August 30

Age Regression: Reframing and clearing perceptions about love and relationships

How did Diana's parent's relationship influence her views on love?

Diana goes back in her subconscious mind to examine relationships that impacted her present life view on love. We set the scene this week with the age regression so we can dive into past life influences next week.

Age regression with hypnosis.


Katische Haberfield: In a moment you can recall or imagine a time in your past when you felt good in or around water, it could be any moment from months is. Or decades ago, it could be a swim in the ocean river lake, even a splash you'll relax in your bathtub or a spa. It could even be a shower days ago. Let one specific moment a memory of being in or around water.

Come up now, choose one and let that be the right one. Bring it into focus. I wonder, is that a place outdoors in nature or indoors in a home? Let me know. You can speak back to me. Where is the water?

Diana : It's? Indoors in a, like a spa.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. Is that spa water warm?

Diana : Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: . Okay. Step into it and look around to see what there is to see.

Katische Haberfield: Listen, to hear what you heard and notice the feeling of water on your skin. Notice the feeling within, is it a freedom like to be engulfed and float in the ocean or is it a cleansing warm, like warm when you're in the shower, notice how you feel the experience of being in the water. Is it like a photograph or a movie?

Diana : It's more like a movie

Katische Haberfield: Okay. Notice how you choose to play it forward and go deeper into it. Imagine you can let this sensation of water soak saturate through you, blue or translucent, warm or refreshing cleansing and healing, continue to find ways you can recall and relive that more vividly in ways best for you. As you continue can do that we can observe what might be implied in the moment at a deeper level, because we think of ourselves as solid yet. The human body is really 60% water. We think of this planet earth yet the surface is really 70% ocean. We think of ourselves as our conscious mind yet our subconscious mind is really the majority.

Now you can tune into the subconscious realities of your being. You can experience mental relaxation at a subconscious level, and you can access long term memory stored in your subconscious mind. In a moment you can recall or imagine a moment early in your childhood with one of your first friends. You may not have thought about this person for some time, but now you can recall a first or early childhood friend.

Let that one specific moment with that one specific friend. Come up now, choose one. Just one and let that be the right one. Bring it into focus. Step into it. Is your friend, a boy or a girl?

Diana : A boy.

Katische Haberfield: Boy.

About how old are you? Both in that childhood moment?

Diana : Five or six, five or six.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. Step into it and look around and see what you saw at the time. Listen, to hear what you heard and notice the feeling within. Are you playing focus in on the face of one of your first friends and notice how they smile, hear their voice or laughter feel the sense of connection and friendship between you let this childlike energy or laughing, joyful or playful friendliness soak and saturate through you.

Your subconscious mind can remind you of old friends and positive inner resources. Now you are connecting with your own subconscious. Your subconscious mind can be a good friend to you. You can set an intention. You can repeat in your mind. I ask my subconscious mind to help me access events from this life that can help me with soulmates twin flames and relationships.

So say again, in your mind, I ask my subconscious mind to help me access events from this life that can help me with soulmates twin flames and relationships. Your subconscious mind can remind you of events that left positive emotions and thoughts that help with soulmates, twin flames and relationships search through your personal history for time and place in the past a specific moment in this life an early or first time feeling joy, confidence, acceptance, compassion, patience, generosity, with a soulmate in any form of relationship.

Diana : This may be a moment with a romantic soulmate family or friend. It could be a moment of instant attract to a partner at the very start of a relationship. It could be the moment of a connection with a beloved friend or family member deep into a long relationship. It could be a moment when you are a good friend or partner to someone else.

So you can appreciate yourself as a good friend or partner and feel joy, confidence, acceptance, compassion, and generosity. This is a resourceful state you can reconnect with. I will count from three down to zero at zero. You'll be able to recall or imagine any moment of positive emotions and thoughts that help with soulmates to inflams and relationships drifting back with three to a specific moment to pass time with two focusing, hearing, feeling with one, ready to step into the scene and feel the feeling with zero now.

Katische Haberfield: Be there first impression in that moment. Are you inside or outside? Inside? Is it morning, afternoon or evening?

Diana : Afternoon,

Katische Haberfield: afternoon. Whereabouts are you?

Diana : I'm lying on a couch.

Katische Haberfield: What are you doing?

Diana : I'm cuddling up with someone.

Katische Haberfield: Who is that person?

Diana : It's Uday

Katische Haberfield: You can visualize, imagine here. Feel or know in any way that's right for you. Let the scene play forward. What is this moment about?

Because you can see it, not me. So you have to tell me what's happening. It's about peace and relaxation. It's about li it's about.

Diana : About just being together.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. And how old are you in this scene?

Diana : 29

Katische Haberfield: 29. Okay. And what I want you to tell me, what is the major feeling that you have when you see yourself in this scene?

Diana : Just feeling completely relaxed and happy, relaxed, and happy.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. I want you to look at their face. Look into their eyes and connect with their essence. What do you see in them and what do they see in you?

Diana : We see each other in each other

love and



Katische Haberfield: Okay. What are you saying to them?

Diana : Not really speaking.

Katische Haberfield: Are they, how do they feel the same as you?

Diana : Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: Now I want you to move to another scene, even though this one will be delicious to stay in for a while to learn more about your soulmates and your interaction in relationships. Go to another moment now that can help illustrate for you the meaning of joy, confidence, acceptance, compassion, patience, and generosity.

It may be another moment with that same positive person in a different stage of your relationship together.

Or it could be in a totally different relationship.

Let me know when you're there.

Diana : This time I'm younger and I'm meeting one of my best friend's female being introduced to her, to each other by our.

Katische Haberfield: How are you feeling about meeting her?

Diana : Happy. Yeah, bit excited. She's new and I feel like I'm gonna look after her.

Katische Haberfield: Where are you when you're being introduced? What's the scene like?

Diana : We're outside in like a schoolyard.

Katische Haberfield: What happens next?

Is she excited to meet you?

Diana : Yeah. Yeah. She's a bit shy though okay. I think we might, we like go back into the classroom and there's not really that much. That happens next after that.

Katische Haberfield: That's all right. How would you summarize in words and feelings, the qualities of the relationship that you had with her?

Diana : It was a beautiful friendship. We, both had very strict upbringings and we would talk to each other for hours on the phone. We were always really happy to see each other and she was not, we became best friends.

Katische Haberfield: All right. You've now reconnected with the emotions and thoughts, inborn attraction, and connection and events that leave a positive conditioning. Notice your thoughts. Like I am good enough. I trust myself. I can learn and grow. Notice your feelings of joy, confidence, acceptance, compassion, patience, and generosity.

Let this feeling feel your whole being. Now this feeling can move into the background yet. This inspiration, motivation, and confidence can come back to your conscious mind more often and have your back. As we go through issues that come with soulmates and relationships. Now we're going to go back in time to a related, problematic or challenging soulmate or relationship where there is an aversion or disconnection.

It can be a causative event that left negative residues of pain, fear, anxiety, anger, worry, and doubt. It may have led to thoughts. Like I'm not good enough. I can't trust. I don't need anyone. You can be a specific moment in this life that is months, years, or decades ago. If you're ever uncomfortable with the experience, simply float above it and watch it from a distance.

It could relate to a romantic relationship ending where you felt anger at being cheated or betrayed and wanting revenge or guilt for hurting them and wanting punishment or pain and sadness and wanting never to feel that again. it could relate to a relationship starting where you are doubt. So they feel insecure and you push them away, or you are afraid to lose them.

So you are jealous or clingy and they pull away, or it could relate to a friend or family member with an instant dislike on one side for a little logical reason. So there's constant tension and negative energy leading to aggressive overreactions to others or anxiety and low self esteem in yourself. Allow any memory to arise, relating to a problematic or challenging soul made or relationship with three returning to a significant time back to a causative event.

So let one specific moment come up and inter focus. Now in that moment, are you inside or outside?

Diana : Inside.

Katische Haberfield: How old are you?

Diana : 30.

Katische Haberfield: What is happening in the scene?

Diana : Telling my husband that I had an affair.

Katische Haberfield: Now what are the words that you're saying? What are the thoughts that you're thinking, notice your body language, what are the emotions? Is it more pain, fear, anxiety, or anger, bitterness worry and doubt.

Diana : It's fear. It's pain. It's the loss of the affair.

Compassion for my husband. It's guilt uncertainty it's heartbreak.

Katische Haberfield: And what does it lead to thoughts of? Could they be thoughts? Like

I can't trust myself or people can't trust me or I'm not good enough or I don't need anyone. What thought thoughts are, you feeling?

Diana : I'm feeling that what I did for love. That I'm feeling.

I'm feeling betrayed sitting in front of a person. I've betrayed, feeling sad, feeling a bit lost, feeling really alone.

Katische Haberfield: Allow just enough emotion to arise, to learn about what is causing issues with soulmates and relationships. Don't be afraid of the emotion arising.

This emotion allows healing to let anything that needs to come out now about these feelings and this situation in particular bubble to the surface.

These emotions can take you deeper into this moment.

Diana : I find that it's feeling that it's hard to trust, yourself or others,

But okay. I'm feeling that relationships long term relationships. They're not real. They're not meant to last.

Katische Haberfield: So I want you to take that thought about long term relationships are not real and are not meant to last. And I want you to take that to an earlier scene where this belief came from an early scene in your life.

Diana : It came from watching. My parents argue, it came from finding out my dad was having an affair.

It came from me telling my dad that if I can't trust him, How can I ever trust a man?

It came from just being resentful of having to be around my parents when they weren't in a good place, comes from knowing that my dad escaped through work.

Katische Haberfield: Relationships can be affected by residues from causative events in this life. And in past lives, the patterns and emotions, as we've seen, can interweave and connect.

We can look back now knowing what we know now. So we can freeze this scene of you in a challenging situation in the past, and bring in your inner wise adult. This can give you some calm and clarity to review that scene and all of the scenes we've seen today. And, you can understand stand as if you are watching a movie to be able to replay all those scenes from the beginning, knowing what you know.

See your younger self there, like watching a TV show, you can pause that scene at any time to step in. So you're in a wise adult. Can you tell, can tell you anything you need to hear play it forward to a moment that may cause a limiting belief negatively affecting your interactions with soulmates or your actions in your relationships.

If it's an emotional moment, you can give your younger, you a hug and say the reassuring words they need to hear or to give them the resources. So you can do that. Now, what can the younger you learn from you now about their pain, fear, anxiety, resentment, bitterness, worry and doubt.

Diana : Nothing's personal. We're all here on our own journey. And we're all here to learn

about ourselves through our experiences. Good or bad.

Katische Haberfield: Perfect. Remind your younger self. It's okay to have challenging events and emotions. Sometimes negative and painful moments can be what we need to grow as a person and in our relationships. It's great to find any emotion now to get to the deepest cause of any blocks.

Is there anything about any of the scenes today that you'd like to change? You don't have to change anything you, if it's appropriate to have active lit differently, what would you. If you could say something to the other people involved, what would it be? You could replay any scene, but this time, have it go in a way that makes any positive experience even better or puts any right action.

You'd like to do better. Replay that scene from the beginning. This may be a chance to learn more about what did happen or to make changes with your imagination. Go from the beginning to the middle learning or adjusting play forward to the end of that scene. Keep doing that, learning about this life's patterns.

So you can return to past life causes or making adjustments now to benefit your interactions with these and other soulmates and all your relationships.

If there are any excess, inappropriate or outdated emotions connected to those old events or interactions from this life, you could release some of those now.

So breathe in deep, hold it and exhale.

Diana : Feeling yourself, releasing outdated emotions and thoughts. Inhaling any positive resources, breathe in deep, hold it. Exhale.

Feeling yourself, releasing outdated emotions and thoughts. And inhale any positive resources.

Katische Haberfield: If there's anything else that needs to come to the surface, let it come to the surface. Now,

breathe deep hold and release.

Breathe. Deep hold.

And release

in the next session, we can continue to regress next time into past lives to find positive residues of connection and retraction with soulmates, and to find negative residues, to overcome aversion or disconnection in challenging rela relationships

for now, you can feel fantastic because your mind has agreed and been able to understand subconscious influences on this life that will lead to and relate to understanding past life influence.

When we finish this session today, you can write to catch your impressions and continue to allow your mind to download teaching lessons from your inner spiritual wisdom.

You have done fantastic today. You have noticed positive residues and you have reframed negative residues. You have connected with your inner wise adult and you have let go of negative residues of emotion and thought from your past.

We'd like to thank your inner wisdom for its help today and ask it assists in integrating the memories into your daily life. In the next session, you'll be able to go quick. Easier and deeper into a hypnotic state to access past lives. In a moment. I'll count you up at five. You'll be able to come back fully into the moment, feeling good with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 eyes, open, refreshed, aware, feeling good.