Divine Love 

Crystalline Sound Energy Healing Session

The heart is the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds and is the dominion of the compassion and all Gods and Goddesses of compassion .

(Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, Green Tara and Kuan Yin.)

The heart is the most important centre in our subtle energy body and is the point of origin for all spiritual healing.

When we open our heart, and our heart we are able to feel and express love for ourselves and others.

The amount of subtle energy that flows through your heart reflects your current feelings of worthiness and self love, and the ability you have currently to meet your soul’s needs for self love and love from others.

In order to give love, we must first allow ourselves to receive. We must first understand that we are worthy because we exist and that we exist because we are a dimension of the multiverse that is seeking human expression and experiences in order to expand and create consciousness.

We are divine, because we come from the divine, in whatever name you choose to express this. When we lack worthiness, we are saying that the divine is not worthy.

It’s time to look within and see the stars. It’s time to reconnect with who you are, and radiate love again. Come home to love.

Session details:

In this session I will be playing the 12 inch F note crystal singing bowl  which has been anointed with your choice of heart chakra essential oil.

Essential oil choices:

Rosalina or Geranium

Essential oils are crystalline structures that carry light and healing properties through sound via their vibration.

About the crystal singing bowl:

In this session the key components for heart opening are the size of the bowl, and the note and also the intention.

The 12 inch singing bowl is “powerfully effective in enveloping the body in sound that touches the core of the physical being and stimulates a higher consciousness of our physical essence and our chakra system.” Ted Andrews, Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls.

What’s so special about 349hz?

349hz is F4 or middle F. It is a note which can be used for deep relaxation or trance-like meditation.

Your requirements:

Please wear something on you that is emerald green in colour. This can be clothing or jewellery or a blanket that you cover yourself with during the session. It can also be an emerald stone that you place on your heart during the session.

Emerald green is the colour that aligns your personal heart with divine love. It invokes the vibration of harmony and balance.

Session length:

1 hour, incorporating a discussion at the start, silence at the end to integrate the sound healing and a sound healing session of around 30-40 minutes.


Please do not sign up for this session if you are pregnant, or have sound triggered epilepsy.


Goddess Hour- Crystalline Sound Spa Session

Angela Sale , United Kingdom

Thank you so much I really enjoyed it, I was so relaxed and chilled out for the rest of the day, it made me realize I hadn't been taking any self-care measures at all lately, despite having all the "tools". I haven't been putting them to use.

It was so lovely to feel cared for by you for an hour! thanks again!


Goddess Hour- Crystalline Sound Spa Session

Madalina Dimke , Germany

Thank you, Katische. This was a truly inspirational session which I needed more than I realised.

Having returned abruptly from overseas, being stuck in a quarantined hotel in Sydney all the while dealing with the grief of losing my mum and not being able to be by her side throughout the 14 very isolated days here... well, a lot of thoughts and emotions were whirling around in my mind, my gut and my head.

The session with you gave me peace, eased my mind. Your voice soothed my soul and the chimes allowed me to float away with my subconscious thoughts... After the session, I was exhausted, yet felt a sense of positivity come to me.

The cards which you had read out to me; they resonated and sunk in more and more after the session and once I was fully awake again. I worked on my first of three cards, as you described. The ritual associated with that card relating to my past allowed me to purge everything that had bothered me, some of it still nagging ever so quietly in my present state.

Much of what I needed to let go of had to do with my beautiful mum - how unjust life had been to her, how the love which should have come unconditionally from her family was never provided to her... all these toxic behaviours which I did not want to perpetuate in my life or my son's...

The ritual helped me to voice (or in this case write down) the concerns I had had and gave me a true sense of doing away with them. I am looking forward to working on the second and third cards which came to me during the session.

To anyone considering a goddess session, I would wholeheartedly and warmly recommend connecting with Katische. This is not just something that Katische does, I felt it is something she believes in and I could sense that the connection and the goddess' experience is really important to her.

Again, thank you for the beautiful, magical experience Katische. It could not have come at a better time in my life. xo


Goddess Hour- Crystalline Sound Spa Session

Janet Buckingham , United Kingdom

I would like to thank you for my session yesterday via Zoom. Even though this was a distance session I really don’t think it detracted from any of the content.

I found Katische to be a warm and genuine person.

I really enjoyed chatting to her and when we did the meditation which included a singing crystal bowl, it was really very therapeutic. She then drew 4 oracle cards, which I didn’t expect, this was a lovely end to our session.

She has since emailed me the information from the session. Which I was pleased about. I’ve never met or spoken to Katische before but that really didn’t matter because it felt like I’d known her forever.

A lovely lady and if this is something you are interested in, I can fully recommend her. Thank you Katische ❤


Divine Love Crystaline Sound Spa Healing Session

Amy Innes , Australia

I highly recommend a sound healing session with Katische. She is such an
incredible facilitator of healing and I found our session grounding and
calming. She is a wealth of knowledge and incredibly talented. If you
have not yet experienced sound healing, book in, you will not regret it.


Divine Love Crystalline Spa Sound Session

Ruth Sandoval , USA

I recently had a Divine Love Crystalline Sound Energy Healing Session with Katische and I am so grateful. Katische is a powerful and intuitive healer who knew just what is needed for my session. The healing sounds and the journey she took me on were felt at a deep and transformative level. Afterward, I was able to move to the next level on my path to speak more fully from my heart, and with gentle self love. I am so happy that I listened to my own intuition and booked this session. It was the first sound healing that I experienced, but it will not be the last.


Devon Ridley , Australia

Highly recommend to anyone that needs a little break from the noises of the outside world! I have never been so relaxed or felt so wholesome than I did after my individual meditation and sound session!!


Divine Love Crystalline Spa Sound Session

Katie Carey , United Kingdom

I experienced a crystalline sound healing session. It felt blissful. My body went into a state of the deepest relaxation and that night I had the longest uninterrupted sleep that I have had in years. I usually wake with pain or needing the bathroom at least a couple of times. I slept through for over 9 hours.


Goddess Hour- Crystalline Sound Spa Session

Rachel Day , United Kingdom

I had an amazing session with Katische last night.

Katische pulled 3 Oracle cards from a deck which I chose to use.

She has a beautiful voice which is soft and encouraging. Katische then led me into a Sound session which was very relaxing indeed, her ability to connect with me over zoom thousands of miles away was second to none.

I felt re-energised after the session and looked forward to her email follow up which I received the same day.

I would like to thank you for our session and If you are thinking about booking Katische I would highly recommend it.


Goddess Hour- Crystalline Sound Spa Session

Gigi Chaurand-Kammerer , USA

I had the opportunity to experience the Goddess session with Katische and it truly left me feeling as relaxed and rejuvenated as a goddess. The card reading was very thorough and resonated deeply with my current path. It also gave me so much to reflect on for the future. The sound bath was my absolute favorite experience during our session.

Katische expertly prepared me and put me in a relaxed state to receive the healing from her singing bowls. The relaxation from our session followed me into my evening and helped me sleep deeply.

I am very much looking forward to connecting with Katische again.


Divine Love Heart Healing Sound Session

Cherie Burton , USA

I highly recommend Katische as a supremely gifted sound healing facilitator. I live in the US and was able to experience her gifts over Zoom and it far exceeded any kind of expectation I had. She was able to carry healing vibrations into my heart for new awakenings and awareness and I have been at deep peace with the issue I addressed then ever since!


Goddess Hour- Crystalline Sound Spa Session

Georgina Hayworth , Australia

I had the goddess session with Katische, which included a reading and a sound healing session. The reading was very relevant and offered me some great insights into my life. My favourite part was the sound healing session and I can’t recommend this highly enough. In fact I’m looking to see when I can book in again as this is the most relaxed I’ve ever been after any sort of treatment. I’ve done sound baths, sound healings, as well as guided meditations and more. This was the most relaxed I’ve ever been, it was incredible. It’s hard to describe but I felt my physical self in a way I haven’t been aware of it before, and at the same time, my mind was focused and relaxed. I’ll definitely be back.

book a session today.


$222 USD