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All sessions with Katische are 90 minutes and cost $222 USD per session. There is a minimum requirement of two sessions and an upfront payment of $444 USD. All sessions after this are billed individually at the time of booking at $222.

The first session is an introductory session and will include an age regression which provides confident resources for the second session and finds any residual and causative events that need to be cleared healed and reframed in your current life. 

The second session is the Past Life or Life Between Lives or Future Lives Session.  All of Katische's sessions include sound and energy healing and vibrational aromatherapy. Katische works with the Ascended Master Yeshua who personally activated her healing hands, and the Ascended Master Saint Germain as well as Archangel Michael. She is able to speak light language, the language of the soul, and in the Past Life Regression Sessions you may receive healing from the Blue Ray or the Violet Flame depending on your healing requirements.

Katische's Animal Spirit Guides- the American Bald Eagle, the White Wolf and the Panther may also be called upon to assist where necessary.

After these two sessions are conducted, it will be determined if there are future sessions required. It is recommended that you undertake a 3rd session which is a soul retrieval session- a sound healing session. Details on this will be provided if Katische believes this is in your highest and best interest.

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Pay for your session, then check your email to book an appointment. 

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How are sessions conducted?

All sessions are 90 minutes and are conducted online via Zoom. You will require:

  • A set of headphones with an inbuilt microphone.
  • A completed assessment form.
  • A non-hand held device or computer with stable internet connection. (Holding your iphone is not acceptable. You will need a tripod or stand of some sort.
  • The ability NOT to be disturbed during the session. No phone calls, no children, no computer alarms or pinging, no pets.

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