I see you, all of your multidimensional selves, all of your lifetimes at a soul level. So when you are feeling lost, stuck, burdened or overwhelmed, my sessions help you at a therapeutic level to tap into the experiences of your soul to find the root cause of what you are experiencing.

No two sessions are the same as we use the conscious, sub conscious and superconscious mind to determine what your eternal mindstream is experiencing in the now moment.

Your sessions are part coaching, part psychic mediumship and part regression. When finding the root cause of your current issue, I may direct your higher self to take us to moments in any of your concurrent lifetimes (past, present or future) or to the celestial realms to the in- between lifetimes.

We may access guidance and messages from loved family members and soul mates and spirit guides from any lifetime to help with your situation and also gain physical, emotional or mental healing from the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Limiting beliefs, vows, negative thought forms, emotions, negative entities, spirits, and attachments of all kinds (including but not limited to DFE, EBS and ET’s) may also be released according to your needs.

Sessions are beneficial to all irrespective of spiritual or religious beliefs.

Sessions will guide you, so that over the short to medium term you can see how your experiences fit within the journey of your soul, to help you develop your unique skills, understand relationship dynamics and importantly for you to remember what you came here for in this lifetime.

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