I want to find the original root of emotional, spiritual, mental and physical issues in this lifetime!
  • Money blocks and limiting beliefs! Help, I've "done the work" but I'm still not financially abundant! There must be more to it!
  • I am curious about my past lives- I want to know how they contribute to who I am today.
  • I have irrational emotions and behaviours that are holding me back.
  • I have fears and phobias that limit me.
  • I've tried to lose weight, but nothing is working, it must have a link to my past somehow!
  • I want to understand the ties that bind me to karmic romantic relationships.
  • "The one that got away"- why am I STILL thinking about them?
  • I want to understand my relationships with my family, friends, frenemies and rivals.
  • I need someone to help me understand my Deja Vu, Intuitions, Dreams/ Nightmares.
  • I can't make any progress with my career help!

I want bespoke spiritual guidance and regression to help me with my spiritual or healers career.


  • I know I am here to help people, but I've done a thousand certifications and I am no closer to knowing what my path is. Help me do this once and for all!

feeling calm after past life regression
I want to learn about past lives and reincarnation!
Your opportunity to be on the Podcast as a guest!

Seasons 4 and 5 of the Podcast are ready to be produced and this is your opportunity to be featured! We are looking for people who fit either or both of these categories:

  1. You believe you have a Starseed Origin and would like to confim via a spiritual regression session. Read more here >>> Starseed application.
  2. You believe you may have a spirit attachment and would like to have this released. Read more here >>> Spirit Releasement application for Podcast.

Spirit Releasement Therapy

when the quality of your life is being impacted by the energy of other spiritual beings via attachments and implants.

Sometimes life doesn't go as planned. Our vibration drops with our mood, and excessive grief, depression and use of illicit and illegal mind altering substances (even alcohol) as well as the use of occult practices, astral travel, spells etc can energetically attract earth bound spirits to attach themselves. We aren't even aware.

Depending on the nature of the attachment this can lead to mood swings, suicidal feelings, relationship problems, people suddenly noticing a change in your energy, lethargy and feeling blocked and victimised all the time.

You may even experience disturbing dreams that are violent or sexual in a way that you would never consider. You may suddenly feel angry more than usual, or block yourself from your achievements and the things that you would normally want to do in life.

Learn more about Katische's bespoke approch by clicking on the arrow below.

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