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Practical and Emotional support for the caregivers:

Who will look after you whilst you are caring for your sick loved one? Being a caregiver is emotionally and physically exhausting. You actually need to put some plans into place to ensure that you get time out and time to yourself.
There are a couple of books that I have read that are from a carer’s perspective and I highly recommend the following:

Caregiver- books
Joan Wilson Jone’s practical guide to care giving. This is her memoir which has a section at the end of the book outlining her tips.
The Young Widow’s Book of Home Improvement by Virginia Lloyd

Green Vanilla Tea by Marie Williams

Joan Wilson-Jone’s book provides a particularly useful section at the end which lists the practical aspects of life that a carer need s to consider at the start of their journey.

An “after” perspective:
• Carlson, K. (2010). Heart Broken Open. Harper Studio. New York.
• Swayze, L, N. (2012) Worth Fighting For: Love Loss and Moving Forward. Atria Book