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March 18, 2018


Sleep Webinar: How to actually get some and get a better night’s sleep

Sleep. Sometimes it seems to literally escape us. We can either get to sleep but not stay asleep, or have difficulty falling asleep. Some of us have no troubles falling asleep but it’s the quality of our zzz’s that is our issue, as we wake up feeling tired. Not getting enough quality shut-eye not only makes us grumpy, but it makes it harder to concentrate, we have less patience, our ability to concentrate is reduced and we have less energy. In short, it affects the quality of our life and the lives of people around us.

Lack of quality time with the Sandman is also linked to an increase in depression and anxiety, and obesity and a decrease in the functioning of our immune system. We need sleep to repair our bodies, rest our mind and to function.

But you know that already right? You’ve tried warm milk and chamomile tea before bed, and frankly, you’re frustrated. It’s not as if you had a cup of coffee before bed… but you may have an addiction to Netflix or read a book on your iPad before you go to bed. You’ve got to try something right?

Nothing seems to work and you’re so damn tired, you find memes on the internet hilarious. 

If you have enough energy to give it another go, just one more time, to see if you can find a solution, then today is your lucky day.  You finally came across the right page on google, and all you have to do now is click on the picture of the cat, and help is on the way.

Pinky promise, cross my heart and all that stuff.

My sleep webinar will provide you with practical tools to help you gain a better night’s sleep. It’s free. So you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, including peace of mind.

I look forward to helping you gain a better night’s sleep.


About the author 


I help women like you to adopt rituals and sacred practices that honour who it is that you have become, let go of the past, and uncover the Goddess within, so that you can create a life that aligns with who YOU are.

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