One of the most powerful insights that I have gained over the past 12 months is understanding, not just intellectually, but embodied understanding, about the power of our physical body and its composition in understanding who we are in other lives.

(For sake of brevity I will try to refer to "who we are" rather than use "were" or "past/present/future" as linear time is an "earth" construct, and all of our lives are concurrent- it's something that you have to wrap your mind around slowly- but the best way to do this is to understand what energy is, what sound is and how energy can never be destroyed).

Our body is created specifically according to our higher self's needs genetically and karmically.

In this incarnation, my hair, (of all things!) is the biggest clue I have to understanding the lessons I need to know in this lifetime.

When you join "Incarnation Insights" you will be taken on a journey of one of my incarnation reveals, via my hair- specifically, how my hair annoys me, the various colours and styles.

It's a little kooky - just like me.

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