April 25

Children say the darndest things: Kids remembering past lives.

children remembering past lives episode of the infinite life podcast

Children say the darndest things: In this episode D.Lisa talks with us about the time when her daughter opened her eyes to the eternal nature of their relationship- sometimes mother, sometimes daughter. She talks about the insights into money and relationships that she has gained by exploring her past lives.

D.Lisa West's Past Life Memory

Do you remember D.Lisa leaving us this message on the podcast recorder? It was incorporated into an episode earlier on in Season 2.

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Snippets from the podcast episode:

Is it a coincidence or is it a nudge from your soul? We talk with D.Lisa West about the ways your soul tries to get your attention.

We remember more than we think we do. D. Lisa West talks about when she asked her toddlers if they remembered being born.

Podcast Guest:

Our fabulous guest this episode was D.Lisa. D.Lisa is a transformative life coach, artist and longtime realtor in Seattle Washington, USA. She teaches creativity, art, meditation and inspires people to live their best lives.

Here's how to get in contact with her and learn more about her work.

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Katische: Welcome back to The Infinite Life Podcast. This week we have a fabulous guest with us D.Lisa. D. Lisa, welcome to the show.

D. Lisa: Thank you, thanks for having me.

Katische: You're welcome.

Katische: D. Lisa is a transformative life coach artist and long time realtor in Seattle, Washington. She teaches creativity, art, meditation and inspires people to live their best lives, which sounds absolutely wonderful! 

Katische: And a couple of weeks ago podcast listeners will have heard the podcast recording that you left kindly for us on the podcast to help share and inspire and create normality around discussions to do with the fact that people have lived before that our soul goes on and to help people reduce the fear associated with death which I think is particularly important at this time.

Katische: So what inspired you to contact us here at the podcast and you know help out and leave a message?

D. Lisa:   Well I'm so fascinated with the concept that we are not our bodies, that we're souls that are part of our soul is in our body in fact I understand only 20 of our soul fits in our human body and that of course we've lived before we have this body and aft and will live again after and one of the the message I left on your voice recorder was about my daughter, who totally blew my mind when I was a young mother she was she was verbal but she wasn't that old I'd say maybe she was two maybe she was one and a half. And we're outside looking up at the night sky and so many stars in the sky is just such a magical reality when you're doing that it's like you feel so tiny and the universe seems so big and she said to me with a sigh.

D. Lisa: “Mommy, I remember when I was up there” and I said “up where honey?” 

D. Lisa: “Up there in the sky with God” and when she said that, I do you know how you just get, like, goosebumps, like I just had this knowing that ran through me and goosebumps. Oh, I'm getting them now and I said what she goes “well before I was born when I was up in the sky with God and God is the moon and all the angels are stars”, well not really, but that's what it looks like, and I said “well then what happened”, she goes “well then I was born and I was with you” and I thought “okay” and the next day I was like “honey tell me about before you were born”, she was like “let's go to the beach, I want to play”. [laughs]

D. Lisa: But on that vacation she had been multiple times telling me “stop doing that”.

D. Lisa: I was like “what?”, I was doing whatever, you know how kids say you're doing something that annoys them well she was like “stop it Mom, you stop it, you just stop doing that or I'm never going to be your Mom again”. And I said wait “what? “. “Because you stop doing that or I'm never going to be your Mom again” and I said, “but I'm the Mom and you're the kid”. And she had said to me “well don't you remember?”. A long long time ago when I was the Mom and you were the kid?” And again, shivers. I'm like, “no” then I was like, “was I good, was I a good kid?” I mean, and again she's like “la la la la la let's go play”. So I realised that we've, yeah, we’ve been together before and when she was at that age where the veil was so thin she remembered it, but of course now we just joke about it. She's almost 30 and she's like, yeah we just do, we have a really great connection. We sometimes have dreams where we're in each other's dreams or I used to say to her as a kid “see you in dreamland honey, good night. I saw you and we were doing this or that, Do you remember?” Like, oh “I don't remember that dream but maybe I'll see you in dreamland tonight?” So we have this really beautiful connection which obviously is a continuum of other lives that I may or may not be able to fully remember.

Katische: Yeah, I love kids and the stuff that they come out with about past lives. I wish that when my kids were that little I wish that I knew to ask or to be more perceptive for that sort of stuff but it wasn't on my radar back then.

D. Lisa: Right, it was not on my radar either. And when she started saying “stop it or I'm never going to be your Mom again” I'm like “whatever kid, go do what I told you to do”. [laughs].

It was sort of on my radar but at that time it frightened me, the whole idea that I had other lives but I couldn't remember or that there were beings that didn't have bodies that could somehow see me. That freaked me out. I was like “are they watching now? Are they watching when I'm doing something I don't want them to see?” You know it totally freaked me out, but it's also really beautiful.

Katische: Did your daughter have imaginary friends?

D. Lisa: No but my other daughter could see people who weren't, who were dead. 

Katische: Okay, tell us about that.

D. Lisa: She would say “I can't go to sleep Mom because, that” (she couldn't say her L’s), so she'd say “the yadi (lady) is in my room”.

D. Lisa: “Okay, I was like what, what lady?” 

D. Lisa: “The lady, I can't go to sleep because the lady’s in here.”

D. Lisa: “And what's she doing?” 

D. Lisa: “She's sitting in a rocking chair, she's just staring at me”.

D. Lisa: And so I said okay. I took her to a minister friend of mine and we got some counselling and she said “listen honey if someone's there and you don't want them to be you have to just tell them to leave”.

D. Lisa: So one night I said just like Lynn said just tell her to leave and she goes “okay good she's gone now I can go to sleep.”

D. Lisa: I said “oh great where is she?”, “she's in your room now.”

Katische: Laughs loudly!!

D. Lisa: “Oh thanks honey”. [laughing]

D. Lisa: And then in that same time frame we went to my parents house, and there was a hallway filled with all these photographs from childhood and some photographs of some ancestors that lived in finland. My dad was an immigrant from Finland and Molly said Mom that's the lady.

Katische: Mmm

D. Lisa: So it was a grandparent on my Father's side, no one that I'd never known in real life but she recognized her from the image.

Katische: Wow.

D. Lisa: That's the lady.

Katische: Wow.

D. Lisa: Now she didn't like seeing people that weren't really there, she called them ghosts and so she doesn't allow that to happen right now  in her life. But she does remember. She doesn't remember the lady. We were talking about it the other day. 

Katische: Wow. And that’s not uncommon for children to see somebody in a rocking chair in their bedroom at night time. I've heard countless stories of that actually happening and it being a relative from somewhere down the track. So isn't it interesting to think that, that particular lady who came to watch over here in the rocking chair, given that you and her intertwined with playing this mother-daughter role, then that lady could have been one of your mothers.

D. Lisa: Right, yeah.

Katische: You know what I mean?

D. Lisa: Absolutely.

Katische: And so she's coming to rock over you guys because she's worried about how you're doing or something like that. Do you know what I mean?

D. Lisa: Exactly, yeah exactly.

Katische: It's fascinating. I actually watched a video on youtube and I'll have to share it on my facebook page, which astounded me yesterday. There's this really crazy youtube channel that I found that gets submissions of things from around the world, and yesterday, like I almost burst into tears watching it, it's a video of a little girl going to the cemetery just after a mother dies. She's tiny she's only like, what, one or two and so you can see that the grave has freshly freshly laid, and she must be with her grandma, and suddenly the little girl goes and stands on top of the grave, which you know you're like “don't do that”, and then she starts saying bye bye, bye bye mama. And then she leans in and you watch her and she actually kisses her mother in spirit form, like she goes (demonstrates a kiss) and gives her a kiss and then waves her and then watches her float away. And you're like now, if there's any sceptics out there, you got to see that video because you can't not believe after seeing that, you know a child doesn't kiss the air and wave goodbye to their Mother for nothing. I was like. That's, that's you know?

D. Lisa: Yeah. You know the other thing I've heard, because I had both my children at home I had home births and the midwife said, if you remember before they're the age of three, ask them if they remember being born. Because they will remember.

Katische: Really?

D. Lisa:  After the age of three they forget.

Katische: Okay.

D. Lisa:  So, I asked both my kids if they remembered being born. And they both remembered things that they couldn't possibly have heard about.

Katische: Okay.

D. Lisa: The one who was my Mom in a past life, she said I didn't like it when they poked my heel, it really hurt. 

Katische: Oh, the needle.

D. Lisa: They do this blood test in the U.S where they poke their heel day one and day three and check for blood abnormalities, and she said and they put something in my eyes and I didn't like that either. I was like whoa! My other daughter remembered everyone who was there, at the birth. And it's very fascinating, like we think we don't remember things but what do we remember?

Katische: Well, you can do regressions where you can take people back into the womb. Which I haven't done yet but, that is fascinating you know to be able to actually be able to remember being in the womb.

D. Lisa: I've done work like that, it's so fascinating. The first time I did it with a hypnotherapist, and he took me back to before being born, so I'm in my Mom's, I'm somehow in form and I burst into tears and I realised that, my parents were pregnant when they got married in the 50’s.

Katische: Ooh.

D. Lisa: And it was a shameful secret, right, and so I really felt that fear about not really being timed right.

Katische: Right.

D. Lisa: Like, oh he's like he was like oh come out, come out, come out. You know, it was fascinating. And of course you can do that and then go even further back to the lives that you lived before.

Katische: Yes, yes.

D. Lisa: The other two lives I want to talk about today with you, because they popped into my awareness, I used to work with a naturopath and I'd go see her and say, you know I've got this thing happening physically. And she'd look at me, she had Blue eyes and curly blonde hair, my kids called her the the beautiful doctor, look she had those one of those beautiful souls where she'd look at you and you would just spill whatever was going on. I didn't even know I had that feeling though I'm telling you, and she would give me remedies you know work on my body like a massage therapist would and she'd say, alright this is the movie I'm seeing. This may or may not be true. But a long long time ago, and so she did this for two different relationships, I was in one with my husband. She said, a long long time ago you were both men, you were both powerful men, business owners or maybe in government and you were rivals. And it didn't end well for you.You ended up dying in prison. I was like oh, that seems so perfect for the guy I'm getting divorced from right now, because the struggle at that time was so difficult and so epic that it didn't make sense that it was just getting divorced and having two little kids, but if I added in this may or may not be true, we were rivals in a past life and, yeah, it totally made sense. I was afraid of going to jail and dying, again.

Katische: How did it impact your body? Like, where was it that she was working on? Where was that memory stored?

D. Lisa: Oh, right then I was probably working with digestive issues, yeah stomach. Yeah, and then further, go further into the future, or closer to now I guess. You'd say who knows when, past, present, future. She did the same kind of thing for a guy that I was in a long-term relationship with, and she said this may or may not be true, but here's the picture. I see you are a King, living in this beautiful kingdom in the middle of a forest. And these were the times when magic was real. Your partner now was your wizard

Katische: Ooh.

D. Lisa: And he was in charge of keeping the kingdom safe, so even though there was this kingdom in the middle of this forest, no one really knew where you were, they couldn't invade you. But he let down his magic, and you watched your entire family get killed in front of your eyes. I was like, oh what, now this man has said to me multiple times I'm a wizard, but I'm not a very good one.

Katische: Ooh.

D. Lisa: As a joke, and I'm thinking, wow that's not really a joke if you know about that past life we had together. So both of those things made total sense to me and I love saying it this way for the human mind, this is a movie I'm seeing and it may or may not be true. Because the analogy or the story that we're learning from makes perfect sense whether it's true or not, whether we can remember the past life or not.

Katische:  Yeah, and I think it's very fascinating when that you can identify relationships and and know this story, that was before, to help you understand the story that is evolving at that moment that you're experiencing because it gives you insight into, oh geez, I don't feel so stressed that it's not working out. Well that's, in hindsight, I can look at my own marriage because there's a past life connection there but it's like, looking back then it's like, well of course it was going to be difficult you know, but you you know you have the blessing of not knowing not being able to see somebody and go “hey here we are again”. You know your soul just goes out, curtain down, I just need to let them fall in love so they can work out this situation here, let's see how they do it this time, let's see, see if we can heal a little bit of this thing. Let's you know, because we don't know the soul contracts unless we do the, we go and do the work in the regression where we can go to the afterlife and check what those soul contracts are, but it's like, it's almost fascinating to look back at relationships and go right let's, let's construct and pretend for a minute and let's just see, knowing what we knew about that relationship now what could the storylines be that we were here to try and work out.

D. Lisa: Exactly, yeah. And for both of those, both of those were significant you know one was a 12-year relationship one was a 15-year relationship,

Katische: Okay.

D. Lisa: They were long-term significant relationships for me and I, I felt like I couldn't not know them or I couldn't not connect with them in so many ways, like one was a long time friend but then we became lovers and the other we met on several occasions before we dated and got married. So it was like, it was like, the universe was like, okay are you ready now? Ten years later, are you ready now? 20 years later, are you ready now? Okay, I'm gonna, you really have to get together now.

Katische: Yeah. And did you find, like for myself when I've looked back now that I know which relationships were karmic, it's always the ones that I'm like, when you come out of that one you're like, now that that veil has gone I don't even find that person attractive but at that time I was drawn to them for some reason. That I had no idea for, but I had to be around them, and you know, there was nothing stopping me about being around them even though I knew that they were bad for me or even though I knew that there was going to be some issue or even, you know, all the even thoughs, it's just like there was something about that person that would just draw me towards them. And if you asked me or you were watching me from outside, you would say that is not rational and not logical. He's not even a type?

D. Lisa: Oh, absolutely. Like my husband, we dated for three weeks and then we got married.

Katische: Wow!

D. Lisa: I didn't invite any of my family to the wedding.

Katische: Wow.

D. Lisa: And I knew, right when I got married, like one of my first dreams after getting married was I'm in this room with a whole bunch of family and it's a party so we're celebrating something, my family's there, my sisters, my parents, my siblings, my husband and I'm thinking this is a boring party. I can't wait to leave, I gotta get out of here. And I look at the door and it's one of those doors where you like, push the push the bar and get out. But chains were wrapped around in it so I thought, oh I can't leave, the door's locked. And then a little bit later in the dream I realised that the chain was wrapped around but there was no padlock, there was no lock right, well I could leave whenever I wanted and once I got that thought in dreamland I woke up and I thought. I wonder what that dream means?


D. Lisa: But of course, ten years later I decided to leave, not right then.

Katische: Yeah.

D. Lisa: So I obviously, we had some kind of soul contract to come together, have kids, work it out one more time. Not send each other to prison, who knows

Katische: Yeah, and you'll know afterwards.

D. Lisa: Afterwards I'll go “oh really I hope we don't have to do that again”.


D. Lisa: But no, I want to be done with this guy. This is bad, this feels bad. But we'll see.

Katische: Yes. The interesting thing though is that, from my experience with with the clients and myself is that you know some people you have these relationships with and they always seem to be like, they're going to be bad and you've just eventually got to learn to cut the ties fast each time that you meet them, you know like in the next life they'll come up in whatever version of instagram you will have and you'll just go “block” and you just won't go dead.


D. Lisa: Right.

Katische: And you just won't go down that path and so their purpose is to teach, help you teach boundaries in that particular that context but with some people they are like, your soul family and they put on that role specifically as an agreed contract to help you, so you know when you're choosing the next lifetime, with the life council and you have your meeting with your soul family beforehand you go “right who's up for this role” and someone goes ah [ __ ]  okay, I'll do it this time for you but next time you've got to do this one. I've got a duzi of a  roll for you next time alright, and you're like okay I don't want to think about that right sign on the line, okay done, right we've got a contract, next who wants, you know what I mean? That really does happen because I've taken clients and the sole counsel has gone, here, let me let you feel this relationship, let you feel this love, good. Right, now feel this person, right we are now forcing you to cut that contract, because you know, your lesson with him in this lifetime is over and it's impeding you, so, step away and that's what I've like found really, really mind-blowing with working with clients, is that you can actually do that that. You can go see, you don't have to wait till the next life. You can actually do a regression, go up into whatever you want to, call the life between lives, visit your life council and ask them for perspective, and if it really is impeding you they will make changes in your super conscious mind that will sever contracts and sever several relationships if it's not in your highest good. So you know, I think all I'm trying to say here, is for anybody who's struggling with relationships or people in their life, you know you can access higher wisdom, it's not, you don't have to use your humanness, there are cheat traps. You know what I mean? There are codes that you can unlock that I’ve learnt to unlock just by really working in the spiritual world. So, it is fascinating right? Relationships are just so fascinating and so you know, so difficult, so wonderful, so fascinating.

Katische: I think also, you know and I don't know whether you experience this now. Do you ever get a sense now, in non-romantic relationships, so if you meet somebody new now right? Do you ever get a full body feeling now, in the difference between the kinds of people that you meet like whoa! This person, I feel instantaneous love for them or this person I know immediately that we're going to have a connection versus the next person or, they're nice but I don't have any real pull towards them. Have you, with all of your realisations now, started to feel that?

D. Lisa: What an interesting way to look at it. I was just talking with someone yesterday, because I love it when synchronicities happen, but I haven't really connected to that full body feeling that you just suggested. I'm going to add that to my reality. 

I was talking yesterday with a couple of people that are going to help me to transition out of my real estate business and into my coaching. They're going to take over my real estate clients and we were chatting and giggling and I'm thinking these guys are so cute and I'm so glad I know them and I kind of know them because he worked somewhere, and I taught him a class now they're married and we were talking about another person who just did a photographic work for me, and they know him, and they're like you know him? We know him. He lives in your building. That's so weird. I'm like well, he lives in my building and one day I was walking past his apartment and I was going to give my books to the free book library, and he's like “what are you doing?” And I gave him a book, and then he took photos and I was just thinking of how everything just kind of connects together in such a beautiful way if you let it.

Katische: Oh absolutely, there is no such thing as coincidence. I believe you know.

D. Lisa: Yeah, yeah.

Katische: It happens for a reason. I mean, I'm like you, previously divorced and every now and then I have a good giggle and throw myself on a dating app or something. This time around it's been, I've just gone back on, after a three-year break and this time around it's really fun! Because for me now I'm sensing immediately, conversations, and like people are being drawn to me. They've always been drawn to me because there's something that they need to find out in themselves, like I'm like this catalyst for people so I was, bless his soul, talking to this guy who lives about an hour away from me, and my name being Katische has a Russian derivative of it you know it comes from Katarina. I always say Catherine, just easier but Katarina, and this guy he could speak Russian and I was like “oh that's interesting” and he started rattling off, you know how many times he'd been to Russia and with which politicians, and I'm like oh you're boring me, but anyway and then he started talking about the coincidences in his lives because I said well “how did you learn Russian”? You know, you're from Queensland. My hometown, from my home city, like how did you end up being a photographer who spent a lot of time in Russia, and he's like “well you know I started living with people and they were Russian flatmates, and they couldn't speak English, and you know, I had just learned to speak Russian because otherwise I couldn't speak to my flatmates. I'm like okay, and then he's like “and then I work with this person who was friends with their friend in Russia and like I just suddenly be involved in this whole Russian scene”. And I'm like, I said “you're talking to somebody here on this dating site with a semi-Russian name right” and I was just like dude, because there was just too many things that weren't going to work out. You know conflicting work schedules, like the distance wasn't right. I wasn't feeling the connection, but I said to him everything that you've told me, because he just poured his heart out about this Russian connection, and the synchronicities and you know all this sort of stuff, and I'm like “hey I'm not here to offend you, this is not going to work” for us but I really want to tell you this message. You're on the right track, I'm being told Russian is the key. All those people weren't coincidences. Don't send yourself insane. I know nobody else in your life has ever told you that. That was significant, but I'm telling you that is significant and the person that you are meant to meet is Russian, and she lives in your hometown so stop looking outside of your hometown, look in your town where you live right now, and look for the Russian girl. That's it, because it's a past life connection. The guy was just like, boom, that's it. I've got to tell this guy this answer because I was like ”don't take this as a rejection” it's not. I'm telling you, I've got this message that those synchronicities are trying to steer you towards a woman who's Russian, you know. Stop looking for the Aussie girls, you're looking for a Russian girl.

D. Lisa: What a beautiful, okay. So whether he takes it or not, you gave him some free advice.

Katische: I was just like, because he was “I've been on here for six months I haven't had a single date” or whatever, I'm like because “she's not on here”, like she's not. I don't know why I need to tell you this but she's not on here. You just get outside your front door and go for a walk, she's out there, she's you know, there's too many Russian coincidences in your life, that aren't coincidences. That life has been trying to send you a message, you know it's sending you to Russia, it puts you with Russian flatmates. You went to work and you had a Russian connection there, the Russian thing is important. Go look into it. It's like when people just write something off as a coincidence and don't see the message. I just, you know, I really want to say stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, Take a deep breath. Write it down in a journal, it's not a coincidence. It's a really important message for you.

D. Lisa: That's probably a topic for a totally full podcast. It's like, how do we look at what life brings us? Is it an accident, is it a coincidence, is it destiny right?

Katische: Yeah, I think it's very definitely signs. it's your higher self telling you “hey love open your eyes”!

D. Lisa: Exactly.

Katische: “I don't know how much more I can dangle it in front of you, open your eyes, I'm ringing the bell, I'm banging the drums”!

D. Lisa: That's so great. Well. When I was a young woman, I worked on boats in this little town on the coast of Washington, and it was the1980’s, early 1980’s and there were Russian trawlers fishing off of the coast but they couldn't come inside of three miles, so there was this kind of international fishing agreement, and one of my friends said to my little sister at the time “you should learn Russian” so you can go out on these boats and be an interpreter. So speaking of Russian. She at the time was speaking, she spoke Swedish and Finnish and English and so she did a Russian intensive course and became an interpreter on a Soviet ship and that's where she met her husband.

Katische: Whoa. yes see.

D. Lisa: Now her husband was from El Salvador, but he worked as a fish biologist and she, after months of being on this boat with all these Russians, she's like “oh that guy looks healthy and strong”. I'm going down to meet him and then they got married, so I was like, you never know what that one little side road is. Where that, where one little road's gonna take you. Like, why should she learn Russian?

Katische: I don't know. Who was that person standing beside her? Because that person standing beside her may not have just thrown that statement out there, like that could have been a spirit guide right?

D. Lisa: Right on. So fascinating. I love how the world works, it gives us these gifts that don't necessarily seem like gifts at the time.

Katische: Absolutely. Is there any other interesting insights or past life reveals like that you've done through past life regression or anything like that, that you wanted to share with us or any insights in how knowing that you go on how it's affected your inspiration in your career or your creativity and things like that?

D. Lisa: One of the things, and I don't think it's an odd idea anymore. I think that the world has caught up to this concept that we're not just our bodies. Even science and the study of the quantum field says, you know, everything's energy. We're energy and so to think that where energy that comes from is some universal source and that we have bodies, is totally   a stone that starts the foundation of my coaching practice because, if you want to have a beautiful life, and you have a dream of where you want to go into the future, you have to ask yourself “is that dream big enough” because I suggest to people, and Mary Morrissey, my mentor, suggests to people that your goal, your dream, has to be something you can't do yourself, Otherwise it's just a goal.

Katische: Ah, okay.

D. Lisa: It's something you need help from a higher power to achieve, it's something that's going to make you grow and it's something that's going to be a benefit to others. If you think about that spiritually that's just part of your soul journey, you're thinking bigger and bigger not just with your human mind but you're thinking that, yes, I'm going on and I came before and my soul is guiding me to have a beautiful life, and all the ideas you might think of are given to you by your soul as something. If you have an idea, you can do it because you wouldn't get that idea if it wasn't possible for you. So that really having to think outside the human mind and the human body as a way to live, a beautiful way to live in the world is key.

Katische: I like that.

D. Lisa: Do you agree, Katische?

Katische:  I agree. I like the fact that you said it has to be so big that you need to ask the higher powers, because in your humanness you would otherwise get overwhelmed and I think that's a really interesting distinction because most people think with goal setting and you know all the business coaching out there that's why I really like, spiritual coaching in terms of you know people who are like yourself doing the spiritual side of the coaching not just the go get them, get them tiger kind, is that what you're doing has to be so big that you have to look outside of yourself for it. That's just so expanding rather than limiting. Do you know what I mean? It's just asks you to tap into that energy field to achieve that dream, to really reconnect with your higher self at all times to assist you to do that dream, and I think that if you really stop and think about that for a moment, that has to give you huge confidence that whatever you’ve written down is not only possible but you could take it multiplied by 10 with the power of your higher self and your spirits and your angel guides and whoever else out there, and there's not a lot of people teaching that.

D. Lisa: Yes, and what you just said is perfect too, is that expansion rather than contraction is the way you know that you're going towards your dream, is if you are having thoughts and feelings that are feeling expansive and joyful and make you feel good in your body. You're going towards your dream, and if you're having contractive thoughts and fearful thoughts you're stuck. Now that doesn't mean you won't have fear come up when you're going toward a big dream because you will, you have to also say “oh this is good”, this feels a little bit scary. Like I'm on the edge of something, I'm going to jump off and what is the concept? I'm at my green growing edge because I've never been here before, but yes to go towards something that's expansive and that is your soul pulling you towards your best life.

Katische: Yeah, beautiful. So Lisa, how can people get in contact with you to find out more about your coaching?

D. Lisa: You can find me everywhere online at “coaching with d” so on instagram and facebook and I've I've got a website right now that's in process of being expanded so if you go to “coachingwithd.com” it'll say, “sign up for my vision workshop” but there's a way to connect with me, easy/

Katische: Okay. Perfect and I'll put all the links and everything in the show notes so people can connect with you. Wow, that's been a fascinating conversation. I could talk all day.

D. Lisa: We could go. I know you and I could go on and on forever. We must have known each other in another life?

Katische: I tell you. I am pulling people, only people with specific connections onto the podcast ,you can guarantee that. So it's fascinating now because, it's like, when I get a message request now I'm like, okay, and it's not until they come on camera and then I go, boom. I get a sense of feeling and it's really interesting the more and more work that I do guiding people up into into the afterlife, I find, if I I've had it with clients and with podcast guests, I won't allude to who any of them are because that's breach of privacy, but if if it's a soulmate that's been drawn to my podcast, which I've had, and you know if it is in my soul group or a past life connection as a client or something like that, I feel it immediately in the heart. I'm like “whoosh”, this energy just comes in and I'm like just, I start grinning on camera, and I'm like how come I love you but I never met you before? Like it's beautiful. And I'm not the kind of person that goes around saying “I love you, I love you” to people, but it's just like this universal source of energy just comes and whacks me in the heart and I'm like, oh, hi.

D. Lisa: That's beautiful.

Katische: We know each other but you know, then I can go then and do myself, my own regression and go back up and I can see the energy form standing there. I'm like “yep” knew it. So I'm like, it's the most fabulous part of my life now bringing somebody onto podcast because I'm like, let's see what what kind of conversation we can have because I'm like, the universe is just throwing me people now that I need to be connected with, and these are genuine connections because in previous lifetimes I've had, you know, limiting beliefs based on vows that I've recently broken, God it makes me want to cry already, for 700 years in human time of people manipulate me. I need to manipulate them back. I don't trust people. The only people in my life that I trust are actually my animal friends and I did some work, and it was actually in one of my previous episodes where I went with my friend Cindy to the akashic records, and we did a double Akashic record session, and one of them was to go meet my animal spirit guides because she said you've had such a [ __ ] time with humans and relationships and you you literally said to me, in the akashic records, I can't trust anybody other than my animals. You need to meet the animals and then, since that has happened, I've only been brought to me, people who I've had relationships with in other lifetimes that are on the same level as me. That have an instant connection, that I could sit on the podcast with for five hours and talk to but you know, you're like, I've been talking for 47 minutes and I need to respect people's times but you know like I appreciate you coming on today because it's like, okay send me people, like this is fun now and it's like this is relief after 700 years of not trusting people because of these experiences and not knowing that I didn't trust people to then go, okay let's just have the best of it all. We're going to bring you the best people there are on earth to chat to because your soul needs it.

D. Lisa: Right on Katische. Awesome.

Katische: Thank you so much for coming on, and I appreciate your time and I know we'll stay connected. So thanks for joining me today,

D. Lisa: Thank you.

Waves goodbye.