July 25

Crossing over Denis: Earthbound Spirit/Ghost

Balmoral Cemetery

Harry Part 4: Re-visiting the Balmoral Cemetery to find the spirit whose name starts with a "D" as per the instructions of Harry (the earthbound spirit we crossed over).

I visited the cemetery and the name "Denis" came to me. Not as in his first name but his middle name, as people quite often went by their middle name if their first name did not resonate at a soul level. (The soul chooses the name and communicates it to the parent, sometimes the parent chooses to ignore or can not "hear" properly and uses the name in another position other than the first name).

I had been forewarned that Denis was very mentally heavy as he had been there longer than Harry and that it may take some convincing to get him to agree to cross over.

I felt as though this was a test for my ability to communicate with him directly as the Angels didn't want me over-relying on them- also some spirits are afraid of the Angels.

I felt and heard Denis and I spent quite a while talking to him. I felt as though he tried to cross over and then at the last minute was too scared, so decided to attach to me. In my heart I felt very emotional as he began to cross over, but then there was a distinct energetic pain in my heart and I realised that he had attached. He didn't want to be in the cemetery anymore due to the potential of ghost hunters coming to look for him, but he wasn't quite ready.

So when I got home, I had a session booked in with a client who is also a very skilled medium and communicator with the Angels and she kindly agreed to allow me to take the first part of the session to double check that Denis was indeed attached and then hear his story and cross him over.

We were then able to do our session as normal.

Thank you Dawn Catena!!

Thank you Harry and thank you Megan Jones for the original communication via Harry about this spirit.

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