Alchemic Inspiration Sessions

Are you feeling flat and not sure why you are not feeling yourself lately?

Maybe you've lost that sparkle and zest that you used to have.

Would you like to play with the possibilities that are in your daydreams?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have someone you can trust, who sees your spirit and values your true essence, listen to you and have visionary sessions with you?

Wouldn't you just love to have someone to listen to your thoughts without  being psychoanalysed, judged, or told about the "practicalities".

I think you might need a little magick in your life.

Come on let's play.

I've got the perfect alchemic inspiration session customised just for you.

What is an Alchemic Inspiration Session?

It's a 60 minute zoom session where we play with possibility.

The magic of the universe sent you here, and now it's your time to trust and develop your inner wisdom. In these sessions you are in the drivers seat and we can brainstorm or chat about whatever it is that is bursting to come forward from your heart.

book a session today.

how shall we create magic together?

Alchemic inspiration sessions:

Find your sparkle and unlock your inner magick.

I help you bring back the wonder, and magick into your life. Let’s get that sparkle back. These sessions are alchemic in nature. They are bespoke and created to help you unlock your magick so that you can see the beauty again.

There's no deliverables, achieveables, or benchmarks to meet. No worksheets, homework and you don't even have to post an "accountability" post on social media.

You can even drink champagne or sip on iced tea whilst we meet. This is soul work calling. And its going to be fun.

Sessions are bespoke and will depend on your intention.

Please note that this session is not "coaching" or "therapy". 

Alchemic Inspiration Session

Alchemic inspiration session: 

$222 USD

1 x 60 minute session.

A Month of Alchemy

A month of alchemy:

$777 USD 

4 x 60 minute sessions.

Three months of magic

Three months of magick:

$2222 USD

12 x 60 minute sessions.

Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.”


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