3-months Spiritual Guidance and Healing

Sick and tired of not making the breakthroughs that you want to? Don't get frustrated and impatient, these are the signs that you are on the right path and that your soul is yelling with a megaphone to you that now is the time to act.

Let's ask your soul. It knows the answer.

Katische will guide you through spiritual regression, coaching and healing in the form of:
  • Age regression
  • Past life regression 
  • Future life progression 
  • Life Between Lives
  • Healing- light language activations, blue ray and violet flame healing, sound healing.
  • Akashic Records healing
Bi-weekly sessions to help you uncover the breadcrumbs over time which allow you to see and experience the spiritual talents and healing abilities that are INNATE. 

Yes those talents which you have been developing since your soul was born, over your various incarnations here on earth and on other planets (if you have incarnated elsewhere).

This is where we take  your intuition- your hunches, the coincidences, the feelings and the things that you are drawn to, and analyze them to find the common threads and themes, and then we go back in time to find their origination. 

We may uncover emotions and situations that your soul has had to face over time, that were provided to you to test you, and to help you evolve, that may be presenting in this lifetime as uncertainty, fear and limiting beliefs. These are the clues.

To be able to move forward with certainty, clarity and confidence, we need to uncover what is your true calling, and remove any stagnant emotion and limiting beliefs based upon what your soul has faced over its lifetimes. 

Let me take you on a journey within to find the answers you've been looking for.

Welcome to Spiritual guidance and healing from the inside. Here's what working with Katische involves.

Briefing session with Katische.  2 hours.

This is where you give me the lowdown, in detail.  Pour your heart out and I will listen intently. We will complete the session with an age regression, or a healing.

Weekly 90 minute sessions. 

These sessions may include:

  • A trip to the Akashic Records 
  • Healing in the Akashic Records by the Archangels
  • Light Language activation and healing
  • Sound Healing with the Crystal Singing Bowls- Soul Retrieval Session
  • Life between Lives visit to the Light Council or to meet and talk with soul mates, soul family and other loved ones.
  • Past Life Regression
  • Future Life Progression
  • Age Regression

Weekly guidance sessions via zoom. We review your healing and regression sessions, assign tasks to be completed to move forward.

Support via Signal App or Whats App. 

What will it cost me?

Don't you just hate it when the price is nowhere, and you have to be a detective and attend a call first before you can find the price? So here it is. What is not involved in the monetary exchange is the time and energy you will need to put into this journey within.  I can lead the way, but you have to be prepared to nurture yourself so we can do the soul work within.


What suits you best

three month deep dive- Transform my worlD!



  • Support via Whats App or Signal
  • Weekly sessions of healing- according to your soul's needs- Akashic Records, Life Between Lives or Sound Healing with Katische.  Katische may also use healing hands and light language.
  • Fortnightly spiritual regression sessions.
  • Weekly coaching sessions via Zoom.
Book now

Step into your future.

Step 1: Book your spiritual connection call.

It's important to make sure we are on the same page and are an energetic match. Let's get on a Zoom call for 30 minutes together, talk about the process and what you are looking for, and see if it matches with what I can offer.

Step 2: Confirm your package and book your sessions.

After your application for coaching has been approved, I will email you with a series of links to book in with me.

Step 3: Let's get started!

What are you waiting for? Your higher self thanks you in advance 🙂 

Stop wasting your precious time and money! Let's get straight to the source- your superconscious mind! 

Katische Haberfield