July 20

Katische talks to Harry in the Celestial Realms

Harry the little boy "ghost" has crossed over, and we talked to him in the celestial realms to find out his story.

Although I am a medium, I wanted to show complete transparency, so that you heard the story of Harry through an independent party, who knew nothing of his story other than I had crossed him over.

Megan Maggie Luna had not seen the video I posted or heard the radio segment on KIIS 97.3FM before I paid for this session, which occurred on 13th July 2022. All she knew was there was a little boy named Harry who I had crossed over, and that Harry had preferred to share his story via her, so it would be clearly heard.

In this video you will learn about:

* Harry's message to the world about "ghosts" and cemeteries and death.

* The reason why Harry felt safe with me- there is a jaw-dropping moment where Harry reveals that this is NOT the first time we have met.

* Harry's advice to me regarding mediumship, my work and how he is going to work with me in the future

* Harry's thanks to everyone who saw him in the cemetery and played a role in getting him back "home" to heaven.

Megan can be found at Chasing Spirituality.

Thank you Megan, thank you Harry, thank you KIIS 97.3FM and thank you to Nicole for sharing the story of her children playing with Harry.