Earth bound spirit clearing consultation

consultations and space clearing with katische

Photo by Ján Jakub Naništa on Unsplash

Space clearing from unwanted spirits.

Are you looking to buy a house but feel that there is potentially unwanted energy in one of the rooms? Or do you sense the presence of a spirit in your current house?

You may have an earth bound spirit aka ghost.  Don't be freaked out. Earth bound spirits are simply human beings who did not cross over to the celestial/heavenly realms at the time of death.  Usually this is because their death was sudden and unexpected and they missed their opportunity because they were distracted or conversely decided that they "needed" to stay behind to look after loved ones.

In truth, they need to cross over, go to the afterlife and receive healing so that they can heal, and so can their loved ones who have been left behind. Mostly, they do not even realise they have died, and they are lost, and you sensing their energy is because they are trying to communicate with you, but do not realise that you cannot hear them or see them.

That's where I come in.  I can sense their energetic presence, and using my mediumship skills communicate with them and bring in my angelic team, headed up by Archangel Michael.

We talk with the spirits, find out what year they think it is (they always think it is the year they died) and then hear their story about what happened to them. We reassure them, and then show them how to cross over the light bridge to heaven. We receive angelic confirmation, and then your space is clear and ready for you to live in.

We recommend that you diffuse essential oils like lemon to clear the air after a session or use a smudge/sage stick or use sound based energy cleansing music that you can find on YouTube.

Introductory rate $333 USD for 60 minutes. Via Zoom.

Consultation via Zoom prior to space/energy/entity clearing.