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First Friday of every month at 8:30pm AEST (Brisbane) time (GMT +10) via Zoom - 30 minutes. 

Please do not participate if you have sound-triggered epilepsy or are in the first 3 months of your pregnancy.

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Testimonials from the Free Sound Healings:

Monthly Group Sound Healing Free Meditation via Zoom

Free sound healing session, March I had no preconceived ideas or expectations, I was just curious ... I'd never experienced a sound session ... During the session I felt ... soooo many things .... It was like being in an ocean of goodness, love and support ... I have to say I do not remember any precise thing... It's like the words you were saying had no real importance .. Just the feelings and energy that was travelling though sound. I felt ... washed, cleansed and maybe I did blackout for a while ... I "came back" when prompted, so I know my subconscious heard and experienced everything. As for after the session ... right after I felt sooo light and joyful, refreshed and floating, just plain happy. And the feeling persisted. We're a few days after now and I feel I can still call upon this experience and the "feeling" has lingered. I am beyond grateful. This is a discovery for me ... I love the idea that it is all beyond my understanding .. But still is life changing and incredibly powerful and lovely !And I will come back to this ! Katische is amazing, welcoming and making it seem so simple, yet creating this incredible experience ! Thank you again.Isaya

Isaya Gabriel

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See you in the meditation! Please be on time and ensure that your microphone is muted and your camera turned off.  

You will need your headphones for the best result and a blanket incase you fall asleep and get cold. 

Please turn your phone onto "Do not disturb" mode if you are using your phone to access the meditation.