DNA, Genetic Line and Family/Tribe Karmic Wheel Healing.


DNA Healing

Healing Session Type 1

Past Life DNA Healing: Personal

Many of my client are familiar with the body scan process that I do in sessions which helps identify stuck emotions and thoughts and attachments. Similar to this, I am excited to offer the ability for you to preview visually your DNA and identify any damage and then heal the strand within a session.

We do this by taking you to a relaxing desert where there is no other thought energy and connecting with your I AM. We connect to your pineal gland and then with your DNA.

Contrary to modern belief the DNA does not contain "JUNK" - this information contains all of your incarnations through all dimensions and time.

The pineal gland:

In his book "Vibrational Medicine". Richard Gerber MD  quotes  C. Panati:

"The pineal gland is a crystalline structure that receives information from the soul and subtle bodies, particularly the astral body. The subtle bodies often act as filters for teachings from the soul and Higher Self.  From the pineal gland information travels to the right  portion of the brain. If there is need to alert the conscious mind to this higher information, it passes through the right brain in the form of dreams. Then the left brain analyses it to see if the information can be grasped. This often occurs with clear dreams with messages. From the left brain the information travels through the neurological system, specifically passing through two critical reflex points- the medulla oblongata adn the coccyx.  There is a constant state of resonancy along the spinal column between the medulla oblongata and the the coccyx; properties of the pineal gland resonate between these two points. The information then travels to other parts of the body through the meridians and crystalline structures already described. The life force of ibrational remedies activates this entire procedure. This is a key process the soul uses to manifest karma in the physical body". p 258

The session process:

Your superconscious mind will identify the strand to be healed and ask 3 simple questions:

    1.  Is this personal or genetic?
    2. If genetic, are you the reincarnation of a genetic family member?
    3. If yes, is this on the mother's or father's side of the family?

If personal is the answer we will take you to the ROOT cause of the damage of this DNA - which will be a different lifetime.   We then take it one step FURTHER and go back to the Karmic issue which CREATED this. 

What this means is there is something that happened in a life before this lifetime (or parallel) that created the karma in your eternal mindstream so that it manifested in the life you just viewed, which damaged your DNA in your current lifetime. So we are investigating the root cause across a minimum of three lifetimes.

What is unique about this is that it allows us to take you to see your part- and accept responsibliity for what has happened and importantly release it.

You are then able to view the original DNA strand and confim the healing.

Lifetime 1: Action occurs. Created negative karma to be balanced in next lifetime

Lifetime 2: Karma balancing occurs.

Current lifetime: Damage appears in DNA because no emotional healing or root cause issue has been healed other than the karmic balancing- it needs to be resolved at the eternal mindstream level because although in theory we humans believe that karma dealt with is finished, we know that this is not the case because the human being is complicated and holds onto the emotional residue for as long as it takes them to forgive and love themselves and understand that they are not a VICTIM in life no matter how the circumstances present.

Please note that we will only do one type of DNA Healing in a session. Either Personal or Past Life due to the time constraints of a 2 hour session.

***If you have already experienced spirit releasement therapy this will reduce the likelihood that your DNA is being influenced by the resonance of an earthbound spirit with DNA issues. 

So for example, if you have a earthbound spirit attached who died of lung cancer, because they did not go to the light, their etheric body CONTINUES to resonate with lung cancer. For as long as that earthbound spirit is attached to you, your body will resonate with the disease because you are carrying both your own etheric body and that of the earth bound spirit and therefore you will manifest this disease, which has nothing to do with your DNA- it is your attached spirit's DNA. Remove the Earthbound Spirit, send it to the light and heal the attachment and you will remove the resonance from your body!!!!

Genetic DNA Healing

For a while it has not sat well with me that the medical community wishes to use DNA tests to identify heridetary illness/disease so that they can do pre-emptive mascetomies and surgeries. Once we identify a potential for a genetic illness we bring to the front of the mind a FEAR and the possiblity becomes ACTIVATED.

It is now within the realms of manifestation and your reality because your conscious mind is always wondering- will it happen?  Yes it exists but it WAS NOT a guarantee in this lifetime unless your soul chose it to be so. Even then you have FREE WILL and the way you react to events in your life will determine if the node of DNA is activated or lies dormant.

Please note however that it is also possible that your KARMA will determine if the DNA is activated and may indeed be a choice you made at the time of selecting your birth family in the Lives Between Lives state. ie you chose your birth parents becuase they had a disease present in their DNA which would provide the conditions for it to ripen in order for you to reap the karma in this lifetime.

In his book "Vibrational Medicine". Richard Gerber MD States:

The viruses that are discovered in malignant breast tissue may not be the result of infection as much as the product of a released, latent viral DNA that may have already existed in the cells of the body. In other words, the DNA coding for the expression of these viruses may be passed unknowingly from generation to generation before it becomes expressed in the individual afflicted with breast cancer. The combination of a variety of stresses- biological and environmental, as well as emotional- may work in concert with the viral DNA to create abnormal cellular changes in the body that eventually manifest as a tumour. p261.

Please remember that life is not fatalistic. Even if you chose to have an illness or disease in this lifetime, you can move past this situation by learning the lessons, releasing the emotion, healing the DNA and providing spiritual service of gifting the same for your genetic line. When you free yourself, you free you ancestors.


Using the same method as above, we can scan the DNA strands and your superconscious mind will identify the strands which are impacted by the family genetic line on  either the mother's side or the father's side (even if you are adopted or do not know your parents or have two same sex parents you have a male and a female to provide sperm and an egg somewhere along the process).

You will view the damaged strand and be taken back to observe the lifetime.  Because this is not your lifetime (unless it is identified by your Higher Self that you have reincarnated within the Genetic Lines and are infact the reincarnation of this person, then we can not directly heal this lifetime without a seperate step.)

If you are the reincarnation of someone in your Genetic Line- eg you are the reincarnation of a great great grandmother for example, then we can go back into this lifetime and observe the same steps as above to heal the DNA.

If you are not the reincarnation of a genetic family member then we step into either Genetic Line or Family/Tribe Healing.

Healing Session Type 2:

Genetic Line Healing

The Genetic Line healing starts the same way. In the desert, connecting with the I am Source within then the Pineal Gland.

Then  we ask the Genetic Line of  Females - your Mother, Aunts, Cousins, Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers, all the way back - so these energies stand in a line going all the way back.

Then a sacred ceremony is conducted.

  1. Then we find out the common theme amongst the female genetic line.
  2. We invite your ancestors to deliver a message of healing and important actionable information regarding your genetic female line.

The same process is conducted with the male genetic line. 

The third ceremony:

  •  is where we view in a line every time you were a mother or a father in a past life. Then we invite to the circle every child you have ever had in a lifetime.

Then those that wish to speak will come forward to deliver messages to heal your genetic line.

This is very powerful and emotional healing.

Please note that depending on how many messages need to be transmitted this may require more than one session.  If you view the genetic family lines and a family member appears as a ghost, they will need to be crossed over.  This is an act of immense spiritual service to your genetic lines.

Healing Session Type 3: Family/Tribe Healing

This session looks at the various family groups and tribes you have been born into across all of your lifetimes. We start the session in the desert and connect with the I am and then the pineal gland and then a very special session will be conducted which will identify the karmic wheel of each family tribe group so you can identify which tribes/groups are still involved in Karmic Action. Within this session you will speak some sacred words to them that will show them the solution to their karmic issues so that these cease to play out.

Again the number of sessions will depend on the number of tribes that have karmic issues still playing out.


  • DNA, Genetic Line and Family/Tribe Karmic Healing are available as seperate healing sessions.
  • Please choose which resonates the most with you as a starting point and then your higher self will let us know if something is more urgent/appropriate. 
  • Each is conducted in its own session.
  • If you are a new client, these must be purchased as a part of the Soul Therapy Package. If you are a returning client, then you may purchase these sessions one at a time by using the "Returing Soul Therapy Client Session" option in the shop.

Disclaimer: I am not a Medical Practitioner. I work on the spiritual level with the permission of your Higher and Monadic Self. By working with me you acknowldege personal responsibility and it is your responsibility to work with Medical Practitoners if required. I hold no legal liability. By purchasing sessions you are explicitly agreeing to this limit of liability.

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