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Reclaim your life and reveal the Goddess within!

Do you feel like you have lost your sparkle and zest for life?

If you're aged 35-55 your body, spirit and mind undergo intense physical, emotional and spiritual changes in the transition known as perimenopause.  

I'm here to help you navigate this transition, honor who it is that you have become and get your sparkle back!

Looking to reclaim your inner sparkle? 

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Everything you need to navigate life and get your sparkle back, especially during the Perimenopause transition.

July 23, 2020


June 14, 2020


May 30, 2020


About Me.

I help women like you to adopt rituals and sacred practices that honour who it is that you have become, let go of the past, and 

uncover the goddess within, so that you can create a life that aligns with who YOU are.

If you feel like life is always changing, and making you feel like you are a hot mess all of the time, let me help you move from survival mode to thriving mode! 

I've survived many unexpected twists in my life including divorce in my early thirties and the death of my father. I have two teenage sons, a couple of guinea pigs and a cat and I know what it is like to juggle, and put everyone else first and myself last.

The secret is that we need to uncover and honour the goddess within.

They Say


Perimenopause Workshop Attendee and Facebook Community Member

" There's so much I didn't know about this important stage of a woman's life. Perimenopause and Menopause aren't discussed in general life. I am very grateful for all the research Katische has done, plus she provides non invasive options for coping with the symptoms! I honestly felt renewed after attending her workshop. I was feeling depressed about ageing, now I see there's a different way to view this next stage of my life! A better way!! Give yourself a chance to experience this too."


Perimenopause Workshop Attendee and Facebook Community Member

" Katische really knows her information and has a mix of her own experiences backed up by her research. Very beneficial to all women to are about to enter this next stage of womanhood... Great support network too enabling women to talk about their experiences and nice to know we are not alone. 👌🙌."