November 4, 2020

devine feminine business

The Divine Feminine Approach to business and life

Here’s what I know:

I am called to the Divine Feminine right now because my soul aches for it. I’m tired of having to prove myself in order to feel like I have earned my existence on this planet. I am worthy and I don’t need to prove this to anyone. I am worthy because I exist because I come from stardust which means that I come from the same place as you- the soul of the multiverse.


I also don’t need to “achieve” a single darn thing. Neither do you. We just need to be. To exist. 

What resonates for me in 2020 has been rest, rejuvenation, deep meditation, energy healing and clearing and reflection.


What 2020 has taught me is that whilst everyone has been in their own houses, in isolation, my life has been beautiful because I was able to listen to my own yearning. I have been able to turn off the noise and realised that the secret to life is that you need to come to a place where you realise that the only validation that you need in life, comes from within.

When we look externally for validation, we give our power away. And as women- we have given our power away for centuries. We have doubted and let others stand towering over us trying to mould us to fit into their machination. We have become un-sexualised robots, used as a tool to work for the corporation. We have even enslaved ourselves.


I have sat at my computer for hours and hours of my life, creating lead pages, funnels, blog posts and webinars designed to lure into my honey pot my “ideal” customer. It doesn’t work for me. And I can tell you I spent many many hour wondering what exactly is wrong with me? Why can’t I just do what I am told, rather than trying to customise my business? Why can’t I follow the cookie-cutter approach and just do the bloody thing?


The answer is simply, my body just won’t let me. I get tired and I need a lie-down. I feel exhausted just watching other female entrepreneurs hustle for their worth, to compete against males and other females in a high stakes game of “territory”.


I’m also not up for giving away my life’s work for free as bait for customers to sign up to my email list, attend a free webinar and hook them into a paid program. I’m done with producing years of content for social media to “beat” the algorithm. 


I’m turning inwards. And listening to God. She’s divinely within me, and once we have spoken, I have found truth and wisdom then I will share my learnings. I’m not here to teach anyone anything anymore. You don’t need a teacher. You certainly don’t need a Guru. You are your own Guru, your own Goddess and your own Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. 


Life is now about unity, unity of both the feminine, the masculine and the greater source or soul or spark or creator or creatrix or whatever name you wish to call it. Now is the time to join together in co-creation. We’ll experience this together, hand in hand, side by side. 


I know we are meant to create together based on our differences. Because it is in the differences that we learn, stretch our imagination and knowledge. When we strive to be equals because we want to be the same as each other we ignore the inherent beauty in our differences.


It’s time for you to search within and choose to become the embodiment of the woman who speaks to you in the quiet and still and small moments. It’s time to just let her breathe.  She doesn’t need to roar, she just needs to have the wrapping taken off, be watered, fed and allowed to see the sunshine. And when she’s ready, she’ll be the embodiment of everything you have dreamed of.


Rest up, dream rich, colourful, sensual, exotic, fragrant and delicious dreams. She’s waiting for you.

About the author 


I am a Crystalline Sound Alchemist- which means I use crystalline sound and vibrational aromatherapy to heal the subtle body energies- the etheric body, astral body, mental body and the soul. The physical body may experience changes as a result of the sound session, as the ethereal and physical bodies co-exist within the same space, despite being at different frequencies.

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