regressions to help current healers on their path, (spiritual or main stream medical) to identify positive resources and healing blocks from this lifetime and others. We also visit future lifetimes and timelines to see the potential consequences of choices you may be facing to help you understand your desires and actions in relation to your career.

A very special session which Katische previously conducted seperately, but is now integrated in her work. These sessions identify thoughts, emotions, devices, and entities which may be stuck in your aura or physical body.

Sessions where we help you understand something that occured in this lifetime that you need to gain perspective of, heal and release. These sessions can ultimately lead to past life regression where the root cause is in another lifetime.

Where we ask the eternal mind to show us the lifetime that answers a specific question you have or a problem that you are facing.

Life Between Lives Regression / Future Life Progression

Where we go to the "afterlife" or between lives realm to meet soul groups, see the soul council and ask questions that help us gain guidance to burning questions and receive healing from the Archangels. 

A future life progression often is conducted when the Soul Council directs you to investigate the options for the future based on what you have achieved in this lifetime, and if you are wondering if you are going in the right direction and have questions about your future. This is particularly helpful if you are wanting to study a new modality for example.

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A transformative podcast that dives deep into the mysteries of the soul, past lives, and the infinite nature of existence. We ask questions like: Have you lived before? What about on other planets? What did you decide your life’s purpose would be before you were born? Are ghosts real and what would they tell us about their journey once they have finally gone to the light? Are negative entities real? Join us for regression sessions, mediumship, and interviews helping you understand what it is to be not only a human facing the challenges of duality on Earth, but a soul evolving through each incarnation where the ultimate truth is non duality.

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