January 3

The magical healing of sound

The magical healing of sound: podcast interview Maggie interviews Katische

About Maggie 

Maggie experienced an awakening a few years ago and realized she was not living with purpose. She had changed so much and she didn't like the person she had become.

She began radical self-awareness and began investigating her own thoughts, patterns and habits. After learning meditation and becoming so mindful, she experienced ego death for a few months.

Maggie is passionate about shedding limiting beliefs and working through past trauma to rediscover the true self. Maggie enjoys working with those who need support and understanding while working to uncover their truth.

Maggie hosts a podcast called Chasing Spirituality and also has an intentional product line under the same name.

Recently I caught up with her and had a great converstaion on her podcast "Chasing Spirituality".  

About Maggie's podcast:

"Join me along my spiritual journey. I'll share my experiences, knowledge, thoughts and beliefs on a variety of modern spiritual topics such as awakenings, manifestation, law of attraction, self-love, meditation, yoga, soul mates, crystals, witchcraft and much more."

Maggie and I talked about:

  • How I became a sound healer after a career in the corporate world.
  • How I use the crystal singing bowls- which combinations, sizes and notes and for what purposes.
  • Light codes: what these are and how we access them for healing. I even spill a few trade secrets here!
  • Vibrational aromatherapy- how it can be used in sound healing.
  • Past Lives. Katische's first past live reveal and how it was revealed and how it took a very long time for the realisation to actually come to the light of day.
  • My dejavu postcard and how locations can give you clues to previous incarnations.
  • How Karma is linked to your incarnations, and the importance of emotions.
  • Why children remember past lives until the age of seven.
  • Why children see spirits in their bedroom and what the purpose may be.
  • Imaginary friends- are they "really" imaginary? We talk about Maggie's imaginary friends Rachel and Sarah, and why it is important to believe them.
  • The lessons of frustration as an emotion and what it is asking us to do- to dig deeper.
  • The symbolism of money and undertsanding it's role in your life over many incarnations.