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Hello and welcome to my media page! As a passionate and intuitive therapist with a background in business, marketing, and academia, I have had the privilege of being featured in a number of media outlets. I have been interviewed on various podcasts and radio shows, where I have shared my expertise on spiritual healing and wellness. My insights and experiences have also been featured in a number of blog articles, where I have offered practical tips and advice on a range of topics related to spirituality, health, and wellbeing. I am grateful for these opportunities to share my message with a wider audience and to help people on their healing journey.


My discussion with Robin Terry & Kip on Kiss 97.3 featured live on the station at 7:10am 18th July 2022 with a hilarious discussion about what Terry and Kip saw in my cloud photos and video and then the segment on the iHeart Radio podcast segment. To learn more about the backstory, you can read this blog.

Want to weigh in on the discussion? What did you see in the clouds?


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It was an honour to be invited on the Past Life Awakening Podcast to talk with Mark Beale who taught me Spirit Releasement Therapy.

All Podcast Platforms; Katische Haberfield is Spiritual Regression Therapist, Spirit Releasement Therapy, Psychic Medium, Podcaster and Author Choosing Spirit Releasement Therapy as a specialist modality.04:11 Katische finds an 'evil' spirit from a past life, and has a forceful release.14:53 Simple vs Complex Release - integration after symbiotic attachments.29:22 Earthbound Spirits in Katische's life.39:20 Spiritual authority; from visceral hard won experience or questioning.45:28 Emotions in Spirit Releasement Therapy50:32 Mindfulness, Wisdom Traditions & Religion in SRT.55:34 Starseeds People with ET Extraterrestrial past lives.1:08:14 ET implants or monitoring devices from Extraterrestrials.1:19:53 Working with a Spirit Team - Archangels, Guides...1:35:41 Being a Facilitator vs being a Guide and Leader.1:40:31 Principles learnt from being a therapist. ___________________________________________________ Go to Mark Beale's Past Life Awakening Institute for; 1) Past Life Regression Therapist - Advanced Training; 2) All Training Courses; 3) Courses at Udemy; 4) Personal Sessions; - Past Life Regression Therapy Sessions - Spirit Releasement Therapy Sessions - Hypnotherapy Sessions - Between Lives Regression Sessions Mark Beale, Trainer & Mentor Past Life Awakening Institute

Do you ever feel like you are doing all the things yet still get blocked by limiting beliefs? The human experience is riddled with emotion, beliefs and adaptations. Sometimes those things that block us aren’t from this lifetime though and to release them we must go beyond the subconscious mind. In this episode Katie is joined by Katische Haberfield a Soul Therapist. They discuss some amazing concepts, tap into all the woo and Katie shares a personal experience she had when collaborating with Katische. Press play to listen and discover!

Paranormal: The New Normal

For this episode I'm joined by Katische Haberfield, an amazing woman who is a spiritual regression therapist, spirit releasement therapist, & medium. We had a long interesting talk on discovering past lives, sound therapy, karma, fate, and much much more. Listen to hear all the fun.

One More Thing Before You Go:

In this episode: Are you curious about the power of past lives and what they can reveal about your current life? Do you ever have dreams where you know something that happened in a previous life? Or do you feel like you've been through this before? If you've been wondering about your spiritual potential or how to release yourself from karmic behaviors, then this episode is for you! In this conversation, my guest Katische Haberfield, a soul therapist, international best-selling author, and podcaster, will answer all of your questions and more. We’ll delve into the topics of Spiritual Regression Therapy, Spirit Releasement Therapy and related topics: Katische helps old souls, star seeds, and lightworkers to break free of karmic behaviors and limiting beliefs that are impacting your potential and soul purpose. We’ll also explore how Katische helps access the sub and superconscious mind, across all lifetimes, to tap into and break the patterns, beliefs and karmic vows that are holding you back, so you can live a life according to your soul’s desires, not your ego, or your karmic past, through many of her modalities, including age and past life regression, and life between lives. Finally, we’ll discuss what exactly deja vu has to do with past lives. Join us in this episode as Katische helps us to uncover the mysteries behind them.

PNW Haunts and Homicides:

Today we have a wonderful conversation with Katische Haberfield. She is a soul therapist that specializes in spirit release therapy and spiritual regression therapy. What we think of as ghosts are just "stuck" energy. Katische explains why this happens, and how she helps the energy heal and move on. Ghosts are only human, they need therapy too. #afterlifementalhealth

Spiritual Dope Podcast:

Diving into Spiritual highs, how connecting with source energy takes you & your life to a brand new level.... and how you use that focused energy to live a life of fulfillment.

A funny thing happened on the way to my life:

On this episode of A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To My Life® Katische Haberfield joins host, Laura Muirhead, sharing her incredible journey from a Management Consultant  working in eCommerce to talking to the dead and helping them cross them over for a living. Listen in to her own incredible story of an unexpected spirit visitor!

Katische is a Spiritual Regression and Spirit  Releasement Therapist. She helps old souls, starseeds and lightworkers to break free of karmic behaviors and limiting beliefs impacting their potential, and soul purpose.

Welcome to a funny thing happened on the way to my life. This is the place to be for stories to inspire and uplift when life doesn’t go according to plans. I’m Laura Muirhead your host and the reigning queen of a funny thing happened on the way to my life. I can’t wait to share my plot twist stories and the stories of my guests with you!

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Coffin Talk:

Coffin Talk is a weekly podcast that explores how our views on death affect the way we live our life. Join Mike Oppenheim each week as he interviews people from all ages and cultures to explore The Meaning of Death.

Chasing Spirituality:

I love being a guest on Chasing Spirituality.

Music Junkies Podcast:

Chasing Spirituality:

Design Your Legacy:

Read more about this podcast appearance on the blog.

Soulful Valley Podcast: 1st birthday celebrations

Soulful Valley turns 1! Host Katie Carey invited former Podcast Guest Katische to host this very special episode and ask Katie questions! You can listen to the podcast episode or tune in and watch us have a laugh as we catch up with the video on, via YouTube.

Crystal Sound Healing: Your Soulful Goddess

You've heard of sound baths before, but what Katische offers is a whole-being experience like none other.

Join me as we talk all things vibration, energy, and intuition.


Katische is a Crystalline Sound Alchemist providing spiritual energy clearing and healing.

Katische has created her bespoke energy healing using crystalline sound in the form of crystal singing bowls and Koshi chimes simultaneously with vibrational aromatherapy, voice and colour therapy.

Katische’s energy healing occurs via zoom- and is a distance healing that heals the subtle body energies- the etheric body, astral body, mental body and the causal (higher spiritual bodies).

Uplevel Your Life: Mindset and Wellbeing with Amy Innes

For those of you who are fans of all things essential oils and aromatherapy, in this episode, we talk in-depth about vibrational/subtle aromatherapy and why I use it with my sound healing.

Amy and I discuss the fact that you don't need to be able to smell an essential oil to receive the vibrational benefits of it!

We talk about how vibrational aromatherapy actually works, and how I pick the essential oils that are used in each of the Crystalline Sound Spa Sessions and then go into the healing properties of these oils.

We cover so much more in this episode- grab a cuppa and tune in.

Portable Magic: Meditations and Conversations with Gigi Chaurand-Kammerer

🎙🔈New Episode #34 today on The Portable Magic podcast. 🔈🎙 I sit and have a chat with Katische - who joins me from Australia - about sound healing and other energy healing modalities. We discuss embracing our wisdom & finding our spiritual healing team & transitioning out of COVID. Happy weekend & enjoy!! 

Women Seeking Wholeness Podcast with Cherie Burton

How do you get rid of the noise within and around you, so you can hear your Higher Self?

Have you ever had a sound healing session? I have, and they are pretty incredible. I’ve been wanting to explore this in more depth, so this was a super cool discussion!


How do sound frequencies affect your etheric, astral & mental body?

My Aussie friend Katische Haberfield is a Crystalline Sound Alchemist who believes the secret to life is VIBRATION.

How you “vibe” is how you resonate with the world; how you do everything in life.

Crystal singing bowls’ effect on body’s subtle energy

Drowning out noise, attuning to a new frequency

Vibration as medicine

Find Katische:

Katische Haberfield- Crystalline Sound Alchemy

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SoulfulValley Podcast with Katie Carey

Listen in on the link below- Episode 22

I’m so excited to be able to share with you, my very first podcast interview! I was a guest on Soulful Valley.

We talked about what 2020 was for me- a year of retreat and transition- from teaching all about Perimenopause and Menopause- as many of you know me from- and my pivot to Crystalline Sound Energy Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls.

Katie and I talk about how crystal singing bowls are actually helpful in the transition from nurturer to creative wise woman, as our cycle changes, slows and stops. It’s a time to give birth to the next phase of our life.

Topics discussed:

❤️ The problem with trying to “fix” the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause

❤️ Why I pivoted from a bandaid approach to a spiritual approach to the transition from nurturer and life-giver to wise woman

❤️ Giving birth to your creative self.

❤️ Creating the soundscape of your life.

❤️ Energy healing via Zoom – how Covid 19 has made this possible and how it works

❤️ How Crystal Singing bowls calm the autonomic nervous system and relax and release emotion and tension

❤️ My biggest influences and inspirations for this version of my business- in sound and energy healing

❤️ Stories of personal healing with Buddhist Monks and Nuns at Chenrezig Buddhist Institute at Eudulo, Sunshine Coast, Australia; Holy Womb Grail Gates healing with Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Yeshua

❤️ Books I recommend about vibrational and sound healing and for mental health

❤️ How Crystal Singing Bowls help invoke the divine feminine and divine masculine and promote unity

❤️ My number one tip for mental health which involves your legs!

The Edge Podcast with James Swanwick

“Perimenopause is a life stage, not a disease!” says the magical mentor Katische Haberfield.

In this new episode of Swanwick LIVE, James Swanwick interviews Katische Haberfield. She is the founder of Reclaim your life with Katische, helping women understand the life stage transition of perimenopause. She empowers women like you to adopt rituals that honor who it is that you’ve become, let go of the past, and uncover the goddess within so that you can create a life that aligns with who YOU are.

Katische believes we need to aim to become fluid - to go with the flow of life, absorb like a river, move with the changes in life.

She’s here with intention: Sharing how perimenopause changes women’s stress and sleep patterns and what to exactly do about it.

Listen to this episode and reclaim your life.

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THE Granite Belt Wine Tourism body ran a photo competition calling on photographers to submit their works in an innovative competition. Katische placed second in the competition and her photo is displayed in this link. The Glass House Mountains Ecolodge and the art of flestering