The Crystalline Sound Spa is your home of spiritual healing.

We believe that the secret to life is your vibration. How you vibrate is how you do everything in life.  Your vibration is essentially the way your energy resonates with the world. Energy radiates from within and can be felt by all. Sound is a powerful tool to influence and change your vibration. When combined with intention it is powerful.

Katische has discovered a bespoke formula for spiritual healing. It starts with intent, and is magnified through the use of crystalline sound (crystal singing bowl and koshi chimes), plus aromatherapy and colour therapy. This is the powerful combination to unlock transformation at the subtle energy body level.

Crystalline Sound Healing = intent + sound+ aroma + colour therapy

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Divine Love Heart Session

Crystalline Singing Bowl Healing Session  (with Colour and Aromatherapy)



222: 1 hour

  • The heart is the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds and is the dominion of the compassion and all Gods and Goddesses of compassion  (Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, Green Tara and Kuan Yin.)
  • The heart is the most important centre in our subtle energy body and is the point of origin for  all healing.

    When we open our heart, we are able to feel and express love for ourselves and others.

    The amount of subtle energy that flows through your heart reflects your current feelings of worthiness and self love, and the ability you have currently to meet your soul’s needs for self love and love from others.

    In order to give love, we must first allow ourselves to receive. We must first understand that we are worthy because we exist and that we exist because we are a dimension of the multiverse that is seeking human expression and experiences in order to expand and create consciousness.

    We are divine, because we come from the divine, in whatever name you choose to express this. When we lack worthiness, we are saying that the divine is not worthy.

    It’s time to look within and see the stars. It’s time to reconnect with who you are, and radiate love again. Come home to love.

Session details:

In this session I will be playing the 12 inch F note crystal singing bowl at  which has been anointed with your choice of heart chakra essential oil.

Essential oil choices:

❤️Peppermint or Geranium

Essential oils are crystalline structures that carry light and healing properties through sound via their vibration.

About the crystal singing bowl:

In this session the key components for heart opening are the size of the bowl, and the note and also the intention.

The 12 inch singing bowl is “powerfully effective in enveloping the body in sound that touches the core of the physical being and stimulates a higher consciousness of our physical essence and our chakra system.” Ted Andrews, Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls.

What’s so special about 349hz? 349hz is F4 or middle F. It is a note which can be used for deep relaxation or trance like meditation.

Your requirements:

Please wear something on you that is emerald green in colour. This can be clothing or jewellery or a blanket that you cover yourself with during the session. It can also be an emerald stone that you place on your heart during the session.

Emerald green is the colour that aligns your personal heart with divine love. It invokes the vibration of harmony and balance.

Session length:

1 hour, incorporating a discussion at the start, silence at the end to integrate the sound healing and a sound healing session of around 30-40 minutes.


Please do not sign up for this session if you are pregnant, or have sound triggered epilepsy.

Goddess Hour


222: 1 hour


  • A relaxation session for the goddess in you.
  • You'll choose an oracle deck from the selection that calls to your heart or choose the Essential Oil based oracle deck and I will use one of the essential oils pulled in your reading in the singing bowl for the meditation.  
  • After a reading we'll dim the lights, get you comfortable in your own home, on the couch or lying on your bed with your earbuds in, and then I will steer you through a gentle guided meditation.
  • Then the koshi chimes and the heart chakra crystal singing bowl will lovingly wash over your ears and send you into a deep state of relaxation.
    Read more about the Goddess Hour and see what others have to say about this Crystalline Spa treatment.


Please do not sign up for this session if you are pregnant, or have sound triggered epilepsy.