Quantum Soul Therapy

Katische is a specialist in complex soul-based prognosis. She is a finder of soul obstructions in all incarnations - at the Quantum level.

Katische is a provider of diagnostic relief from curses, vows, attachments and devices. Clients must be PRL literate or have experienced prior Akashic Records sessions with a practitioner AND have obvious life-based restrictive issues such as restrictive curses and satanic problems and hauntings leading to sub-optimal life quality.

Katische locates the root cause of seemingly invisible and inexplicable mental, physical, emotional and spiritual issues using her bespoke application of Apometrics.

Clients must be open to viewing life as a non-dualistic struggle between good and evil through consciousness-raising experiences that test our valour.

Katische no longer offers regression therapy or spirit releasement therapy. She recommends Cindy Porter, for Akashic Records sessions, with whom you can book via the following calendly link.