Do I have an attached spirit?


Spirit Releasement Therapy

Spirit Releasement Therapy:

  • Have you ever felt as though your life was being constantly blocked? As though someone or something was thwarting your efforts to move forward, be it in the realm of career, love or abundance in any form?
  • What about unexplained feelings of heavy energy? Of not being yourself, and then snapping back into normal life again after a period of darkness and unexplained depression?
  • Have you ever entered a room and had someone tell you that your energy is intense- and they don't mean it in a nice way?
  • Have you ever sensed the presence of family member or friend or pet who has passed on, but you feel as if they are still hanging around?
  • Do you feel like you are carrying weight or the thoughts and emotions of others, that are not your own?
  • Are you a psychic or medium or someone who works with spirit guides and or channels other beings? Have you verified that the beings you are working with are from the "light" and pass the sovereignty test and are who they say they are? If not, you may have been working with false spirit guides or beings who are not from the light. It's ok, nothing to be frightened of, it's part of the learning process when working spiritually- and part of understanding the energy hygiene and best practice around energetic protection.

You may have a spirit attachment.

What is a spirit attachment?

A spirit attachment is a situation where a being that is in energy form only, attaches to you rather than crossing over to the afterlife or a being who is from other locations than earth has chosen to attach to you to study you, or was lost in their travels in the multiverse. (Sounds crazy but true- listen to the audiobooks of Delores Cannon)

An example would be when a loved one or pet dies, goes to cross over, but because of your level of grief, they don't want to leave you. They want to help you and they decided to stick around to help you with your grief, or perhaps to protect you from a person or situation.  It's a lovely thought that this being loves you that much, however it is misguided.  

The being needed to cross over to help both themselves and yourself.  Your grief can not be completed or follow the natural process whilst the being is still in the earth realms. Their crossing over into the spirit world is important for completion and healing of all parties involved.

It can also occur when you are in an intense period of depression and you are calling out to the universe for help, and don't care who comes to help you. Your energy speaks of desperation. Spiritual beings of either the galactic kind, light or the dark, may respond to help you and stick around. The problem is when they attach to you, rather than acting as a guide, they drain you of your lifeforce, and can influence the direction of your life, your energy that you project outwards and also your mental mind- as they are able to change your appearance, and your thoughts and actions.

Spirits can also attach because you are a safe haven and a bright light. You are saftey to them - like a lost child looking for someone to care for them. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Implant or monintoring device:

Many human beings are starseeds and have originated in places other than Earth- we reincarnate across many planets in many dimensions. Some humans with such originations have agreed to have monitoring devices implanted so that if they feel "homesick" they can go back home. Others agreed to be studied for the purpose of understanding human emotions- other planetary beings do not have the intensity and range of emotions that we do here on earth.

The problem with these devices is that they can effect and drain your energy and your physical body and they are also in breach of the terms of human incarnation- that the human being has free will and is not to be monitored.  

Your soul, however, may have needed the implantation as a part of its journey, but if you are reading this page, and you feel this resonates with you, then it is time to energetically remove this device. This can also be done in a non harmeful way during these sessions.

Now, if you have a belief that you do not have an attachment or implant or that you can not be attached by spirits, then that is perfect as that is your reality. We all live in different timelines, states of soul development and have different beliefs, so this program is not for you, we bless you and thank you for reading this far. Namaste.

How is it done?

Katische uses her natural mediumship skills to communicate directly with the various forms of spiritual attachments (including Dark Force Entities and Extra Terrestrials) and works harmonioulsy with them. There is no need for the methods that are used by other practitioners which disrespect and use force and banishment spells and other such things to forceably remove the attachments and implants.  Katische respects all beings, and uses her negotiation skills seamlessly to create change.  This method ensures that the removal is PERMANENT.

Katische works directly with Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Ariel, Archangel Azrael and Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Raziel for Spirit Releasement Therapy.

You do not need to have a direct belief in the existence of Archangels or a Christian belief system. Katische works with these Angels because they are her personal spirit guides and are intimately involved in the process.

Katische believes that religious orientations and belief have nothing to do with the effectiveness of Spirit Releasement Therapy. In fact you don't even have to believe in spirits and spirit releasement therapy for it to work.  

Katische uses the same methodology irrespective of your religious or spiritual beliefs or lack thereof. It makes no difference to the success of the sessions. 

These sessions will include and are not limited to:

  1. Form review and discussion (Client intake form plus additional Spirit Releasement form which will be emailed to you).
  2. Travel to meet spiritual guides to confirm who they are, that they are from the light and the existence of attachments
  3. Spirit Releasement Sessions (there may be many depending on the number and complexity and type of the attachments- we only do as many in one session as the client is able to do- we do not push- rest is needed.)
  4. Spiritual Healing 
  5. Past Life Regression or Age Regression to take the client back to the exact moment of attachment to heal limiting beliefs and vows made at the moment of attachement and to reframe and understand the situation at the holistic level.
My sessions with Katische started out as part of the healers path where we had three sessions dealing with my past and present where there may be blockages that are unknowingly affecting my future life path. This is also an area we explored. 

Let me just say that before these sessions I had no idea what to expect on a personal level! I had listened to the podcast and seen clips on Facebook but had no experience and did not know what to expect. 

Well we laughed, cried and I stared in wonder a number of times. My future self also met with one of Katisches past lives!  Timelines are crazy like that. However it was during our last session that Katische really had to work hard for me. 

Let me explain. Just before the end of our session Katisches screen froze and had split screens and colour all over it. This she explained means there is a spirit close by. I had comment earlier that my house is like Piccadilly Circus for the dead. Well they all came into the summer house and hijacked the call. We found out who the spirit was and why she chose this moment to to make herself known. Her answer? She knew me from a previous life where we were partners but unable to be together. She had waited this long as she needed me to connect with Katische in order to be crossed over. This was just the beginning!

As we continued more and more joined us. Eventually a little girl stepped up and said she would help ensure that they all cross over the rainbow bridge. She was so excited to help and even sung a song as they all crossed over. A song connected to Katische! Spirit moves in ways I still don't understand. However this isn't even the last of it!

After everyone had been beautifully, lovingly and willingly crossed over there was a last spirit/energy left literally attached to me. I could feel it crawling on me and I was rather distressed. So with so much patience from Katische she explained that she would remove this negative energy. Katische called upon the Angels and said a beautiful prayer and finally whatever it was went. I did not know what to expect.  Certainly not a prayer and help from the angels! That's all it took though. The energy around me changed completely, it's so much lighter and my thoughts are clearer and I don't immediately jump into anger and hurt when a difficult or problematic situation arises. 

After the sessions I've still had support from Katische as she has sent me prayers and other guidance. I would recommend sessions with Katische for Spirit   Releasement Therapy any day. I was lucky enough for my session to be "hijacked" and had a bonus releasement session. 


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These sessions are contraindicated for people with a history of mental illness at an extreme level, who are currently under the guidance of a medical doctor or therapist.  Katische is happy to receive guidance and referral from Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Medical Doctors where they believe that the issue is not a personal mental health issue- ie they believe that the suicidal thoughts and dark experiences are irrational and out of behaviour for the client and thus therefore may indicate a Dark Force Entity. An example of this would be a perfectly well adjusted and happy client who every 6 to 12 months seems to hit a dark patch and spirals down suddenly, only to recover a month later and continue as if nothing happened.

Indications for SRT:

Katische knows first hand what it is like to have spirit attachments. She also knows what it is like to have them unsuccessfully removed, which is why she is very passionate about the method that she has developed. Katische is aware that there are many modalities for healing spirit attachments however, direct communication is the best method. All spiritual entities regard banishment spells, sound healing, reiki and other forms of non direct communication as a form of attack and this may agitate and make the symptoms WORSE not better.

It is always the best approach to communicate directly with the spiritual being and find out:
  • When they attached - the specific circumstances.
  • Why they were attracted or drawn to the human they have attached to.
  • What benefit they gain from the attachment.
  • What benefit they believe their presence provides the host human. (This is the key as most earth bound spirit attachments are known to the human host, and the spirit believes they are protecting or helping their friend/human).
  • If they are Earth Bound Spirits- what the circumstances of their death were, and why they were unable to cross over.
  • If they have allegience to any dark force entities.

We always listen with compassion to the spiritual entities as this is their time to have their story heard. They are the unseen, unloved and hurting members of our world. They often feel lost, scared and are actually in need of help and assistance to cross over.

Katische has successfully worked with "Dark Force Entities" and so called "Extra Terrestrials". She has successfully and permanently removed implants and helped Dark Force Entities see their inner spiritual light, and helped them move away from fear and accept the assistance of her Angelic team to finally cross over and receive healing.

This is a beautiful moment for all, as Dark Force Entities are usually Earth Bound Spirits who have died in such a manner that their soul recieved extreme shock and their anger has turned them away from the light towards the refuge of hiding in the dark. They are able to see via heartfelt communication with Katische that they are loved, needed and have a place in this world.

Vivian W.


I was lucky enough to experience Katische's Spirit Releasement therapy. The session was powerful and gentle at the same time. Katische addresses the attached spirit with compassion and understanding, it is a loving, simple process in which she gently invites the spirit to go back to the light. I felt completely safe and at ease at all times, and after the session I was so relieved, I felt lighter and lots of the irrational fears I had been carrying up until the session simply disappeared. I would only go through a spirit releasement session with a professional I deeply trust, and Katische is that person. Highly recommended. 

Katische's personal story with Spirit Attachments:

Client Case Studies: 

Want to learn more about Spirit Releasement Therapy? Watch the playlist of case studies on YouTube or view on the website here:


I respect all beliefs and human free will. I will never criticise your beliefs or ideologies. I simply work by my beliefs and experience and training.

If you have a belief that you do not have an attachment or implant or that you can not be attached by spirits, then that is perfect as that is your reality. We all live in different timelines, states of soul development and have different beliefs, so this program is not for you, we bless you and thank you for reading this far. Namaste.

Books to read on Spirit Releasement Therapy:

Please note that a number of the texts below are written by Doctors and Mental Health professionals who have PHD's. 

"Spirit possession, attachment, poltergeist activity and the negative impact of obsession, infestation and harassment on psychological health, together with the methods of dealing with it, are contemporary issues that demand serious scientific research and academic study. Essential reading for anyone who is presented with the problem of identifying and dealing with negative spirit influence, whether they are a health professional, a service user or a research scientist, this book presents a complementary approach that is built upon the theoretical concepts and experimental methods of Frederic Myers, together with modern research findings in quantum theory and neuro-imaging."

"Written as a doctoral thesis and first published in paperback by Lambert Academic Publishing. A second edition is published by Cambridge Scholars in hardback and softback. This edited edition for Kindle is more reader-friendly for the non-scientist and helps the reader appreciate that spirit possession is a scientific fact and not the subject of cultural curiosity or outdated supernatural beliefs. There is a gulf between mainstream science and religious reaching, and this book bridges the gulf with a new, pragmatic understanding."

"Spirit Releasement Therapy is a special form of healing which "calls forth" and identifies positive energies that enhance personal growth, and clears negative energies (whether internally generated or externally attached) that restrict personal growth—on levels ranging from cellular consciousness to archangelic realms."

"For two decades, William Baldwin has been a pioneer in the ever-expanding therapeutic fields of Spirit Releasement, Past Life Regression, and Soul-Mind Fragmentation. In his Florida practice, he uses these therapies routinely to help patients who suffer from Dissociative Trance and Dissociative Identity (formerly called Multiple Personality) Disorders.

Healing Lost Souls explains the attributes of each therapy in everyday language, and provides dozens of case studies to illustrate its clinical use. Likening his work to the ancient practice of shamanism, Baldwin has found that psychological disorders are often rooted in past life traumas, the interference of attached entities of various origins, and the fragmentation of one's soul. Baldwin stresses the importance of active patient participation throughout the stages of regression, as well as the need to treat encountered entities with respect, since they are often mere lost souls as bewildered and frightened as the patients themselves."

"Spirit Release covers psychic attack, curses, witchcraft, spirit attachment, haunting, soul rescue, deliverance and exorcism. This comprehensive guide has been developed over many years as course material in the College of Psychic Studies in London. It looks at the symptoms of psychic attack and spiritual attachments, what to do and how to prevent them."

"Possession by Spirits.

Stories of spirit possession come to us from earliest recorded history. Modern science typically has looked on these reports as the product of ignorance and superstition.

Modern science may be wrong. It may, in fact, be changing its mind."

" In People Who Don't Know They're Dead, Gary Leon Hill tells a family story of how his Uncle Wally and Aunt Ruth, Wally's sister, came to counsel dead spirits who took up residence in bodies that didn?t belong to them. And in the telling, Hill elucidates much of what we know, or think we know, about life, death, consciousness, and the meaning of the universe.

When people die by accident, in violence, or maybe they're drunk, stoned, or angry, they get freezeframed. Even if they die naturally but have no clue what to expect, they might not notice they're dead. It's frustrating to see and not be seen. It's frustrating not to know what you're supposed to do next. It's especially frustrating to be in someone else's body and think it's your own. That's if you're dead. If you're alive and that spirit has attached itself to you, well that's a whole other set of frustrations.

Wally Johnston, a behavioral psychologist, first started working with a medium in the 70s to help spirits move on to the next stage. Some years after that, Ruth Johnston, an academic psychiatric nurse, who'd become interested in new consciousness and alternative healing, began working with Wally to clear spirits who weren't moving on. These hitchhikers had attached themselves to the auras of living relatives or strangers in an attempt to hold on to a physical existence they no longer need. Through her pendulum, Ruth obtains permission from the higher self of both hitchhiker and host to work with them. Then Wally speaks with them, gently but firmly, to make sure they know they are no longer welcome to inhabit the bodies and wreak havoc on the lives of the living.

Hill has woven this fascinating story with the history and theory of what happens at death, with particular emphasis on the last 40 years and the work of such groundbreaking thinkers as Elmer Green, Raymond Moody, William James, Aldous Huxley, Edith Fiore, Martha Rogers, Mark Macy, Elisabeth KublerRoss, Bruce Lipton, and a host of others, whose work helps inform our idea of what it is to live and to die. As it turns out, our best defense against hitchhikers is to live consciously. And our best chance of doing that is by paying attention and staying open to possibilities."

"Psychiatry remains an emerging discipline. Many people suffer from ailments that have no apparent cause, no obvious cure. Quite by accident, while using hypnotherapy, Dr. Modi discovered that past-life regression can be a beneficial treatment. Many of these patients, under hypnosis, claimed to have spirits attached to their bodies and energy fields, creating psychological and physical problems. Based on years of experience, Dr. Modi describes techniques that release these spirits, revealing how patients can sometimes recover within a few sessions.

While most doctors would agree that emotional states affect our health, few would give credence to spiritual "influences." In this truly groundbreaking book, Dr. Modi presents evidence that something beyond the physical affects the health of many people, and urges medical scientists to objectively assess this revolutionary approach to mental and, often, physical illness. Pioneers have the courage to put aside the status quo and evaluate what the evidence shows, even if it defies the prevailing logic of the time. Both physicians and the general public should explore the pioneering work of Dr. Modi--work which no doubt has produced many remarkable healings."