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Looking to honour the divine within and start embracing your feminine energy? 

Here's how to get started:

Reveal the Goddess within

Our exclusive Rituals of Goddesses Membership Lounge to delve into the Rituals to reveal the Goddess within.  

Rituals are important as they help us prioritise and create meaning for the things in life that are important to us.

Rituals help us live in the present moment. They ground and anchor us.

By conducting rituals we create the energy that we wish to align with and they help us manifest the intention into existence.

Starting September 2020, I am releasing four free Rituals, in the lead up to the opening of the membership lounge. These Rituals are free to view for 24 hours, on the new moon, and then are available for free with their accompanying workbook for members of the Rituals of Goddesses Membership Lounge.

Not sure about joining the Lounge? Then each Ritual is purchasable for a limited time.  

September's Ritual : The Ritual of Sleep

October's Ritual: The Ritual of Prosperity

Treat yourself like a Goddess for an hour:

Ready to treat yourself like the Goddess that you are?

I would like to thank you for my session yesterday via Zoom. Even though this was a distance session I really don’t think it detracted from any of the content. I found Katische to be a warm and genuine person. I really enjoyed chatting to her and when we did the meditation which included a singing crystal bowl, it was really very therapeutic. She then drew 4 oracle cards, which I didn’t expect, this was a lovely end to our session. She has since emailed me the information from the session. Which I was pleased about. I’ve never met or spoken to Katische before but that really didn’t matter because it felt like I’d known her forever. A lovely lady and if this is something you are interested in, I can fully recommend her. Thank you Katische ❤

Janet Buckingham

Thank you, Katische. This was a truely inspirational session which I needed more than I realised. Having returned abruptly from overseas, being stuck in a quarantine hotel in Sydney all the while dealing with the grief of losing my mum and not being able to be by her side throughout the 14 very isolated days here... well, a lot of thoughts and emotions were whirling around in my mind, my gut and my head. The session with you gave me peace, eased my mind. Your voice soothed my soul and the chimes allowed me to float away with my subconscious thoughts... After the session, I was exhausted, yet felt a sense of positivity come to me. The cards which you had read out to me; they resonated and sunk in more and more after the session and once I was fully awake again. I worked on my first of three cards, as you described. The ritual associated with that card relating to my past allowed me to purge everything that had bothered me, some of it still nagging ever so quietly in my present state. Much of what I needed to let go of had to do with my beautiful mum - how unjust life had been to her, how the love which should have come unconditionally from her family was never provided to her... all these toxic behaviours which I did not want to perpetuate in my life or my son's... The ritual helped me to voice (or in this case write down) the concerns I had had and gave me a true sense of doing away with them. I am looking forward to working on the second and third cards which came to me during the session. To anyone considering a goddess session, I would wholeheartedly and warmly recommend connecting with Katische. This is not just something that Katische does, I felt it is something she believes in and I could sense that the connection and the goddess' experience is really important to her. Again, thank you for the beautiful, magical experience Katische. It could not have come at a better time in my life. xo

Madalina Dimke

I had an amazing session with Katische last night. Katische pulled 3 Oracle cards from a deck which I chose to use. She has a beautiful voice which is soft and encouraging. Katische then led me into a Sound session which was very relaxing indeed, her ability to connect with me over zoom thousands of miles away was second to none. I felt re-energised after the session and looked forward to her email follow up which I received the same day. I would like to thank you for our session and If you are thinking about booking Katische I would highly recommend it.

Rachel Day

Thank you so much I really enjoyed it, I was so relaxed and chilled out for the rest of the day, it made me realize I hadn't been taking any self-care measures at all lately, despite having all the "tools". I haven't been putting them to use.

It was so lovely to feel cared for by you for an hour! thanks again!

Angela Sale

Highly recommend to anyone that needs a little break from the noises of the outside world! I have never been so relaxed or felt so wholesome than I did after my individual meditation and sound session!!

Devon Ridley

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About Katische.

I help women like you to adopt rituals and sacred practices that honour who it is that you have become, let go of the past, and uncover the Goddess within, so that you can create a life that aligns with who YOU are.

If you feel like life is always changing, and making you feel like you are a hot mess all of the time, let me help you move from survival mode to thriving mode! 

I've survived many unexpected twists in my life including divorce in my early thirties and the death of my father. I have two teenage sons, a couple of guinea pigs and a cat and I know what it is like to juggle, and put everyone else first and myself last.

The secret is that we need to uncover and honour the Goddess within.