Incarnation - "the act of incarnating : the state of being incarnate" Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Hi I'm Katische

Incarnation Guide & Sound Healer

It's my mission to help you live the best life you can by understanding the insights that can be gained from your other lives (incarnations), past-present or future.

Yes- I'm talking reincarnation- and I've learned over the years that understanding who you have been across time and other lives is a powerful way of understanding yourself.

Your emotions, trigger points, favourite foods, hobbies and favourite travel destinations can all be linked to specific life interactions.

It's even a powerful indicator of why your body is the way it is.

If you've every wondered why you are pre-disposed to certain illnesses, allergies, why you have certain birthmarks and moles on your body- it's all encoded at the time of your conception!  Some of it is linked to your genetics- but your genetics were chosen specifically for your incarnation needs!

Join me for my "Incarnation Insights" newlsetter.

I geek out on all things sound healing and reincarnation related.  Yes, the two are powerfully interlinked and can create powerful INSTANT change in your life.

In my newsletters you will  gain insight into:

  • Understanding what reincarnation actually is- we look at my personal understanding and blend it with insights from other religions and teachings of people whom I have studied with.
  • Understand the role of karma in balancing your life experiences (it's different from social media memes- and not just about wanting other people to get "what they deserve").
  • Understand how your physical and etheric body is encoded specifically to assist you to balance your karma and achieve your soul contract in this lifetime.
  • Understand the causal body as a repository of information storing information from all lifetimes- past, present and future! (All lives are concurrent- linear time is an "earth" construct.
  • Why you chose your family and how your genetics are linked to your incarnation needs.
  • Gain first preference and access to my booking calendar for personal sessions, upcoming trainings and live events.
  • A special gift via email on your birthday!
  • How my incarnation as a sound healer (in a different life) lead to my current career path and unlocked my understanding of reincarnation!