About Katische

Katische helps old souls, starseeds and lightworkers to break free of karmic behaviours and limiting beliefs impacting their potential, and soul purpose.

She accesses the sub and superconscious mind, across all lifetimes, to tap into and break the patterns, beliefs and karmic vows that are holding you back, so you can live a life according to your soul's desires, not your ego, or your karmic past.

Sessions with Katische are bespoke, and incorporate many of her modalities (including age and past life regression, life between lives regression, future life progression and akashic records healing) according to your needs.

She has a passion for helping people with abundance of all levels- especially financial and relationship and unlocking the most important kind of abundance- an abundance of self-love.

She is both psychic and a medium, and a profound healer with sound and light at the fourth-dimensional level, where she works with Saint Germain, Yeshua, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael and other members of her animal, interplanetary and spiritual team.

When she’s not working, Katische loves sharing the light through photography, hiking in nature and chasing around in her mum’s taxi after her beloved teenage sons.

Qualifications and training.

Katische has a voracious appetite for the things that interest her.  She has freed herself from the constraints of a traditional career and has followed her passion.

Initially Katische went to university and completed a Bachelor of Business- Marketing. Not knowing what to do next, she applied for a Bachelor of Law, a Honours Degree and the Masters Degree and got into all of them. She decided she didn't want to become an academic and do a PHD (chortles as it probably would have been useful in hindsight as she spent time lecturing at Charles Sturt University and University of Southern Queensland as well as being an Academic Tutor, Conference Coordinator and Assistant as well as being a co- author of a chapter in a Marketing text book whilst working with Su Mon Wong at Queensland University of Technology.)

She has been "over qualified" since she was 21 and graduated with the Deans Award for Academic Excellence in her Masters Degree with a GPA (Grade Point Average) of 6.58 out of 7. She started her formal career as an eCommerce Consultant for Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), working in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne before moving to London to work for a seed funded wirless dotcom. After the dotcom bubble burst she re-trained in the Wine Industry, working in various wine regions including the famous Hunter Valley, the not so glamourous workhorse of the wine industry- the Riverina, and in Port Macquarie.

After having children, and getting divorced, she trained as a photographer with the Paris based Carla Coulson, and dived deep into the world of Aromatherapy. She also ran workshops to educate women about the physical and spiritual causes of symptoms that women experience in Perimenopause and Menopause.

Naw, so young and fresh and keen to take on the world! The other degrees are in a box somewhere, getting dusty and mouldy no doubt.

In 2020, during the beginning of COVID-19 she felt drawing to sound healing after experiencing personal physical healing from group sound healing experiences.  She decided not to continue with additional sound healing certification as it was at that time centred on physical healing (working in a clinical setting like a massage therapist, where the bowls are placed on and around the body for physical issues) and Katische wanted to be a spiritual healer.  Katische intuitively works with the crystal singing bowls in a shamanic way, although does not claim to be a Shaman in this life. 

Academic qualifications:

  • Level 1 Certified: Integral Sound Healing- Crystal Singing Bowls: The Sound Healing Institute: 2020.
  • Graduate Certificate in Wine Business: Adelaide University. 2004.
  • Graduate Certificate in Gastronomy: Adelaide University/ Le Cordon Bleu. 2003
  • Master of Business Marketing - Queensland University of Technology. 1997. GPA: 6.58 out of 7 (Deans Award for Academic Excellence).
  • Bachelor of Business Marketing- Queensland University of Technology. 1995.
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training. Riverina Institute of TAFE.
  • Certificiate IV in Small Business Management. Russo Institute.

Skills based qualifications:

  • Advanced Spirit Releasement Therapy-Demonstrated: Mark Beale- Past Life Awakening Intstitute  5.5 hours
  • Certified "The Definitive Guide to the Akashic Records" by Julian Jenkins- Medium
  • Spirit Releasement Therapy- Spiritual Entity Healing: Mark Beale- Past Life Awakening Intstitute  6.5 hours
  • "Past Life Regression Therapy - Practitioner Training": Mark Beale- Past Life Awakening Institute . 7.5 hours
  • "Between Lives Regression Therapy- Advanced Past Lives": Mark Beale- Past Life Awakening Institute  6 hours.
  • "Past Life Regression Therapy For Soulmates and Relationships": Mark Beale- Past Life Awakening Institute 6 hours.
  • "PLR Demonstrated": Mark Beale- Past Life Awakening Institute  6 hours.
  • "Hypnosis For Spiritual Awakening Healers with Past Lives". Mark Beale- Past Life Awakening Institute. 2 hours.
  • "Past Lives For Healers- 3 Sessions of Spiritual Regression": Mark Beale- Past Life Awakening Institute via Udemy. 5.5hours
  • doTERRA Essential Oil Certified Specialist.

Some of the skills based certificates...

Akashic Records Certification Katische Haberfield

You will always find her reading, and watching documentaries about the things she is interested in. She doesn't read just one book on a subject... she reads everything in sight. To see what she is reading, go find her on  Goodreads.  (There are lots on Past Lives, Near Death Experiences and other books related to death and grief).