October 4, 2020


Isis is the Goddess with strong mothering energy. You can invoke her when you need protection and some mothering of your own – when you are afraid or in need of healing.

She can appear to you in an Oracle Card spread when you need mothering or when someone needs your mothering. If it is you who is unwell, or afraid, then Isis is coming to you to protect you. Know that you are never alone, and that your guides are always with you, even when you sleep.

If Isis is presented then it is an indication that she sees the troubles you have been going through or are going through, and she is keeping a watchful eye- she loves you and is protecting you, and her healing energetic vibrations are on their way.

Mothering others:

But before you mother anyone else, stop and check with your intuition. Do they really need it? Have they asked you or are you in fact smothering them?

Some lessons in life are karmic and indeed are meant to be difficult. We can’t save everyone and it can be harmful to always keep our loved ones overprotected as we are operating out of fear, not love.

So check your energy before you mother. What is your intention? Is it high or low vibration? What are you visualising or hearing in your mind? Does the person you wish to mother need to learn this lesson and you will be on the sidelines, ready for them to come when they need assistance with a soothing word and a hug, or do you need to stand up and be lovingly fierce with your mothering energy in full force?

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I help women like you to adopt rituals and sacred practices that honour who it is that you have become, let go of the past, and uncover the Goddess within, so that you can create a life that aligns with who YOU are.

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