March 23

Susan’s money karma and limiting beliefs

Have you  ever wondered why you seem to be limited or blocked from financial abundance? Our beliefs about money are stored at many levels of our mind.  What are your limiting beliefs about money at a conscious, subconscious and superconscious (past life) level? Join us as we set the scene for Season 2- a season all about Money and Relationships. In this episode, you get to listen into Susan's journey to discover the origin of her money beliefs, and how they are impacting her life currently. 

Katische takes Susan through an intake session, which includes an activity to bring conscious thoughts about money to the forefront and then takes her on an age regression, to find key moments in this lifetime that impacted her beliefs on money. We also gain a glimpse into a past life, which we will continue in episode 2.


Katische: They may be represented by a dense colour or you may just sense them or you may see a drawing a picture a shape a blurred outline you may hear something differently talk to me and let me know

Susan: They're here

Katische: How would you describe them to me?

Susan: the white light white light, flickering a little bit

Katische: So you can communicate with the light, is it the light of your higher self or is it the light of a spirit guide?

Susan: I think it's the light of my higher self myself.

Katische:  okay and is there anybody else present or just your higher self today?

Susan: just me 

Katische: excellent okay so we're going to send an intent set an intention now you can repeat in your mind either by saying out loud or quietly or just saying inside your mind “I ask my higher self to help me access causative events in this life or a past lifeI ask because I'm ready to resolve my current issues that we spoke about in the session today”.

I ask my higher self to help me access causative events in this life or other or both I ask becauseI am ready to resolve my present issues.

First though we are going to go back in time to this life when you felt a peaceful confidence.  This is a resourceful state you can reconnect with. I will count from three down to zero and at zero you'll be able to recall or imagine any moment of peaceful confidence days, years or decades ago.  It's not your job to analyze it,  only recount it.  drifting back with three, a moment of peaceful confidence, coming up with two, coming into focus with one and ready to step into the scene and the feeling with zero now being there.  At that moment are you inside or outside what are you doing?

Susan: I'm at the beach 

Katische: Okay and what do you see or hear?

Susan: I hear the chatter of people, kids laughing, the waves crashing on the shore

Katische: how are you feeling?

Susan:  happy 

Katische:  beautiful. notice where you feel that feeling of happiness in your body. Let that feeling grow so a peaceful confidence fills your whole being. 

Katische: You can let this feeling of peaceful confidence move into the background.  this feeling now has your back while we deal with the issues that we are presenting today.  that peaceful confidence is you and will always be with you.  So now we are asking your higher self to take you back to a causative event creating any of the negative effects that we have spoken about today.  We'd like the higher self to prioritize the most urgent and most important in relation to personal power and money.  It can be a specific moment in this life that is months, years or decades ago and has everything to do with the issues of personal power and money.  If you're ever uncomfortable with an experience, simply float above it and watch it from the distance.  Allow any memory to arise as we go backwards with three returning to a significant time back to a causative event of your main issue in this life so just let one specific moment come up and into focus zero now in that moment.

Katische: Are you inside or outside?

Susan: Outside 

Katische: And how old are you? Any number that comes to your mind.

Susan:  Seven 

Katische: Okay don't think too hard on it just let the first thing that comes out.  What is happening in this scene?

Susan: I'm in the pantry in the kitchen, and there's a yoghurt tub of coins, but it's been put on the top shelf soI can't reach it. But I know I can climb up the shelves and put my hand in and grab some coins.

Katische:  Okay and why do you want to do that? What does it make you feel like to know that you can climb up the shelf to put your hands in?

Susan: Even though I've been told not to touch the money, I still have found a way to get to it.


Katische: And does that give you a feeling of satisfaction or what's the emotion that describes the ability to climb up the shelf and get it anyway?

Susan: Satisfaction but also a little bit of the fear of getting caught.

Katische: And have you done this before? And what do you do with the money? Do you just like to hold it or do you take it and hide it?

Susan: I spend it you spend it.

Katische: What do you spend it on?

Susan: At the canteen at school.

Katische: Canteen at school and what do you buy?

Susan: Sunny Boy.  Sunny Boy, licorice.   

Susan: eucalyptus lollies, ice cream

Katische: And are you the only one in the family that climbs the shelf to take the money     and what is the money supposed to be used for?

Susan: Just savings. Change that my parents have taken out of their pockets and put in the tub, probably my dad.

Katische: And who catches you? Play the scene forward a bit.

Susan: I don't think anyone catches me

Katische: Okay and does anybody ever find out that you've taken the money?

Susan:  No. no one finds out.

Katische:  Okay so, What do you know now about this scene about what you experienced? What does your higher self want you to know from viewing this scene?

Susan: I guess althoughI feel that money is out of reach it's still obtainable by my efforts

Katische: okay so that's a limiting belief that money is out of reach. Do you understand that that is an incorrect belief? What else would your higher self like you to know about the feeling and knowledge that you created from this?

Susan: That I have it in me. I'm resourceful and  work out how to get the money.   

You know I have the mind and obviously the physical ability to get to the money.   

Susan: I felt I deserved the money. I didn't feel there was a reason for it to just sit in the tub.  The energy was stagnant.

Katische: Okay, beautiful. Now issues and blockages in this life, so limiting beliefs about money being out of reach,can have a cause in a past life as well as the current life. The thoughts, feelings and issues faced in this life can be the bridge that takes you back to a past life cause that can heal present life issues.  So what I want you to do is now ask your higher self to take you back to your place in nature to the forest. Orientate yourself in the forest, and I want you to look around you because a large mirror appears. This mirror has the power to show you information about your soul's journey.  Does your mirror have straight lines or curves?

Susan: right straight 

Katische: And what colour is your mirror's frame?

Susan: Gold

Katische: Okay now I want you to imagine your present day face reflected in the mirror.  Now imagine your face changing to the face as it looked like 10 years ago in the mirror. 

Recall your hair and your clothes perhaps from a photograph from 10 years ago.  Now watch it fade and imagine your face from when you were 10 years old reflected in the mirror. 

Recall your hair and your clothes. 

Now that mirror can act like a screen.  It can play a scene that is your earliest memory. maybe you're five years old.  maybe you're ten months old.  you can interrupt me at any time to tell me when you see the scene. notice what is in this scene in the mirror and let the scene play out going further and further back in time to your earliest memory.

In this mirror you can see your past faces of this life reflected and past scenes you can go back even further in time to some years before your birth in the present life to some years towards the end of your past life.  As I count backwards from five down to zero, your last past life face can appear in the mirror and or scenes from a past life that is relevant can play out with five, imagining the past life face in the mirror,  for getting clearer, three or that face acting in a past life scene with two, coming up and being there with one, zero.  Now first impression: is there a face or a scene?

Susan: scene 

Katische: okay are you inside or outside?

Susan:  inside 

Katische: Inside okay can you please describe where you are?

Susan: I'm in the kitchen.  Okay, I'm in the kitchen wearing a dress with an apron.

Katische: So you're female?

Susan: Female

Katische: Can you tell how old you are?  

Susan: maybe all young like 30s 30s

Katische: And what are you wearing on your feet?

Susan: House slippers or flat sandals closed shoes clothes

Katische: And does a name spring to your mind?

Susan: Joan 

Katische: Joan, and do you have a specific age in the 30s that Joan is?

Susan: 38 

Katische: Okay and do you know what year this is?

Susan: 1852

Katische: And you know whereabouts in the world Joan is?

Susan: london

Katische:  London is perfect okay. So what is happening in the kitchen with Joan? What is Joan doing? What is she making working at the stove? looking at the stove

Susan: big pot 

Katische: Okay what's in the big pot?

Susan: vegetables vegetables potatoes and carrots like a stew.

Katische: Is there anyone else in the kitchen?

Susan: no

Katische: no okay and the last things we wish to know today is   can you see her hair and her eyes. What colour is her hair?

Susan: It's in, it's under a cover  

Katische:  okay like a scarf 

Susan: A scarf for sure like a bonnet type?

Katische:Is there anything else about her physicality that you'd like to tell me?

Susan: She's lean and fairly tall. 

Katische: Can you tell if she's wearing a wedding ring?

Susan: no. 

Katische: no okay perfect you have done amazing today and in the next session we will come back to this exact moment in time to pick up where we will leave off.

Now you've done great so far you have set a clear intention and connected with your higher self you have experienced a hypnotic state so you can go quicker and deeper next time you've done an age regression to a time of peaceful confidence in this life at the beach and you have done a past life regression to find a scene in the kitchen in the 1852 in london with joan who is 38. you have set an intention to access past lives to resolve present life issues your subconscious can prepare to continue to this efficiently and effectively in the next past life regression sessions we thank your higher self for the help they have given and will continue to give you to understand that money is not out of your reach money is always within your reach you are resourceful and you have access mentally and physically and the ability to reach money at all times you deserve money in your life in a moment i'll count you up to five and at five you'll come back fully into the moment feeling good so coming up with one aware of your body with two into this time and place with three four moving your fingers and toes with five feeling good eyes opened refreshed and alert one two three four five feeling good

Katische: Hello, hello there. How do you feel?

Susan:  Good, I wasn't sure I was going to.  You know sometimes it is hard to focus 100 percent your mind does wonder and then sometimes you think i'm not going to be able to bring something up or know something but.

Katische: it all came pretty easily to me on my end from right from whatI could hear it flowed very easily and the main thing is to allow whatever comes up come up even if you think it's stupid even if you think it's irrational even if you think you're making it up     your mind isn't making it up so    so anything you would like to talk about from what you experience then

Susan: it's interesting my childhood memory of the money and I have thought about that because I have gone through to sort of trying to understand my own money beliefs and you know what has shaped my money beliefs obviously most of it comes from parents from childhood  and I always have that memory of that you know that yoghurt container  sitting on top of that shelf and I was pretty sporty and agile so I just climbed up the pantry and put my hand in and probably pulled out 40 or 60 cents which you know back in 1970s

Katische: I laughed when you said Sunny Boy because I loved Sunny Boys.    

Susan:  Probably my money would have gone to sunny boys and  chickadees and fonzies     and  you know like red licorice  and that's what made me happy as a kid.   You know just sucking on a sunny boy so juicy so sticky but I do think back to that situation where the money was put high up on a ledge you know and  it probably has shaped a lot of my beliefs that you know money is within my reach and I do and money does come to me but it's it's allowing it to flow more rather than putting a stop putting a stop to it. Allowing it to flow more to me rather than having it and then stopping whether it's stopping my effort or stopping my belief that I deserve more or  so I think that's a significant part of my life there.

Katische:  And what about accessing the past life face? Did you have any feelings when you saw her?

Susan:     I felt that it's not where I belonged.

Katische:  okay 

Susan: That I was actually working in that kitchen. it wasn't my kitchen.

Katische: okay    

Susan: and probably working for a low paying job and feeling that I didn't belong there that I was capable of more.

Katische:  okay okay    alright perfect well, I wonder who Joan is? So we will find out more in the next session. I will send you a link of this recording today to keep for yourself you don't need to ever watch it but it's just so that you're secure in the knowledge that you have it should you ever wish to re-listen to it. 

Susan:   I will 

Katische: This next session will be depending upon your higher self between one and four hour one and three hours so don't block anything either side just in case because your higher self is the only one who knows how many lives we're going to go to.

Susan:  okay

Katische:  So generally it's a pattern so they will maybe show you a short life then a really long life in terms of the amount of time that they're going to show you from that life and then a short one it really depends upon    how they want to show you the pattern   and you will have the choice at the end of every life what I will ask you is to go to the death scene there's nothing scary about the death scene and you will be asked at the death scene are you do you wish to follow the light as you cross over into heaven and depending upon there's no wrong answer you can either say yes or no.    If it's not intended for you to follow the light your higher self won't allow you to follow the light, you'll just then be taken to the next life.  If you follow the light we will go into the afterlife and that is where you will answer, meet potential soul family, soul mates, light council and have the opportunity to ask questions about life purpose and things like that or really get fine-tuned understanding on what what you have seen in that past life but only if it's required or helpful for you they won't take you unless it's important to you.  So basically what happens from now on is you can schedule that session any time as soon as you like but don't do it any later than two weeks if you can fit it into your schedule between now and then.

It's helpful if you feel like it to think about what you've seen, and  journal.    Do something creative maybe evenI don't know go into your meditative state through photography and just take photos and see what you end up doing.  Some people like to draw you know, just let it be any information that you your higher self wants to communicate with you to provide further clarity can be provided in dreams so you may want a dream journal beside your bed just some note paper and pen and the idea is if   if you wake up in the night from a dream or if you wake up in the morning at the end of a dream even though you're half asleep just write down whatever you've seen and then just put it away. 

If you don't normally remember your dreams and you want to remember your dreams then you make an intention before you go to sleep you drink a glass of water while you're drinking that glass. What do you say? I'm going to remember my dreams in the morning. 

Susan: I have a lot of i've been dreaming very vividly and I do remember a lot of my dreams most of them     

Katische: Okay okay all right well, do you keep a dream journal?

Susan :  no

Katische: okay 

Katische: Though it's interesting because you can also get  past life information in those dreams, so just let it be.  Know that you've done really well today and make sure now that you have a drink of water and something to eat and and  that's grounding warm cup of tea or coffee or whatever and something something to eat because you may get up and feel a bit light-headed because of the experience know that you've also had the singing bowl and the singing bowl  really energetically does work with you so you may be thirstier than usual.  So just be very gentle with yourself today.  Don't go and do a workout or do something okay don't go shovelling stuff in the backyard you know what I mean.  It's like you've just been to a massage therapist .  So take care of yourself and thank you for joining me here.     

Susan:  Great, thank you so much.

Katische: you're welcome and 

Susan:   interesting where it's going to lead