Do I have an attached spirit?


Have you ever felt as though your life was being constantly blocked? As though someone or something was thwarting your efforts to move forward, be it in the realm of career, love or abundance in any form?

What about unexplained feelings of heavy energy? Of not being yourself, and then snapping back into normal life again after a period of darkness and unexplained depression?

Have you ever entered a room and had someone tell you that your energy is intense- and they don't mean it in a nice way?

Have you ever sensed the presence of family member or friend or pet who has passed on, but you feel as if they are still hanging around?

You may have a spirit attachment.

What is a spirit attachment:

A spirit attachment is a situation where a being that is in energy form only, attaches to you rather than crossing over to the afterlife.  An example would be when a loved one or pet dies, goes to cross over, but because of your level of grief, they don't want to leave you. They want to help you and they decided to stick around to help you with your grief, or perhaps to protect you from a person or situation.  It's a lovely thought that this being loves you that much, however it is misguided.  The being needed to cross over to help both themselves and yourself.  Your grief can not be completed or follow the natural process whilst the being is still in the earth realms. Their crossing over into the spirit world is important for completion and healing of all parties involved.

It can also occur when you are in an intense period of depression and you are calling out to the universe for help, and don't care who comes to help you. Your energy speaks of desperation. Spiritual beings of either the galactic kind, light or the dark, may respond to help you and stick around. The problem is when they attach to you, rather than acting as a guide, they drain you of your lifeforce, and can influence the direction of your life, your energy that you project outwards and also your mental mind- as they are able to change your appearance, and your thoughts and actions.

Implant or monintoring device:

Many human beings are starseeds and have originated in places other than Earth- we reincarnate across many planets in many dimensions. Some humans with such originations have agreed to have monitoring devices implanted so that if they feel "homesick" they can go back home. Others agreed to be studied for the purpose of understanding human emotions- other planetary beings do not have the intensity and range of emotions that we do here on earth.

The problem with these devices is that they can effect and drain your energy and your physical body and they are also in breach of the terms of human incarnation- that the human being has free will and is not to be monitored.  

Your soul, however, may have needed the implantation as a part of its journey, but if you are reading this page, and you feel this resonates with you, then it is time to energetically remove this device. This can also be done in a non harmeful way during these sessions.

Now, if you have a belief that you do not have an attachment or implant or that you can not be attached by spirits, then that is perfect as that is your reality. We all live in different timelines, states of soul development and have different beliefs, so this program is not for you, we bless you and thank you for reading this far. Namaste.

How is it done?

Katische uses her natural mediumship skills to communicate directly with the various forms of spiritual attachments (including Dark Force Entities and Extra Terrestrials) and works harmonioulsy with them. There is no need for the methods that are used by other practitioners which disrespect and use force and banishment spells and other such things to forceably remove the attachments and implants.  Katische respects all beings, and uses her negotiation skills seamlessly to create change.  This method ensures that the removal is PERMANENT.

Katische is under the guidance of her higher self, future galactic self and Thoth.

Indications for SRT:

Katische knows first hand what it is like to have spirit attachments. She also knows what it is like to have them unsuccessfully removed, which is why she is very passionate about the method that she has developed. Katische is aware that there are many modalities for healing spirit attachments however, direct communication is the best method. All spiritual entities regard banishment spells, sound healing, reiki and other forms of non direct communication as a form of attack and this may agitate and make the symptoms WORSE not better.

It is always the best approach to communicate directly with the spiritual being and find out:
  • When they attached - the specific circumstances.
  • Why they were attracted or drawn to the human they have attached to.
  • What benefit they gain from the attachment.
  • What benefit they believe their presence provides the host human. (This is the key as most earth bound spirit attachments are known to the human host, and the spirit believes they are protecting or helping their friend/human).
  • If they are Earth Bound Spirits- what the circumstances of their death were, and why they were unable to cross over.
  • If they have allegience to any dark force entities.

We always listen with compassion to the spiritual entities as this is their time to have their story heard. They are the unseen, unloved and hurting members of our world. They often feel lost, scared and are actually in need of help and assistance to cross over.

Katische has successfully worked with "Dark Force Entities" and so called "Extra Terrestrials". She has successfully and permanently removed implants and helped Dark Force Entities see their inner spiritual light, and helped them move away from fear and accept the assistance of her Angelic team to finally cross over and receive healing. This is a beautiful moment for all, as Dark Force Entities are usually Earth Bound Spirits who have died in such a manner that their soul recieved extreme shock and their anger has turned them away from the light towards the refuge of hiding in the dark. They are able to see via heartfelt communication with Katische that they are loved, needed and have a place in this world.

The opportunity: Podcast Appearance

In order to bring awareness to the field of spirit releasement therapy, I am using Season 5 of the Infinite Life with Katische Haberfield Podcast to showcase and debunk the myths and stigma surrounding spirit attachments.

As such I am offering heavily discounted sessions with me where we scan your body energetically to determine if you have an attachment or implant

The cost of the session is ($33 USD for a session instead of $333 per session), in exchange for the full rights to use the video and audio on the podcast and in marketing material.  Your face will be visible, you do however, have the choice to use your real name or a avatar name. For those who have a spiritual business, you may wish to use this opportunity to be tagged in socials for your business - as those who have overcome the darkness have more light to share with the world. 

You will receive only one session at this heavily discounted price. If you require further sessions, you will make this decision with your own mind, and then Katische will explain any futher session costs. There is NO OBLIGATION to pay for or commit to any futher sessions other than the one session for the podcast. 


To secure your space, you need to fill out the form below (please do this on a desktop not your phone) and pay for your spot 

This service is contraindicated for anyone who has a mental disorder and is currently medicated and receiving treatment from a Medical Doctor.

If you do not wish to appear on the podcast, but would like this service in a private offering- then please  visit this page for further information:  Spirit Releasement Therapy.

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Spiritual Regression Therapist- Past Life, Future Life and Life Between Lives Therapy infused with sound and energy healing.

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