Quantum Soul Therapy

Katische is a specialist in complex soul-based prognosis. She is a finder of soul obstructions in all incarnations - at the Quantum level.

Katische locates the root cause of seemingly invisible and inexplicable mental, physical, emotional and spiritual issues using her bespoke application of Apometrics, Regression Therapy and Sound Healing that she calls Quantum Soul Therapy.

Who can Katische help?

Katische assists two main kinds of people:

1. Those on a Healer's Path  (people who are currently or feel they are meant to be a healer of any description- traditional main stream medical or spiritual). If this is you, you feel like something is not right, you are being held back or you have a thousand certifications but have never really found your modality.

2. Those who are experiencing complex soul obstructions with no real feeling or indication that they may be on a Healer's Path. ie have no inclination to be on a spiritual path or be a healer of any kind- eg Doctor, Therapist. (see list below for examples of soul obstructions)

If you are in either category your soul obstructions may present as the following symptoms:

  • Suicidal ideation- usually this is temporary but intense, and it comes and goes over the years but is not constant.
  • Intrusive negative thoughts- a voice in your head that tells you nasty stuff about how much the world hates you, how bad a person you are, tries to get you to do or say things that you know are not "the real" you.
  • Severe night insomnia and anxiety/panic attacks.
  • Fear of the light- going outside.
  • "Hereditary/ancestral" mental health issues.
  • Extended complicated grief after pet/family death spanning more than 8 years.
  • Invisible illness that causes brain fog or chronic fatigue like symptoms.
  • Complete financial obstruction- the feeling that no matter what job you take, what courses you do to improve your financial literarcy  or budgets you set, that there is something that is making you go around and around in circles to despondency and despair. This can even result in people who have to hide chronic unemployment or underemployment.
  • Feeling unsafe in your own home- being attacked by entities in your sleep or during the day.
  • Accident prone.
  • Reoccuring illness or injury in the head, spine, ankles.
  • People who have tried Church sanctioned Deliverance and Exorcism or visited a "curse" breaker with no results, and perhaps a worsening of conditions.
  • People who are aware to know they are self sabotaguing but can not for the life of them stop this behaviour despite trying everything.
  • People who have conscious limiting beliefs that are impacting their daily lives, and for which any spiritual or psychological "work" has not found the root cause.

Katische is a provider of diagnostic relief from all forms of soul obstructions including but not limited to:

  • Curses (including generational curses and self generated) hidden vows, oaths, hexes, occult spells,  jinxes, enchantments, bewitchments and limiting beliefs.
  • Techno Sorcery Neuroweapons, Negative Memory Imprints, BioVirus.
  • Hidden amulets and magnetic fields of force created by sorcerers or black magicians. 
  • Human and Non Human Entity attachments including psychological construct entities such as Poltergeists, Tulpas etc
  • Astral fragments in the reproductive system as a result of current or past life miscarriages, stillborns, abortions and absorbed twins passed down from birth through your mother or ancestors.
  • Psychic hooks and chords.
  • Alien devices- tracking, neurological. 
  • The presence of astral larvae, trapped soul collectives, Seals
  • False spirit guides and vows from other incarnations to spiritual deities that are not in alignment with your current spiritual/religious beliefs.
  • Katische finds all incarnations of your soul who are in the underworld/lower astral realms/umbral and heals and returns them to the universal mind for reintegration. If you have been a black magician or received an initiation in a prior incarnation, this initiation is revoked so that any black magic that you may have conducted is no longer active in the world. 
  • She also ensures that your home is entity free, as our homes are the biggest attractors of negative energy.

Katische not only clears these obstructions but also HEALS the mental and emotional repercussions of these obstructions. She ensures that soul fragments are recovered and reintegrated and works with the Akashic Gatekeeper to heal your records where required.

Clients must be PRL literate (meaning you understand the concepts of reincarnation and that the soul has many lifetimes) or have experienced prior Akashic Records sessions with a practitioner AND have obvious life-based restrictive issues such as restrictive curses and satanic problems and hauntings leading to sub-optimal life quality.

OR you are Healer, or feel that you might be a healer without any obvious life limiting restrictions other than a feeling of being blocked and not getting where you "should be" on your Healer's path.

Clients must be open to viewing life as a non-dualistic struggle between good and evil through consciousness-raising experiences that test our valour.

Clients typically work long term with Katische, for a minimum of one month.

Katische no longer offers regression therapy or spirit releasement therapy as individual sessions, as she believes her application of apometrics is more powerful, quicker and comprehensive as it identifies soul obstructions across all lifetimes. 

Katische is willing to conduct an initial Past Life Regression Session for new clients as a part of the month package. However, PLR is not her main modality.

She recommends Cindy Porter, for Akashic Records sessions, with whom you can book via the following calendly link.



Alternatively you can experience the benefits of spirit releasement and regression through Soul Therapy with Katische. You do not need to be present as all work is done remotely. Please complete the form below and schedule a FREE introductory phone call or make full payment.