January 22

How to transmute negative emotions (yours and received from others)

negative emotions

Hi everyone it's Katische and I am very excited that the sound of soul healing is starting this coming Friday and will be every fortnight. One of the things I wanted to talk to you about for the sound of soul healing is that we will be learning a lot about energy hygiene in relation to the emotions that we feel and in one of my previous lives I talked to you about the wide ways that we can absorb emotions from other people.

One of the things that we often absorb without understanding, is we can actually be the recipient of emotion that is sent to us from somebody else without us even realizing.

This sounds like a difficult concept but it's quite easy when you think about it in terms of when you've accidentally sent harmful emotions to somebody else and you haven't realized what you've done.
A good example of this is when you might be angry and I know if you are in an intense state of anger and I promise you nobody's perfect, that sometimes we can wish things upon other people without realising it.

We may be in a moment where we're stuck in hatred and we might say “I wish they would hurry up and [ __ ] die” and perhaps that's got to do with somebody's grandparents or great-grandparents or in-laws or something like that and you're just so sick of this toxic person being in your life.
What you've just done there when you've said that wish and you've had that feeling of hatred and helplessness at your situation which is tied up with a feeling of hatredness, is you've done like a psychic stab at that person and you have sent them hatred and anger, you've sent them frustration and you've sent them ill wishes.

What we need to do is to be mindful that we're only human and we do experience a range of emotions out in life but we have to be very careful in what we vocalise when we use our words, so that we don't send other people harmful energy because they can feel it.

You also know in reverse, if you have been the recipient of harmful energy. For example you may be driving on the freeway and somebody cuts you off and when they cut you off they give you the finger at the same time or, somebody might be driving behind you and they're angry and frustrated because you're not driving fast enough, or they've got to get somewhere and you're blocking the way or whatever it is and they may hoot the horn they may yell at you scream at you, give you the finger whatever it is and even if you don't look in your rear view mirror or out your side window, you can still feel that energy from that person who is sending out their hatred, their anger and their frustration, which has nothing to do with you towards you.

We can't stop those other people feeling those emotions, we have got nothing to do with it other than that we were there by divine timing to activate that emotion in that person.
it's not our responsibility to help that person with their emotions, all we can do is to acknowledge that we have been a recipient of that emotion, and then allow ourselves to release this.

One of my lovely Buddhist Nun teachers from Chenrezig Buddhist Institute on the Sunshine Coast taught us this wonderful thing. Imagine this, take a deep breath, imagine you're driving along the freeway and somebody just starts abusing you from behind, so they're honking the horn they're yelling out or they're giving you the finger or whatever it is right, you know that it's going to trouble you, because you can feel it you're like uuuh.

I once was at a shopping centre at Christmas time and I was going around about and there was a car coming in and there was this huge queue and the way that it was that people coming in were in a queue so it was one person goes in the next one comes in one and that was the gentleman's agreement in the car, when this woman came flying in she was two cars in front of her and she was waiting and then she knew you could see that I was next and so I went through and but in her mind it should have been her time to go through and so she just got so angry but the interesting thing was that I had my children in the car that little at the time so I mean still in car seats and

I drove I kind of you know I felt it was like oh that was nasty I drove and round and ran around and went in a multi-story car park and then I went in the car park and I went to get out of the car get Hamish out of the car and the lady had followed me the whole way and she rolled down her window and she blasted like she used foul language to yell at me about cutting her off and this was now at least five minutes ago but she just had a really good go at her and both Hamish and I could feel it was just like a nasty woman.

Now we can't stop that from happening, but at the time if we're you know you can't always just go and meditate but what we can do is we can take a deep breath and this is what my Buddhist nun taught me is that you go:

"May you be well and happy"

So what you're doing, it's not being facetious, is that you're taking that that energy and you're acknowledging that it exists you're acknowledging that it has impacted your state of being, you've felt it in your body and then now what you're going to do is you're going to transmute that energy.

"May you be well and happy" and even if you don't mean it, you know that you are involved in the active transmutation of that energy and you are releasing it from your body. So it's useful even when you're on the freeway. You can let that angry person in and then wave "may you be well and happy". So get that energy off you straight away, deflect it off you. Another good thing that you can do is you can go home and have a shower, that cleanses you of that negative energy.

So there's a couple of points, you can also listen to a water meditation and in that water meditation, you can visualize the water cleansing you.

There's just a couple of examples of how we do let other people's energy affect us and how we can be the recipients of an emotion that has been intentionally or unintentionally sent to us and how we can do it to others as well so I'll give you a couple of an examples other examples in case it's not crystal clear for you .

you so often we reflect even if we're not aware that we've experienced an emotion we can reflect it in the words that we say

In conversation afterwards and when you hear yourself repeating these phrases you know that you have received energy that was from somebody else that is now one unwanted and you wish to transmute and release that energy so for example
“my partner is invading my space”

That is a claustrophobic feeling it's a sense of being watched over it's a sense of somebody being perhaps jealous of you I'm not trusting of you, angry with you, there can be many ways that that one where somebody can invade your space and it's imagine somebody walks right up to your nose and stood right there it's we can feel we have an energetic radius around us you know lay terms and somebody walks into that space you've got fair energy smack bang up against your energy and that can feel like an invasion of personal space.

okay another example was

“I was kicked when I was down”.

"I felt as if I had been stabbed in the back".

"I felt like I was shot down by my boss"

"I beat myself up after the argument with my lover".
"I felt like I was held hostage during the meeting".
"The room was filled with explosive energy".

and this is one that I've used many times "the energy was so thick you could cut it with a knife".

"I felt as if I had been beaten down, battered, bruised or used as a punching bag" during my interaction and by the words used.

"I felt like I was slapped across the face" when my co-worker responded to me.
“ I felt contaminated by the poisonous energy in the room”

I'm sure that we've all been in situations where we have experienced that kind of a situation and while we may not have realized at the time that actually affected us, it did because when we speak the words what we're speaking is what we felt, was the energy and behind the energy was an intention.

And whether that intention was subconscious or conscious by the other person, you received that energy and took it on board and it is now impacting your “I am statement”.
It also impacts your perceptions about that other person and each and every other time you see that person you now have that energetic layer between the two of you.

Even if the situation has been a while ago, you need to release and transmute that energy except that we're all imperfect human beings and that energy can be transferred from a subconscious level and a conscious level and at times we just let the emotions get the worst of us and we can do it.

and try and pass over these emotions without really realising what we're doing. Okay so as I said you can learn a list of phrases that you can say in your mind that then transmutes that energy, use your breath close your eyes bring your hands to your heart centre or on your steering wheel if you're doing it and say “may you be well and happy” and even if you can't verbalise it say it in your mind.
“may you be well and happy” because all human beings only want love and to be happy and we need to get to that point in our life where even when we're at the recipient end of anger, frustration and all the range of negative emotions, we simply wish for ourselves that we don't be on the receiving end of that and we wish for the other person that they no longer feel these emotions so “may you be well and happy”.


notice of the sound

and imagine yourself walking up to the forest stream

or right to the very edge of this stream

tippy toes into the edge of the stream the cool water rush

looking up at your legs see how you have come to this forest stream in your favourite bathing suits favourite togs, cossie boardies whatever it is

now notice how the first stream is a lovely temperature

that it immediately invites you to step into the forest stream and partake of the clearing energy

as you step into the stream, say to yourself there now be cleansed of the negative energy that I have sent out to others unwittingly, unconsciously or consciously. may I transmute it into love because all things just loved

and may I also clear myself transporting all unwanted energies that

may I transmute this energy into love for the highest being well-being and good for all beings here in this world and the next and as you set your intention walk slowly carefully and gently forest stream

feel how the water lasts up to as you take each step deeper into the stream and then sit and lie down in the stream depending on how deep it is, know that you are safe and comfortable but the water is clear and fresh and safe for you to be in.

and allow the stream now to wash your worries away, allow the stream to move off all negative energy that you have internalised with all negative energy that you sent out.

notice how the water has brought you back to an awareness that these feelings no longer subside and reside in your body

and when you are ready

you may step up and out of the stream dry yourself with your towell and return to your day knowing that you can come back to this moment in this stream at any time

when you need to release clean and clear negative or unwanted emotions and that you can also do this in your own home when you shower in the morning.