July 13

Harry and his mamma- Ghost crossing over with Katische.

Sharing part 1 of Harry's story today after watching a video posted by KIIS 97.3FM alerted me to a ghost in the Bulimba/ Balmoral Cemetery. (Video included with the permission of the Radio Station)

Harry Douglas Troy died on 1st January 1944 after an illness and did not cross over because he felt responsible for his mum who was emotionally unwell and had lost several other babies as infants. He stayed behind with his body at his grave, waiting for his mother, who never visited his grave. He was lost and didn't know how to find his mum.

Under the instruction of Archangel Michael, I went to the cemetery with the intention of finding him, and crossing him over so that he could heal and be reunited with his mum. This is our story captured in words and photos and video footage from the day.

Harry would like to thank the listeners who rang up Kiis 97.3FM to let Robin Terry and Kip know about seeing him in their "ghost" segment. He thanks everyone who acknowledged his presence.

Stay tuned for my interview with the Breakfast Crew and my mediumship session with Megan Maggie Luna where we talk with Harry and find out his story. We also find out why Harry felt safe with me, and what our connection is... hint hint, there is a 3rd part to this instalment and you won't believe it until you hear it!!

See the Facebook comments below from the lady who contacted Kiss97.3: