Sound On: A great reminder to reflect upon today. How can you pivot, and learn to see those so-called "blocks" as the ticket to your emotional freedom?

Often our greatest fears are irrational. Meaning someone else could listen to your fears and not see how or why you are worried about them. Or perhaps you have absorbed the fears of your family- passed down through your genetic DNA.

Either way, sound healing can address this situation. Either as via a sound journey where we diagnose the situation via an Oracle Card reading (the Goddess Hour) and then transmute the emotions through the sound journey OR if it's irrational, then it is likely to be a fear especially encoded for you in this lifetime to be resolved.

When we look within via the trance state and connect with our angels to be transported either forwards or backwards in time to the exact moment that this fear arose, we can gain perspective, we can see the origin of the fear and we can heal from it.

Using a combination of sound-based journeying through time and sound healing and some journaling and reflection, together we can conquer your fears, by addressing them both consciously and subconsciously.

Take a look at the Journey through time with your Angels or the Goddess Hour.

Your soul knows what is required. Isn't it time that you looked within and opened the door to the other side of your fear?

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