Past Life Regression with the Angels.

Your soul has the answers 

to the lingering questions in your ego mind.

There's something that is bothering you isn't there?

A little something to do with the way you are and the way that your life is expressing itself in this very moment. 

If you could put your finger on it, it would be a question in the depths of your mind about why you are the way you are.

Perhaps it is a question of why, despite all the therapy, the energy healing, the coaching and determination of your free will, that you are not feeling satisfied and fulfilled in your life. 

Perhaps it's a fundamental emotion, like anger, or a sense of hopelessness or grief that follows you no matter where you live, who you date, or what job you pass time with.

Or maybe I've got it wrong, and actually it's a sense of curiosity that brought you here.

You've been exploring your astrological birth chart, you've had your soul plan created, or you've had your karmic astrological report done.  Or maybe you've experienced a Quantum Healing session where a life was revealed.  

You want to know more.  You want to unlock the secrets to who you are, the real you. The soulful you.

"One of the primary purposes of the reincarnation system is to allow the soul to undergo a wide spectrum of learning experiences through which the evolving consciousness may become more spiritually mature. The more experiences a soul has to learn from, the more diverse and successful the coping strategies that each soul may develop for dealing with life on the physical and higher planes of existance".

Richard Gerber MD.

"Vibrational Medicine".

Let me help you find the answers with a Journey with the Angels through time.

I have been aware of the concept of reincarnation since I was a small child. It wasn't until I had my own Quantum Healing that revealed a number of my own past lives that I realised the emotional freedom that comes with understanding the unique identities that your soul has created in other incarnations.

One of my soul's lives was/is a powerful healer who uses/d sound as his main tool.  When this life was revealed, I understood the innate abilities and connection that I had with sound healing.

Since then I have been succcessfully helping clients achieve past life regression (I prefer to call it parallel life regression) with a special twist- sound, light and vibrational aromatherapy.

This is not your standard lie on the therapists couch, style past life regression.  This is a powerful shamanic style journey with the bespoke addition of vibrational aromatherapy plus light therapy. 

You will not find this service being provided by anyone else.

What does the Sound Journey through time involve?

There are three steps in the Journey with the Angels through time- briefing and analysis, past life regression and sound healing.

  • Step 1
    The briefing session: This is where we go in depth into what is happening in your life. What emotions are coming up for you, what your burning questions are and why you are interested in Past Life Regression. It's your time to have the floor and talk all you like and just let me know how you feel. If you are stuck we may use Oracle Cards to diagnose the situation, or to gain insight into the situation you find yourself presently in.
  • Step 2
    The Journey through time with the Angels with Sound, Light and Vibrational Aromatherapy, conducted via Zoom. This is the past life regression sound journey. Allow 2 hours. Includes therapeutic limiting belief release.
  • Step 3
    The debriefing session and sound healing for residual emotion that comes up within 14 days of your journey session. This is the part that most past life regressionist DON'T DO.  You'll have access to me via the Signal Messenging App to receive coaching and support after the session. Then we will meet to discuss what has arisen, how you have integrated the knowledge of the past life into your life and what the implications have been for you.  I will then, depending upon my intuition either lead you through another session (if I feel something has arisen that needs to be dealt with there and then, or take you on a bespoke sound healing journey to release any residual emotion from the past life reveal.  You will feel amazing at the end of this process.

You read my mind! I'm in.

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Past Life Regression: Journey with the Angels through time

Thank you for weaving together the lessons from my past lives with my current life. Things make so much sense now and I feel greater peace.

Miss S ... USA

Past Life Regression: Journey with the Angels through time

Exploring deeply rooted emotions and journeying through past lives is sacred work. It’s vital to journey at the hands of a caring and knowledgeable professional and Katische is just that.

Journey with the Angels through time allows you to discover, experience, and release anything that seems to be holding you back in this lifetime. It opens the door for compassionate understanding of your triggers and tribulations and truly sets you free. The healing occurs both at the conscious and subconscious levels; you’ll remember your journey, yet you don’t have to uncover hundreds of layers to experience relief.

Katische acts as a loving and nurturing guide as you journey through the lessons of previous lives and set yourself free from navigating them again and again. Journey with the Angels through time is a powerful healing experience that enables you to fully embody the life you’re currently living.

Whether with one session or many, give yourself the gift of clarity and Journey with Angels through time with Katische.

Miss L ... USA

Past Life Regression: Journey through time with the Angels

Before experiencing my past life regression, I expected to glean some understanding of my calling in this life and to find clarity in the overwhelming questions I was burdening myself with about my path and interactions with the world around me. It was my curiosity that ultimately drew me towards experiencing my Past Life Regression with Katische.

I have always wondered about the experiences and connections to my previous lives to more deeply understand the person I am in this life. My past life regression sessions with Katische were insightful and clarifying. Katische was reassuring and created a safe and open space for me to experience my regression, and to understand what parts of my life I was seeking clarity about.

Throughout my regression, I was guided into a deep meditation and Katische welcomed in my angels and guides. Throughout my regression, I envisioned two of my past lives - seeing the lives those women lead; the other souls they were connected to; and revealing parallels and connections to experiences, people, and energies present in my current life. My connections to these lives were so powerful I was overcome with emotion at times.

After my regression, Katische and I debriefed and discussed any lingering feelings or anything that may have come up post-regression. Katische opened discussion to help me explore and reflect on my experiences and begin to use my regression to better understand my life and soul calling.

My past life regression has helped me to more deeply connect with my soul calling, and questions I had been grappling with for some time. It reassured me and empowered me to continue forging my own path. I am more intuitive with how I approach myself and my everyday experiences, and I am more open to what brings me joy in this life. Experiencing my past life regression was incredibly powerful and transformative. I have begun to explore deeper, more intuitive parts of who I am through my regression and the insights I was presented with by my guides.

Emma B ... Australia

The briefing session:

In the briefing session via Zoom we meet and discuss your requirements for the journey. You must bring with you and be ready to talk about:

  • either an irrational emotion or reaction to a situation that is triggering you 
  • OR a repeating life circumstance/behaviour that you are aware that you are creating, and are unable to change through willpower, coaching, therapy or mindfulness alone, that you wish to understand. e.g relationship patterns, money karma, career issues
  • OR a copy of your karmic astrological report- with a specific potential past life that you wish to explore (not a requirement- only for those with an advanced understanding of their lives).  emailed to Katische in advance
  • Or a copy of your soul plan/contract, with an area of focus that you wish to understand in terms of lives that have either positively or negatively contributed towards the achievement of this soul contract - emailed to Katische in advance

What can I expect from the sound journey into my lives across time?

Profound sense of relief and understanding.

Things will begin to make sense. You will understand why you are the way you are. You will understand the lessons that have been learnt as a result of your habitual thoughts, actions and other behaviours. (karma)

Clearing of emotions and awareness of habitual emotions and behaviour that are contributing to karma across incarnations.

Irrational emotions and behaviours will be released and transmuted into love. You will gain insight into your karmic patterns.

Balance the Bio-Sound Field

Your chakras, meridians, sound body and aura will all be positively affected by the sound healing.

This session is not:

  • A journey to the Akashic records.
  • Trance Channeling - or Mediumship. Katische is not connecting to guides or groups of intelligence or passed on individuals like Seth/Skylar/Erik/Maddison, you are connecting to your higher self and your Angels and Spirit Guides and versions of your soul in other carnations, DIRECTLY.
  • Quantum Healing- you are in the drivers seat. I do not provide the "vision" of who you are, you are the one who will be provided with the sights, sounds, knowing, feeling, taste of your lives.
  • Traditional hypnotherapy. This is a shamanic style "journey" which uses sound and light to acheive a trance state.
  • Conducted in person. All sessions via Zoom.
  • Suitable if you are responsible for  supervising small children or may be disturbed during the session.

Your custom journey with the Angels includes:

Past Life facilitation essential oil plus Clary Sage for clairvoyance.

We use a specific sacred combination of essential oils on the singing bowl to aid you on your journey.

Essential oils are crystalline structures that carry light and healing properties through sound via their vibration.

12 Inch Note Crystal Singing Bowl

The 12 inch singing bowl is “powerfully effective in enveloping the body in sound that touches the core of the physical being and stimulates a higher consciousness of our physical essence and our chakra system.” Ted Andrews, Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls.

Light Therapy

Each session will recieve a transmission of light therapy through a Lifewave Phototherapy patch.  

You will feel the benefits of this through the energetic transmission. If you have your own patches you may wish to wear the X39 and the Aeon patch during the session for maximum benefits. Alternatively these can be purchased here.

Please note that your additional personal use of the patches is NOT a requirement of the session. 

3 Zoom Sessions

This is not past life tourism. 

  • A briefing session 30 min- 1 hour
  • A regression or journeying session and  1- 3 hours depending on the complexity of your journey.
  • Post session debriefing -- 1 hour including 30 min discussion and 30 min sound therapy to release any final layers of emotion. This session is conducted within 14 days of the regression session.

The three sessions are non-negotiable.

If you are unable to make the committment to three sessions please do not purchase the journey.

Let's do this! I'm in.

Next Steps - Begin your Journey!


Please do not sign up for this session if you are pregnant, or have sound triggered epilepsy. This is due to the fact that the Crystal Singing Bowl is used in this session to achieve trance state. If you are a sound healing client of Katische's and you have successfully participated in a previous private session, then Katische may elect to use the Koshi Chimes to get you into the required trance state.

Then go to the inbox of the email address you just paid with, to find your receipt.

There is a second email with instructions on how to book your session times  with Katische.

We will require 3 sesssions.

  • A briefing session 30 min- 1 hour
  • A regression or journeying session and  1- 3 hours depending on the complexity of your journey.
  • Post session debriefing -- 1 hour including 30 min discussion and 30 min sound therapy to release any final layers of emotion. This session is conducted within 14 days of the regression session.

The three sessions are non-negotiable.

If you are unable to make the committment to three sessions please do not purchase the journey.

All sessions are online and recorded.

Step 2

visit the calendly links and choose from the session times available

Make sure you change the time settings to your local time zone (at the bottom) so you can see what the local time is for you.

There will be 3 different sessions that you need to book. Each one will be on a seperate link in the email provided.

Step 3

check your email for the zoom details and add the sessions to your calendar.

That's it! All you need to do is click on the Zoom link at your allocation time and have your headphones handy.

I can't wait to meet you!