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Why work with Katische?

I see you, all of your multidimensional selves, all of your lifetimes at a soul level. You are not just one persona, you are a multidimensional being who has experienced countless lifetimes, any of which may be influencing you through residual emotions, thoughts, and limiting beliefs which have not been healed.

So when you are feeling lost, stuck, blocked, cursed, burdened or overwhelmed, my sessions help you at a therapeutic level to tap into the experiences of your soul to find the root cause of what you are experiencing.

No two sessions are the same as we use the conscious, sub conscious and superconscious mind to determine what your eternal mindstream is experiencing in the now moment.

Soul therapy sessions are QUANTAM beause we acknowledge that there is only the now moment and therefore all lives are being lived now.

When finding the root cause of your current issue, I may direct your higher self to take us to moments in any of your lifetimes of your soul.

We may access guidance and messages from loved family members and soul mates and spirit guides from any lifetime to help with your situation and also gain physical, emotional or mental healing from the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Limiting beliefs, vows, negative thought forms, emotions, negative entities, spirits, and attachments of all kinds (including but not limited to DFE, EBS and ET’s) may also be released according to your needs.

Sessions are beneficial to all irrespective of spiritual or religious beliefs.

Sessions will guide you, so that over the short to medium term you can see how your experiences fit within the journey of your soul, to help you develop your unique skills, understand relationship dynamics and importantly for you to remember what you came here for in this lifetime.

Check out the benefits 

Benefits of Soul Therapy with Katische:

Quiet the noise in your mind.

A noisy mind is often the sign of spirit attachments. You will sleep better, have greater focus and concentration when the thoughts of others are removed from your mind.

Gain insight into who you really are.

Understand the difference between your intuition and your Ego. 

Understand why you have experienced challenges and set backs.

Gain the higher spiritual perspective from your inner wise self/ higher self and Archangels as to why you have experienced set backs, challenges and obstacles in this and other lifetimes, and what the lessons were AND how you benefited.

Met your spiritual team.

You will meet and confirm your spirit guides, guardian angels and soul family members. Katische will show you how to ascertain a real spirit guide from a FAKE entity posing as a spirit guide.

Receive emotional, spiritual and mental body healing.

Spiritual regression  and spirit releasement therapy releases unwanted thoughts and emotions which often reside in the physical body and can manifest as dis-ease.

Reduce weighty burden on your soul.

Release fear, guilt, burden and overwhelm which may be linked to this life or other lifetimes.

Often this spiritual weight manifests as physical weight, so there may be other benefits realised.

Meet your Starseed Family

Sessions can lead to meeting your soul family from other dimensions. Learn the lessons from these lifetimes, receive light language transmissions and open your mind to your non-Earth based gifts and talents and wisdom.

Receive messages from loved ones in the afterlife.

Katische brings through loved ones who have passed on, to provide messages of healing and love and to give the higher perspective on your relationship in this lifetime. This brings greater healing than a traditional mediumship session as you FEEL their love and message inside your head.

Heal your Genetic Line / Family or Tribe Karmic Wheel for each lifetime.

Sessions systematically check for ancestral issues on the genetic lines in both the maternal and paternal lineages.

Disassociated Personalities

Reintegration of disassociated personalities in each lifetime explored.

Revisit decision checkpoints

Where a lifetime has encountered major "sliding doors" decisions, that may hold lingering emotion or questions (ie did I make the right choice) this decision point will be revisited to ensure that any consciousness that remains is transformed and that all emotional queries are answered and put to peace.

Gain incarnation advice from the Soul Council and remove limiting beliefs or vows.

Where appropriate we will seek council from your Soul Council for information regarding your current incarnation or other incarnations that we visit. We will check on your progress to date and gain advice. We will also formally rescript and break the vows of time including limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Remove EBS attachments

Earth bound spirits are lost human beings who died but did not go to the light.  Many of our emotional issues as well as health issues are linked to EBS as we are in resonace with the vibration of how they died and how they felt at the moment of their death.

Remove ET devices and Implants

Many humans have ET devices and implants. These break the laws of spiritual sovereignty and will be removed.

These can be the result of :

  • implicit agreement- ie the ET was a past life and a device was implanted for monitoring.  Light language is now used instead of devices
  • no agreement: monitoring or experimentation of the human race.
Cross to the light any demonic entities and other lower astral realm beings

We show these beings the way they have been decieved by their masters and with the spiritual police, rescue spirits of light and the Archangels return them to source.

Cross over any ancestors or those from other lifetimes who appear in your session and are not in the light.

Many clients visit a lifetime and have a personality interact with them from that lifetime only to realise that they have not crossed to the light. We always cross these souls to the light.

Soul Therapy. 4 sessions plus complimentary introductory appointment.


1332 USD

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  • Video Recording and Written Transcript.
  • Online Via Zoom to anywhere in the world.
  • Select session times according to your timezone (Katische works in AEST GMT +10 Brisbane, Australia).



  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
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Returning Client.


333 USD

  • Pay in your local currency. Pay in 4 available via Paypal.
  • Video Recording and Written Transcript.
  • Online Via Zoom to anywhere in the world.
  • Select session times according to your timezone (Katische works in AEST GMT +10 Brisbane, Australia).



  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi

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