February 5

Break the bonds of time for your Legacy: Design Your Legacy Podcast Interview

Have you ever thought about your legacy? What it is that you are here for? What impact do you wish to have on others, you know the thing that people will remember you for after you die?

This week I had a fantastic conversation with Beverley Hills-based Angelina Carleton. Angelina helps people make tangible, the reality of legacy planning. Legacy is so much more than the money you leave behind after a successful career or the business that you leave to your family. But it can be complicated and people can feel trapped by their family legacy.

They can also feel trapped by the complexities of what society believes a legacy should be. It should be earth-shattering and magnificent right? Well, no, it doesn't have to be. Importantly legacy has to be meaningful to you.

In this episode of Angelina's podcast, I help introduce the concept of the legacy of your soul, and how understanding yourself, can help free you from the constraints of "tradition", and all the complications about being influenced by the well-meaning people in your life.

To learn more about Angelina Carleton and her services, visit https://www.angelinacarleton.com/

What Angelina said about the podcast:

" When it comes to designing your legacy and make it real in your daily life, do you feel like there’s more than limiting beliefs holding you back? Even if you have an interest to being all you can be, you might still feel pulled back, lost or without all of the pieces of information. Know you are the only one who wonders “what else is there?” Too many people sabotage their fulfillment while they could be the intentional creator of their legacy. But in this “Designing Your Legacy” conversation, we want to you to open your mind to another possibility. My guest, Katische Haberfield, wants you to consider intuitive sound healing and past life regression as remedies.

Every legacy plan includes three stages: defining, developing, and executing. Do you know which stage you are at and if fear, apathy or past lives are holding you back? Unfortunately, more often than we care to admit, it's familiar for us to fall back into superficial attempts and not embrace the challenges we could commit to in purpose and passion. Thus, disappointing both ourselves and those who watch our example in role modeling what's possible.

In this 47th podcast of our series, Katische Haberfield shares how she found answers and now, offers this healing work to help individuals make sense of their life and find peace with their journey. She comes from a family business (3rd generation) as well as a corporate background.

Listen, like and share this conversation with those who are seeking answers. Then, dive deeper into designing your legacy filled with freedom and satisfaction by booking your coaching session at www.designurlegacy.com. You will learn to create a legacy plan, establish your guiding principles and stop procrastinating so your time here can be well spent in this lifetime.


To learn more, go to https://katische.com and read her case studies and testimonials. She is also on pinterest and has her own podcast." 

The Haberfield Family

Oh, and if you are interested, here is my family's business that I talked about in the podcast episode. Now I think I really meant Salmonella rather than Listeria,  but both are valid. I was in university when the family decided to sell the business, and in comparison to my uncles and cousin's really had "nothing" to do with the business (other than summer holiday stints in the factory and the cheese shop), but it certainly had an imprint on my childhood. We spent every holiday at Albury - 1600km drive from home, and each end of holidays returned with an esky full of frozen iced coffee and block after block of cheese.

I hang proudly in my loungeroom one of the awards we won and also have a sash from a competition.



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