August 19

Candy’s romantic relationships: Age Regression

Age regression for Candy- examining present life romantic relationships with wisdom and insight.


Katische Haberfield: Slow down, deepen six, your subconscious five doesn't mind four getting to the bottom three. Ready to step into two your white room with one now be there. So at the bottom of the stairs, now reach out to open the door and find your white room with your comfortable chair. Make it how you like the room as you go inside and settle back into your comfortable chair.

Imagine in front of you, there is a cinema screen with a relaxing scene, like a beach, a lake, a garden, or a favorite place in nature. Just focus on the instructions and let your experience flow so that you act as a witness simply watching. your stream of consciousness, whatever or think is the right thing.

Now, in a moment you can recall or imagine a time in your past when you felt good around water, it could be any moment from months, years, or decades ago, it could be a swim in an ocean or a river or a lake on a recent time or decades ago could be a childhood holiday, or it could even just be a simple shower or swim in the ocean a few days ago.

That one specific moment, a memory of being around water. Come up now, choose one. Let that one be the right one. Bring it into focus. I wonder, is that place outdoors in nature or indoors in a home? You can talk to me. It's out. It's outside, Is the water warm or cool? It's, a little bit of both.

It's not, too warm and it's not too cold. It's refreshing. Okay. I want you to step into the water and look around to see what listen to what you heard at that time and notice the feeling of the water on your skin. Notice the feeling within, is it a freedom, like to be engulfed and floating the ocean?

Is it a cleansing warm, like a shower? Notice how you experience the recall? Is it like a photograph or a movie?

Candy: It's more of a combination between it's more like a movie.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. And how are you feeling?

Candy: Good. Strong. Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. Notice how you can choose to play it forward and go deeper into it. Imagine you can let this sensation of the water soak and saturate you through blue or translucent, warm, refreshing, cleansing, and healing.

Continue to find the ways you can recall and relive that more vividly in ways. Best for you. As you continue to do that, we can observe what may be implied in that moment at a deeper level, because we think of ourselves as solid yet, the human body is really 60% water. We think of ourselves as this planet earth.

Yet this surface is really 70% ocean. We think of ourselves as our conscious mind yet our subconscious mind is really the majority. Now you can tune into your subconscious realities of your. you can experience mental relaxation at a subconscious level, and you can access long term memory stored in your subconscious mind.

In a moment you can recall or imagine a moment early in your childhood with one of your first friends. You may not have thought about this person for some time, but now you can recall a first or early childhood friend. Let that one specific moment with one specific friend. Come up now, choose just one friend.

Let that one friend be the right one. Bring them into focus. Step into the scene. Is the friend a boy or a girl?

Candy: It's a boy.

Katische Haberfield: And about how old are you in that childhood moment?

Candy: Probably. I don't know. Eight.

Katische Haberfield: Eight. Okay. Now I want you to take a good look around the scene. I wanted you to tell me what and what you can hear.

Candy: I notice the feeling or at my great grandma's house or in the, I guess it would be the backyard we're just hanging out playing.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. Beautiful hear the voice of your friend and any laughter between the two of you feel the sense of connection and friendship between you let this childlike energy and laughing, joyful and playful friendliness soak through and saturate you. Allow the feeling of happiness and joyful friendship to permeate every aspect of your being.

Your subconscious mind can remind you of your old friends and positive inner resources. Now you are connecting with your own subconscious. Your subconscious mind can be a good friend to you as well. You can set an intention. You can repeat in your mind or say out loud, if you prefer. I ask my subconscious mind to help me access events from this life that can help me with friendships, soulmates, and romantic relationships.

I ask my subconscious mind to help me access events from this life that can help me with friendships, soulmates, and romantic relationships. Your subconscious mind can remind you of events that left positive emotions and thoughts that help with friendships, soulmates, and romantic relationships. search through your personal history for a first time or place in the past, in this life, an early feeling, or first time feeling of joy, confidence, acceptance, compassion, patience, and generosity, with a soulmate in any form of relationship being friend or romantic.

This may be a moment with a romantic soulmate, a friend or a family. It could be a moment of instant attraction to a partner at the very start of a relationship. It could be a moment of connection with a beloved friend or a family member deep into a long relationship. It could be a moment where you're a good friend or a partner to someone else.

So you can appreciate yourself as a good friend or partner and feel joy, confidence, acceptance, compassion, patience, and Generos. This is a resourceful state that you can reconnect with. And I will count down from three to zero at zero. You'll be able to recall or imagine any moment of positive emotions and thoughts that help with soulmates and relationships.

Drifting back with three to a specific moment. A past time with two focusing, hearing, feeling with one, ready to step into the scene and feel the feeling with zero now. Be there first impression that moment are you inside or outside? Outside. Okay. Is it morning, afternoon or evening? It's afternoon. Okay.

Whereabouts are you? What's happening? 

Candy: I'm standing at the edge of a pool someone's yard. I, don't know who the person is, but I'm there with boyfriend and two, two of his friends.

Katische Haberfield: and I want you to see how you feel. Is there joy, confidence, acceptance? What's the emotion that you're feeling?

Candy: There's a feeling of as confidence, it's this realization that I'm not con like self-conscious so there's a sense of freedom, acceptance, calm.

I have this strange sense of almost the there's everything's connected. Like it can't, the air feels the same temperature as my skin.

Katische Haberfield: Now I want you to move on to another scene to learn more about your soulmates and your interactions in relationships. Go to another moment that can help illustrate for you. The meaning of joy, confidence, acceptance, compassion, patience, and generosity. It may be another moment in that scene with your boyfriend with that same positive person in a different stage of your relationship, or it may be another moment in time.

It may be an instant attraction relationship ending, but when you felt healed and appreciated the experience because you learned and grew and became more confident, or it may be a connection with another family member after an argument after a death, but you have healed and you felt the generosity and acceptance of the relationship.

Please let me know what the scene is that comes to your mind.

Candy: So I'm inside different boyfriend's house, standing behind the couch. There's like the walkway and the TV room was behind the couch. And I think it's his high school graduation, like open house party. Just standing there watching a there's a music video playing on the TV. And I just just feel really calm

if there's anyone else in the room. There's maybe one person sitting on the couch, but I think I'm just standing in the room by.

Katische Haberfield: So what do you notice now about yourself that you had forgotten? What positive traits, qualities, feelings.

Candy: I'm hearing the word resilience. There's a resilience that I've forgotten about. Like a, almost a Gusto like this. It's interesting that I'm seeing this relationship because this relationship was not healthy at all. Okay. So I wouldn't have expected to see it.

Katische Haberfield: But it's here to show you the positive qualities of that relationship. And it's here to show you what you learned.

Candy: I knew what I wanted. Even despite what seemed healthy. I not healthy. It's not even a judgment. It's I just knew what I wanted. I felt it. And I went after it.

Katische Haberfield: Okay, great. So I want you to reconnect with that feeling of calm resilience, that no matter what life brings to you, no matter what relationships, friendships that you know, what you want, and you can feel that and access that in your body and your mind, you connect with your higher self that can provide you with an amazing wisdom in any situation.

And that that even now you can learn from all relationships and that you are incredibly resilient. So these are wonderful qualities. And I want you to understand that you've now reconnected with two situations, with relationships, with emotions and thoughts that show you. Positive conditioning.

Notice your thoughts. Like I am good enough. I trust myself. I can learn and grow. I am calm. I am resilient. I do have confidence. Freedom. I am not self-conscious. I am patient. I am generous. I'm accepting. And I have compassion. Let this feeling, fill your whole body. Now this feeling can move into the background yet.

This inspiration, motivation, and confidence can come back to your conscious mind more often and have your back and support you as we go through issues that come with soulmates and relationships. Now we can go back to a time related to a problematic or challenging soulmate or relationship where there is a version or disconnection.

It can be a causative event that left negative residues of pain, fear, anxiety, anger. Bitterness worry and doubt. It may have led to thoughts. Like I'm not good enough. I can't trust. I don't need anymore. I don't need anyone. It can be a specific moment in this life that is months, years, or decades ago. If you become uncomfortable with the experience, simply float above it and watch it from a distance.

It could relate to a romantic relationship ending where you felt anger at being cheated or betrayed and wanted revenge or guilt for hurting them and wanting punishment or pain and sadness and wanting never to feel that again, it could relate to relationship starting where you a doubtful so that they feel insecure and you push them away or you're afraid to lose them.

So you're jealous or clinging and pull 'em. It could relate to a friend or family member with an instant dislike on one side for little logical reason. So there's constant tension and negative energy leading to aggressive overreactions to others or anxiety and low esteem in yourself. Allow any memory arising now relating to a proper amatic or challenging soul made relationship with three returning to a significant time back to a causative event.

So let one specific moment come up and into focus. Now in that moment, are you inside or outside?

Candy: I'm inside.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. How old are you? And describe the situation for me?

Candy: I think I'm 40, maybe 39, 40. So I'm sitting in my closet on the phone with someone that I was having an affair with. It's again, the relationship is unraveling.

I can just, I can feel the desperation.

Katische Haberfield: You're desperate to keep the person you're having an affair with?

Candy: Yeah yeah, but it's also just it's bigger than that person. It feels like a,

It's like just a grasping at a relationship and that just happens to be the one.

Katische Haberfield: Now I wanna focus in on what you're saying to that person on the phone. What are the thoughts you're thinking? And I want you to notice your own body language. What are the emotions? And what are the thoughts that those emotions lead to?

Candy: So much sadness, grief, pain, it's a pain on so many different levels. Like a pain of betraying myself, betraying someone else, knowing that someone else would be hurt by the relationship. It's just all this mess. So much crying. Hurts.

Katische Haberfield: Allow the emotion to bubble up. It's important to release the emotion. Now it's very healing to allow emotion to arise.

So what we want is the emotion to arise to learn about what is causing issues.

These emotions can take you deeper into this moment. Take you deeper into the core of your relationship issues.

Now feel that, and I want you to acknowledge the experience and I want you to move to another scene to learn more about the way you conduct yourself in relationships. I want you to go to another moment that helps illustrate for you. The meaning of pain, fear, anxiety, anger, bitterness, worry, or doubt, maybe another moment with that same person in a different stage of re relationship or with another relationship.

What happens next? Play it forward.

Candy: We've gone back to a different relationship? I was probably 16. This time I'm yelling. So the there's still a lot of emotion, but I'm yelling at the person they're yelling back. There's a level of an exasperation between both of us.

Katische Haberfield: And is it with a romantic partner or is this a friend that you're yelling at?

Candy: No, it was a boyfriend.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. And why are you yelling at each other?

Candy: I, don't know. I don't think, I don't think I even knew in the moment why, it was just emotion just needed to come out. I feel like trapped, stuck, just not free.

Katische Haberfield: All right. I want you to know all that you can about the nature of your relationship with them. Realize what's driving their behavior towards you and what you have as the underlying motives behind the behavior that you displayed towards them. What do you know now about what you experienced then

Learn all you can.

Candy: Yeah, I'm seeing myself almost like a bird. So the energy, like it's being related a metaphorical said, so it's like the, this bird that just wants to fly and flutter and be free and bring joy. And I just see this person like hanging onto like my ankle so they're, they don't seem like they're, they want that freedom.

And they're like maybe if I just hang on to her, I'll have it. Let go.

Katische Haberfield: So what, can you learn about them and how they perceived you?

Candy: They saw this ability for me to rise above and have this different perspective, higher perspective. That there was this almost like,

ability like I keep hearing the word alchemy, like this ability to turn shit into gold. Like even though it seemed like things were really heavy, there was still this lightness and that's what would draw people in cuz they also wanted, they wanted alchemized their own pain.

Katische Haberfield: So they were drawn to you because that they knew that you would provide them with a transformative relationship experience.

Is that what you're saying?

Candy: Yeah. That's much better way to say it. Yeah. fewer words. Yes.

Katische Haberfield: Now relationship issues can be affected by residues from causative events in this life. And in past lives, the patterns of emotions of relationships in this life can interweave and connect with past lives.

For now, we can fix some present life causes. Then in the next session, find and fix some past life causes. Now we can look back knowing what we know so we can freeze that scene of you in the challenging situation in the past, and bring in your inner wise adult. This can give you a calm and a clarity to review that scene of a romantic relationship and the cause of ongoing negative residues.

So replay the scene from the beginning, knowing what you now know, see your younger self there, like watching a TV. You can pause that scene at any time to step in. So your inner wise adult can tell you anything you need to hear specifically. We want you to go to a moment that may cause, or has caused a limiting belief negatively affecting your interactions with soulmates and your actions in relationships from this point forward.

If it's an emotional moment, you could give the younger you a hug and say, they're reassuring words that they need to hear or give them resources. So you could do that now know

What can that younger you learn from the, you now about their pain, fear, anxiety, feelings of frustration and constriction, lack of freedom.

Candy: I'm just showing myself. Yeah. I'm just showing myself how, no matter what the age, so many of these relationships, that it's just been children dealing with children, like I, see everybody as kids now in the scene. So like that, scene that I was just at, I see both myself and the other person as toddlers almost a little bit older than toddlers, but so I was just seeing that, that wounded kid being played out in adult bodies.

Katische Haberfield: You can remind your younger self it's okay to have challenging events and emotions. Sometimes negative or painful moments can be what we need to grow as a person and in our relationships. It's great to find any emotional event now. So to get to the deepest cause of any blocks, is there anything about any of the scenes that you've seen that you'd like to change?

You don't have to change anything yet. If it's appropriate to have acted differently, what would you do?

If you could say something to the people involved, what would it be? you could replay any of the scenes you've seen today in your mind, but this time, have it gone a way that makes any positive experience even better or puts right. Any action you'd like to do better

Replay the scene that you'd like to change or modify from the beginning. This may be a chance to learn more about what did happen or to make changes with your imagination. Go from the beginning to the middle learning and adjusting.

Candy: I'm back in that closet scene where I'm on the phone in the entire interaction on the phone is just, it's two friends talking instead of forbidden lovers. And it's just a genuine care and connection for each other, but without the intimacy of any romantic involvement.

Katische Haberfield: All right. Play it forward to the end of that scene. And then you can keep adjusting scenes that you've seen today, replaying them and learning about life patterns so that you can return to past life causes or making adjustments now to benefit your interactions with these and other soulmates and all your relationships.

Candy: What I'm feeling is like a it's overarching, like clinginess, it's almost like wearing wrap, so it's just peeling it off.

It's actually more goo like slimy go. So now I'm just standing under a shower, head outside and just sprinting all of the residue off.

Katische Haberfield: Perfect. Your brain is giving you healing. So enjoy the shower of healing.

Candy: I walk outta the shower naked. I'm I know that I'm naked. , I'm like, this is an odd thing to be right now, but I'm also not conscious of it. I'm seeing other people look at me and be like, oh, she's naked.

Katische Haberfield: All right. If there is any excess inappropriate or outdated emotion still left after the shower, you can release some of that now. So breathe in deep, hold it and exhale, feeling yourself, releasing outdated emotions and thoughts.

And now inhale any positive resources that you've revisited today in this session.

Is there anything else that your mind wishes to see from your relationships in this lifetime? Or are we fine to move on?

Candy: We're good.

Katische Haberfield: We're good.

Perfect. In the next sessions, we can continue to regress next time into past lives to find positive residues of connection and attraction with soulmates, and to find negative residues, to overcome a version or disconnection in challenging relationships.

In the next session, we can go specifically and deeper into this for now you can feel great because your mind has agreed and been able to understand subconscious influences on this life that will lead to and relate to understanding past life influences. We thank your inner wisdom for its help and ask it assists in integrating the memories into your daily life.

In the next session, you'll be able to go quicker, easier, and deeper into Hep, not escape to access past lives and to investigate past life friendships and past life relationships. In a moment, I'll count you up to five and at five you'll be able to come back fully into the moment, feeling good with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 eyes, open, refreshed, and aware feeling good.

Candy: Yeah.

I wasn't expecting to see any of those things yes. Okay.

The clinginess though at the end, I think was really important.

Yeah. Like washing that away.

Katische Haberfield: Yep. And that's great that you receive that healing because that, that doesn't often happen. So look for now, just let that integrate. And it will start to work on your everyday relationships and friendships.

I think there's positive things there for you to think about. You can journal on it or just reflect, have a meditation on it in the next week or so is to see that you have this confidence that you had forgotten about a confidence and calmness in relationships that you had forgotten about.

Candy: Okay.

Katische Haberfield: So our ego mind concentrates on the negative memories from all these relationships, but it showed you that even a really painful relationship with a boyfriend in your teenage years, it showed the positive aspect of that. Yeah, it wanted your high self, wanted you to see the perception that you have lost about yourself in confidence, in relationships.

It wanted you to see the resilience. And I wanted you to see that what you want, even when you're in the midst of a bad relationship, you know what you want. And as we said, at the start of this session, you have to pay attention to the science that your body is showing you because you have. This ability as, you said, people are attracted to you for a transformative alchemical relationship experience.

And I understand that cuz they are, they do that with me too. Yeah. It's they know they're going into a fire before they even start, but they're like bring it on I'm going on in anyway. Yeah. Yeah. And with me I'm not a Scorpio, but I have large Scorpio traits. And so I'm like come to me and let's just stick your hands in and put it around and

Candy: yeah, I love it.

Katische Haberfield: So understand that's a quality of you that people appreciate, but you don't have to see it as a negative quality for yourself.

Candy: Okay.

Katische Haberfield: You don't have to blame, shame or punish yourself for. The turmoil that you experience relationships, notice that people. And I wonder if you have the Eagle as a spirit guide, do you know any of your animal spirit guides?

Candy: I know, I see a Hawk. I know there's a Hawk. Okay. Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: Hawk Eagle.

Candy: Very a lot. Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

Katische Haberfield: So I know that by showing yourself that you're a bird that wants freedom it shows you that as you said, people see your higher perspective, but what you need to do is you have to realize that your own cleanness to an attachment, to the drama and the relationship because you like to inflict pain on yourself through the drama makes people suck to you even more when you are a bird that wishes to soar.

So I guess what we want to move you forward to is understanding that a relationship doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't have to be only positive emotions that it's natural and wonderful for people to express all kinds of emotions in a relationship, because it means that you trust each other enough to share the real feelings.

Cuz I think with you, the last thing you want is fake feelings in a relationship. Yeah. You can't stand fake people either. Yep. Okay. So you want the, wholeness of emotion and you want that rawness. So don't punish yourself for allowing yourself to draw relationships where people can be authentically you, because even if you draw somebody to you and they're allowed to be authentically around you and they express negative emotions and they then leave the relationship, you have benefited that person by honoring them by seeing their emotion and by realizing energy, that doesn't match.

So you. Any relationship that you're in. And I want you to listen to this really carefully, any relationship or friendship that you are in, where you allow the person to be themselves, and they're allowed to express their emotion, even if it disagrees with you is a perfect experience for both of you, because you both can walk away from that relationship with the knowledge that even if your energies didn't match for the first time, perhaps in a long time for that person, they have been seen and heard and allowed to express their emotion.

Yeah. And in a world full of fake people and fake Instagram accounts, that's a rare quality. Yeah. Do you know what I mean?

Candy: Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: I really want you to honor yourself for that, because I think that you have a tendency to self punish yourself for not having this perfect Instagram worthy relationship.

People are never gonna have that around you. They are going to see the truth of your heart. And see how you allow them to express that. And as you honor that, and don't punish yourself for that, you're gonna attract that relationship that is truthful, integral, authentic without the tumultuous drama of it, by allowing yourself not to be clear to relationships, but allowing yourself to soar high and to allow them to soar with you.

So you don't drag yourself down onto that relationship by desperation and by getting thick into it and enjoying the drama, let the drama unfold and then go back up to your high space and then allow them the ability to soar up there with you, because that's what you're doing is you're raising their vibration by showing them how.

When you are your true self and you're not, you just allow relationships to be, you don't need to clean wrap each other and then you can be what you will be. And then both of you rise. You're both elevating each other's consciousness. So see that as a really, truly beautiful gift. And always be true to the knowledge that it's your definition of a relationship that counts the most.

Candy: Yeah. Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: And that you, will know now to let drama go, let it arise, witness it, let it be authentic and then move away from it. Yeah. See there in a wounded child, I think it was important that you saw everybody is toddlers, because now what that allows you to do is next time you get into an argument or a relationship or friendship where there's this drama, you can, your mind will go back to that moment where you saw them and you're like, we're being toddlers.

And then instead of punishing yourself for being a toddler in that moment, you can let that feeling from your heart, flood back out from today, that sensation and go, oh, compassion. Wow. We're being toddlers. We're both really wounded and hurt. Just let me move aside for a moment. Let me go back up to my nest.

Let me see from the top tree, what it's like, let me witness this as this eye, as if I'm in the astral plane, looking down on myself, let me get the perspective, then let me come back in and then let us heal.

Candy: Yeah. Yeah, I like that. Okay.

Katische Haberfield: So that's it for today. Thank you for joining me.