July 11

Healing Laura’s beliefs about love.

Laura takes a step back into her teenage years through hypnosis to see where her limiting beliefs about love originated. She also learns about the love of friends and cousins and the way her conscious mind has misinterpreted situations to her detriment. The episode finishes with celestial healing.


Katische: Notice the color and the texture of your staircase. So start going down the staircase, imagine, or feel your feet stepping down now, going down deeper with each step, deeper down with each breath, 10, 9, 8, 7, slow down deep. Six, your subconscious five. Doesn't mind four getting to the bottom three, ready to step into your white room with one now be there.

So at the bottom of the stairs, now reach out to open the door and find a white room with a comfortable chair of your choice. Make the room how your mind wishes to decorate it and go inside and settle down into that comfortable chair that your mind has placed there. Imagine in front of you, there is a cinema screen with a relaxing scene, just like a beach, a lake, a garden, or wherever your favorite place in nature is.

Just focus on my instructions and let your inner experience flow so that you act as a witness simply watching your stream of consciousness, whatever you think or see or feel is exactly the right thing. In a moment you can recall or imagine a time in your past when you felt good in or around water, it could be any moment in time.

In your past years, months, or decades ago, it could be a swim in an ocean, a river, a lake, or it just could be a shower or a bath from a few days ago. So let one specific moment a memory of being in or around water. Come up now, choose one and let that one be the right one. Bring it into the focus. And I wonder is the water outdoors or indoors ?

Laura: Outdoors.

Katische: Okay. And if you could place your finger or toes into the water, is it warm water or cool water?

Laura: Cool.

Katische: Cool. Okay. So I want you to imagine that you're going to step into that water, and I want you to look around, to see the scene where this water is. I want you to listen to the sounds of the water, and I want you to listen to what you heard.

I want you to notice the feeling of the water on your skin. And I want to you to notice the feeling that you have within you is the feeling as you feel the water on your skin, a freedom like being engulfed and floating on the ocean. Or is it a cleansing, like being in a shower? How does it feel to you?

Laura: It's a freedom, like being in the ocean.

Katische: Beautiful. Okay. So notice how you're experiencing the recall. Is it like a photograph or a movie?

Laura: It's a movie.

Katische: Movie.

Okay. So notice how you can choose to play the scene forward and go deeper into it. And I want you to imagine that you can let this sensation of water soak and saturate through you, blue or translucent, warm, refreshing, cleansing, and healing. I want you to just soak in that water and continue to find ways you can recall and relive that more vividly in ways best for you. The sensation of the water. As you continue to do that, we can observe what may be implied in this moment at a deeper level, because we think of ourselves as solid.

You yet, the human body is really 60% water. We think of this as planet earth yet the surface is really 70% ocean. We think of ourselves as our conscious mind yet our subconscious mind is really the majority. So now you can tune into the subconscious realities of your being. You can experience mental relaxation at a subconscious level, and you can access long term memory stored in your subconscious mind.

In a moment you can recall or imagine a moment early in your childhood with one of your first friends. You may not have thought about this person for some time, but now you can recall a first or early childhood friend. Let that one specific moment with one specific friend, come up now, choose just one friend.

Let that one friend be the right one. Bring them into focus. Step into the. Is your friend, a boy or a girl?

Laura: It's a boy.

Katische: Lovely. And about how old are you in this scene?

Laura: I'm it's not early. It's like, like 12.

Katische: Okay. So I really want you to step into that scene now. And I want you to look around with your spiritual eyesight and see what you saw at that moment in time. I want you to listen to hear what you heard, and I want you to notice the feeling within what are you doing right now? Are you playing or talking?

Laura: Talking, talking.

Katische: Okay. Mm-hmm . And I want you to focus in on the face of your friend, really zoom in on the face. I want you to notice how they smile. I want you to hear their voice and really hear their laughter.

I want you to feel the sense of connection and friendship between you let this child like energy, the playfulness, the joy, the laughing soak, and saturate through you really lock it in. Your subconscious mind can remind you of old friends and positive inner resources. Now you are connecting with your own subconscious and your subconscious mind is a good friend to you. You can now set an intention with your subconscious mind, and you can repeat inside your mind "I ask my subconscious mind to help me access events from this life that can help me with soulmates and relationships." "I ask my subconscious mind to help me access events from this life that can help me with soulmates and relationships."

Your subconscious mind can remind you of events that left positive emotions and thoughts that help with soulmates and relationships search through your personal history for a time and place in the past a specific moment in this life an early or first time feeling joy, confidence, acceptance, compassion, patience, generosity, with a soulmate or in any form of relationship.

This may be a moment with a romantic soulmate, a family member, or a friend. It could be a moment of instant attraction to a partner at the very start of a relationship could be a moment of connection with a beloved friend or family member deep into a long relationship, or it could be a moment where you were a good friend or a partner to someone else.

So you can appreciate yourself as a good friend or a partner and feel joy, confidence, acceptance, compassion, patience, and generosity. This is a resourceful state that you can reconnect with and any noise that is around you will help you go deeper and deeper into the memory. I will count down from three to zero and at zero, you'll be able to recall or imagine any moment of positive emotions and thoughts that help with soulmates and relationships drifting back with three.

To a specific moment at a past time with two focusing, hearing, feeling with one, ready to step into the scene and feel the feeling with zero now, be there. First impression in that moment are you inside or outside?

Laura: I'm inside.

Katische: Okay. And is it morning, afternoon or evening?

Laura: It's morning.

Katische: Okay. And where are you?

Laura: I'm over at a friend's house.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: We used to, my mom used to like trade days with a relative of ours and there's a, it's my second cousin, but we're three weeks apart.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: So we're just playing.

Katische: Okay.

And how do you feel when you play with this second cousin?

Laura: Just peaceful at ease. Like at home, even though I'm not at my home, I'm at her home, you

Katische: can. Yep.

So I want you to move the scene to look at their face. Your friend's face second cousin's face. I want you to look into their eyes and connect with their essence.

What positive things do you see in them?

Laura: Lightheartedness, joy. Just a sense of ease.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: Yeah.

Katische: And what do they,

Laura: safety,

Katische: confidence, safety.

Laura: Mm-hmm

Katische: And looking at them, you can now tell what they see in you. What do they see in you?

Laura: Support?Hmm, a deep connection.

Katische: Beautiful

Laura: and love. [cries]]

Katische: Okay, beautiful. You can release any emotion.

I want you to feel the deep appreciation between the two of you.

Great release the energy. That's good. Keep yawning. If you need to.

I want you to feel and notice the purity of the connection, irrespective of who they are in your life and the role that they played and whether you're still in contact with them. The point here is to connect with their essence and their energy, and really feel in your body where you feel their essence, so that when you connect with other people, you can sense similar, energetic vibrations.

Laura: I feel that in the third chakra, it's a really kind of soft but solid

Katische: mm-hmm

Laura: connection.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: Like settling and calming.

Katische: Okay. So I really want you to lock that in now and your subconscious mind now can use that as a tool to assist you when you meet anybody in life.

Be they a workmate, a coworker, a client, a teacher, a friend, or a potential romantic relationship. This is a very useful tool to understand and bring in similar like energy at all levels across all relationships.

perfect. Now I want you to imagine you are seeing a movie and I want you to press the fast forward button so that we can go to another scene in your life to learn more about soulmates and your interaction relationships. Go to another moment that can also help illustrate for you. The meaning of joy, confidence, acceptance, compassion, patience, and generosity.

So I want you to let me know what you're seeing.

Laura: I'm in like seventh or eighth grade

seventh grade

Katische: mm-hmm

Laura: I'm in this, I'm in a classroom and the teacher it's like my health classroom and the teacher is very, just very kind

Katische: mm-hmm

Laura: just never really got too frustrated with anyone

Katische: mm-hmm

Laura: and then I'm with a friend of mine also. It's a, a, like a girl, but it's a friend.

Katische: , mm-hmm

Laura: I'm a little surprised because I never like was that close with her.

Katische: Mm-hmm

Laura: but it's kind of now jumping to her house and her family and just like how warm, warming and welcoming they all were , how kind

Katische: mm-hmm

I want you to do the same thing and to look into her eyes.

Laura: Okay.

Katische: And I want you to notice what you feel about her at an energetic level. The things that you possibly may not have noticed before, but now with hindsight.

Laura: She's strong. Kind of her own self she sort of is like, it's like, she's like the glue that holds things together. Also just very kind

Katische: okay. Now I want you to keep looking in her eyes, but this time receive the mental thoughts, stream that she has about you in positive way.

Laura: She feels safe and supported it's similar. She feels like she can be herself. She knows I won't judge her.

Katische: Mm-hmm

Laura: she knows like I accept her for who she is.

Katische: Okay. Now I want you to reach out and give her a hug and then feel the energy just really lock into the energy between the two of you. And tell me again where you feel that on your body.

Laura: Now. I feel that in the heart

Katische: mm-hmm

Laura: it's a really strong heart connection.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: And deep appreciation.

Katische: All right. So let this deep appreciation and heart connection completely fill your entire being. Allow it to go all over your body.

Beautiful release. Excellent. Stuck energy moving. Let it all out. Beautiful. You're okay. You're safe. You're safe.

you're completely safe. You're completely safe. You're completely safe. I want you to feel the love between the two of you and the deep appreciation as you release the emotion. I want you to understand that people around you have always appreciated you, even when you haven't noticed. I want you to truly let that sink in now, you are deeply appreciated. You are deeply seen and you do attract people who truly resonate with you.

I want you to realize that even though you may or may not be still in contact with this person, the energetic vibration can still fill you with positive memories and knowing notice your thoughts are now moving from sadness and grief to I am good enough. I trust myself to find like-minded friends who resonate at a soul level.

I learn and grow from every relationship I have. Every friendship I have. Notice your feelings of joy, confidence, acceptance, compassion, patience with yourself, and generosity to yourself. Feel your body.

Let these feelings, these positive feelings, fill your whole being, breathe them in.

Completely allow them to surround you. Energetically.

Beautiful. Now this feeling can move into the background, yet this inspiration, motivation, and confidence can come back to your conscious mind more often and have your back. As we go through issues that come with soulmates and relationships. Now, we are going to go back in time in this life to a time that is related to a problematic or challenging soulmate or relationship where there is aversion or disconnection.

It can be a causative event that left negative residues of pain, fear, anxiety, anger, bitterness, worry, and doubt. It may have led to thoughts like "I'm not good enough", "I can't trust" and "I don't need anyone". And it can be a specific moment in this life that is months, years, or decades ago. If you're ever uncomfortable with the experience, simply float above it and watch it from a distance.

Allow any memory arising and relating to a problematic or challenging soulmate or relationship with three returning to the significant time, back to the cause of event. So let one specific moment come up and focus into it. Now. In that moment, are you inside or outside?

Laura: I'm outside.

Katische: Okay. And how old are you approximately?

Laura: 13 or 14.

Katische: Okay. And what's happening in this scene?

Laura: One of my friend, like there's a guy that I liked, but, but my friend also likes him and he's interested in her and I'm like pass passing messages between them or verbal messages.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: It's the same guy from the first thing we did.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: Todd.

Katische: Okay. So how does that make you feel?

Laura: Oh simultaneously heartbroken, anxious, and kind of like helpful, like I'm trying to help them.

Katische: Okay.

Okay. I want you to,

Laura: yeah. Sorry. Like embarrassed to like

Katische: embarrassed,

Laura: shameful.

Katische: Yeah.

Laura: Shame.

Katische: Yeah. Is that because you're embarrassed that he's liking her and not you?

Laura: I like rejected kind of embarrassed I go with rejection.

Katische: Okay. And where in your body are you feeling that?

Laura: Actually the souls of my feet.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: And my heart.

Katische: Okay. And what thoughts and negative statements does it lead to? What beliefs have you gained from this?

Laura: Yeah, like what's wrong with me that he doesn't like me?

Why am I not good enough?

Almost like embarrassment that I like someone that doesn't like me back like, I wanna hide and like run away and kind of covering it with helpful being helpful.

Katische: Okay. Yep. All right. So I want you to allow just enough emotion to arise to learn about this at a deeper level.

Laura: I'm really feeling this in my feet. Like I almost like I'm stuck. I can't move

Katische: mm-hmm

Laura:  I can't breathe.

Katische: Okay. Right. So I want you to know that you can breathe and you can move. And I want you to bring in your inner wise adult, allow the emotion to release, release that emotion.

You're okay. And you're safe. Release the embarrassment now.

Release the release, the shame release the anxiety.

Laura: a lot of layers of confusion. Like like maybe I didn't, I didn't express my feelings, so he doesn't really know. And I thought he liked me from previous things that had happened, but how could I be wrong and all of that kind of stuff.

Katische: Okay. I'm gonna ask your Angels to come in now and to clear your eyesight and your knowing so that you can see the truth of the situation and give you the inner wisdom about this situation.

What was it? what was it meant to teach you and how did they feel about you?

Laura: It seemed like he did like me. I. Like I didn't step up since step forward to it. So he just thought I was rejecting it.

Katische: Okay. So I want you to feel now how he felt towards you. And I want you to see the opportunity that you missed

Laura: mm-hmm

Katische: and I want you to allow it to fuel your courage for clear communication and bravery to step up in the future. And I want you to turn and hug both of them one by one, and thank them for this life's lesson, for the role that they played in teaching you about being brave. I want you to see that they meant no harm. So group hug time, group hug time, give each other a high five. And then we are going to move on from this scene, knowing that all is repaired and that there, there that you are good enough, people will always be attracted to you and you will always make your thoughts and feelings clear. There is never a risk in embarrassment because when we speak the truth, we cannot embarrass ourselves. We are only speaking our truth. Okay. You're okay. Let it out. You're safe and protected. You're safe and protected.

Well, I want you to give your childhood self the 13, 14 year old, a hug. Give her a hug, let her know it's okay.

Let her know she's beautiful. Let her know she's worth it.

Let her know that she's courageous and strong.

Great. You want it out. Let her know that she's up to all of the challenges that life will bring her and then wave goodbye to them.

And I want you to move forward to one more scene where we can learn about the meaning of pain, fear, anxiety, anger, bitterness, worry, or doubt.

I want you to find the scene and move to it now. I want you to focus in the movie camera of your mind and step into the scene and let me know what you see.

Laura: I'm outside with my cousin. And then I'm in my twenties and we

Katische: mm-hmm

Laura: are in Spain together and I'm there separately from her, but we're meeting up and I'm feeling very like alone and homesick. And she is like, from my perspective, then extremely like unhelpful and I would say cold and like a nuisance to her, or like,

Katische: okay.

Laura: Yeah.

Katische: Okay.

So I want you to really focus on the feeling in your body, where in your body do you feel that you're a nuisance to people?

Laura: In my heart.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: Like, like the lock across my heart.

Katische: Okay. And I want you to look into her eyes now, and I want you to see the truth of the situation. Angels are gonna clear your eyes so you can see the truth and bringing your inner wise adult.

Laura: It's a combination of her wanting to help and not really knowing how. And then also just being kind of impatient

Katische: mm-hmm

Laura: like wanting to go about her own life that she had there before I showed up. . Difficult. at That kind of age? But like her trying and not understanding. Just not understanding.

Katische: Yep.

Okay. So I want you to feel energetically the intention that she's had to help.

Laura: Mm-hmm

Katische: mm-hmm

Laura: and she cared.

Katische: Yep.

Laura: My stomach is gurgling. That's good.

Katische: Stomach. Yeah. That's great.

Laura: I'm like digesting

Katische: You're digesting it. Yep. Yeah.

Laura: Just the, her desire to like help and to care but she just had the impatience of like that youthful impatience.

Katische: Yep. Yep.

Laura: That was like a drag on her party life. .

Katische: Okay.

Now I want you to look into her eyes and see that she, she didn't mean for you to feel that way. And I want you to give her a hug.

Great. Clear the energy in your throat. Excellent. Big yawn, great. Let it release. Now, give yourself a hug. Give the you

Laura: like this? That's okay.

Katische: Give yourself a hug. Now I want you to remind yourself that it is okay to have challenging events and emotions, and sometimes the so-called negative or painful moments can be what we need to grow as a person and in our relationships.

And I want you to walk away from this scene and I want you to listen to the sound of the crystal singing bowl, allow it to release and remove any last emotion from the scenes that we have seen so far.

And I want you to walk back to that movie room, the white room, where we started off in, and I want you to go and sit back in that chair. Let me know if you're there.

Laura: Yes, yes, I'm there.

Katische: Perfect. Okay. Now I want you to become really aware of the energy in the room, and I want you to feel how there is Angelic energy in the room now. And I want you to reach out and grab the hand of the Angel that is there for you. Now, the Angel is going to help you float. You'll notice like you have like a backpack with wings on it, and I want you to reach out and grab the Angel. And I want you begin to float up into the air with her or him. I want you to go higher and higher and higher and higher floating and drifting, floating and drifting. And then your Angel will take you to a holding space, maybe on a cloud. Or it may be in a garden up in the sky. Let me know when you get there.

Laura: I'm I'm there.

Katische: You're there Uhhuh .

Okay, great. Now I want you to let me know what's happening because I believe that this Angel is getting you ready for some healing.

So I want you to let me know which let the Angel let you know if there's a spirit guide there for you to meet, or if the Angel is going to be working with you today,

Laura: it seems like the Angel is just there working.

Katische: Okay. The Angel. Beautiful. And does your Angel have a name?

Laura: it feels like ArchAngel Michael

Katische: mm-hmm

That's what I thought. Hello, Michael. We work together all the time, so I'm glad that he's here today. Thank you for coming today, Michael.

Laura: He bowed. Now he's he bowed? That's cool. Thank you. Now, Michael. You're in charge. My love my friend. And I believe that you would like to do some healing. So ArchAngel Michael, I'm going to put Laura in your capable hands and Laura.

Katische: You're very lucky girl. Let me know what's happening.

Laura: Well, before I, I I'm on the cloud with him and then it's like, like, you know, like above us is like the night sky with all the stars

Katische: mm-hmm ,

Laura: But he's just, he's working on my, the left side of my heart, like the back.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: Kind of around the left side, you sort of clearing it out.

Katische: Mm-hmm It's where it's been, like, it's been hard to breathe. It feels like it's been really stuck.


Laura: he's okay. Well, I thought he was gonna go around back, but he's actually working on my feet now and

Katische: okay.

Laura: Actually my left foot, my left leg and knee.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: Actually having P faciitis and okay. Do my bike today, then my left knee hurts. So he is working on all of that.

Katische: Perfect.

Laura: And like a drain or a, like a it's needing to be drained.

Katische: Okay, great. Let it be drained. Give, give him permission to do that.

Laura: Yes. It's also making my stomach bubble up again. I like

Katische: okay.

Laura: I was draining down that whole left side from up inside the left, under the left rib cage. Okay. Now on the left side of the abdomen, down the left hip all the way down and it's just draining all the way from there.

Katische: Great.

Laura: Are you showing me like, he's showing me how I've sort of like been holding up that side? Like I've been holding it up, like lifting the hip up, lifting the foot up.

Katische: Mm-hmm

Laura: Trying to be really cautious of where I step with it.

Katische: Mm-hmm

Laura: meaning like not like, meaning like in my interactions with people

Katische: mm-hmm ,

Laura: I'm like offending people or watching what I say, but it's, it's becoming almost less from a throat chakra thing more from like a.

Yeah, this left side. Just like, should I step there? And then I don't, I just hover that leg up all the time.

Katische: Mm-hmm

The left side of your body is the emotional side of the body. So if you, yeah, it has to be cleared. Otherwise you manifest DISEASE. So he's the master at it. So let him okay. He may also call in Raphael.

I'm not sure.

Laura: He's Rafael's on yeah. Coming into the backside.

Katische: Yeah.

Laura: Before I say that, like so I can describe what's happening. He's like, there's using the word stint. he's putting a stint in my left calf to drain it.

Katische: Okay. Wow. Lots of build up.

Mm-hmm ,

Laura: there's a blockage there. So he is like, I mean, I, I know where that spot is physically.

Like he's releasing that.. I popped in both hips since we've been doing this.


Raphael's working between the spine and the left shoulder blade.

Katische: Okay. Yeah. I can feel that now.

Laura: Yeah. Like a, I know it's almost like a piece of metal or a rod or something that's been stuck there.

Katische: Mm-hmm,

Laura: keeping me sort of like,I mean, it's stuck, but it's like, I'm pivoting to the left and right. Trying to look around, but I can't kind of, I can only get so far.

Katische: Mm-hmm

Laura: he's removing that.

Katische: Great.

Laura: The calf seems to be finished.

Katische: Is there a third Angel that just came in?

Laura: ArchAngel Michael, just bowed out.

Katische: Okay. See you later, Michael. Thank you.

Laura: Yeah, see later, Michael

This one's female. They're using the word Caroline, which I didn't really realize.

Yeah. Caroline's an Angel.

Katische: Okay, beautiful.

Laura: They're reminding me of a reading I had a hundred years ago where they told me that and I'm like,right. Okay. Okay. She's sort of bowing in front of me and holding both of my hands. She's like almost bowing in reverence to the work I signed up to come here to do.

Katische: mm-hmm

Laura: and trying to gimme the strength to keep going.

Katische: Mm-hmm okay.

Laura: These last few must have been very difficult.

Katische: Mm-hmm

Laura: now she's just letting me rest my head on her shoulder. She holds


Katische: lovely.

 Laura: Rafael's giving me a seat to sit downcause I know I'm really exhausted.

Katische: Yeah. Well just rest.

Laura: Other sort of, I guess, got a lot of tingling through my head and my ears.

Katische: Mm-hmm

Laura: like the back of my ears and they're sort of working in that area as I rest.

Katische: I can, I can feel that now. Yep.

Laura: Trying to, I don't know. It's like this line of energy that's running from the crown, like sweeps behind the ears. End, runs down the back of the skull where it attaches to the neck.

Katische: Mm-hmm

Laura: And they're just clearing it out.

Katische: Mm-hmm, Did someone else just come in now too?

Laura: Well, my stomach just madenoise or I don't know. Yeah. Someone that's actually removing my skull. Right. There's like pulling that line, like from that line I describe they're like pulling it off.

Katische: Okay. It feels an, is it an animal spirit? Animal

Laura: Dolphin.

Katische: Dolphin. Yeah. I thought so. Beautiful.

Laura: Yeah. And tying it into the scene when I was in the ocean.

Katische: Mm-hmm

Laura: at the beginning.

Katische: Mm.

Laura: I hear, I hear sort of that like dolphin frequency.


Katische: perfect. Sound healing for you. Yeah.

I'm getting that. Anytime you listen to sound healing with dolphin, so you will benefit in the future. Is that correct?

Laura: Uhhuh yeah,

yeah, yeah, yeah. There it's like they're almost like they're like it's my mind has been all jumbled up. So they're clearing that. 

Katische: mm-hmm

it feels like they're doing like a shamanic dismemberment process to completely clear, clean and cleanse the whole skeleton. Yeah, but they're doing it in Angelic terms.

Laura: Yeah. I can feel it down through my arms and legs and feet. Okay. The tingling is now going all the way down.

Katische: Yep. You're getting a rebuild.

Laura: Yeah.

Katische: They're saying

Laura: This takes a few minutes. It's really wild. Cuz it's similar to the feeling of doing the breath work like breath candy does that

Katische: mm-hmm

Laura:  It's a spinoff of like holotropic breath work, but it's sort of that feeling and even that taste of my mouth.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: Without actually having to do the breath work.

Katische: Yeah.

Laura: Which is a lot of work.

Katische: Yes. Yes. It's always helpful. When you have a team of Angels and spirit guides doing it, that work for you.

Laura: That's strange to feel the same taste in my mouth though. Oh, whew.

Katische: Is that activating your Clairgustance?

Laura: Yeah. Yeah, probably. Yeah. It's a, it's a gross taste. I don't know. Like

Katische: It's alright. You have to get out the negative to be able to then taste the positive.

Laura: Oh yeah, that's right. Oh my gosh. I really feeling this in my left ankle now, which has been having so much trouble.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: They wanted me to focus on that gross taste.

Katische: Okay. Well focus on that.

Laura: Oh, they're talking about having a bad taste for my life.

Oh yes. Yes. That's clear. Mm-hmm, sort of bringing this it's like a skill online where I can now. Mm. Taste when things don't taste right.

Katische: Of my bag. Perfect. Yep. That's Claire Gustance. Yep. You'll now be able to taste in your dreams as well.

Laura: That's sort of dissolving that taste. Okay. The fi the tingling is not dissolving. Okay.

I really get stronger in my abdomen.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: It's still in my left foot, my hands quite a bit back of the neck. Earlier, they

Laura: just said it would take a few minutes.

Katische: That's right. We've got all the time in the world.

Laura: So of what, yeah. What you said earlier, it's like, they're saying full body


Katische: Yep. That's what I thought. Thank you.

Laura: The sensations are just changing in the abdomen and just kind of moving into different places more it's on more, it's now more on the right hand side under the rib cage around the right hand front side of the abdomen.

Katische: Okay. Yeah. I can feel that now. Yep. They're showing me at the same time.

Oh, I can really feel something in that ear. Have you feeling something in the ear now as well?

Laura: Right. Ear

Katische: Uhhuh,

Laura: right ear more inside left ear, more external righ ear left ear is more like backside, like behind it sort of like on the skull, but then the right ear is like deep down.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: It's opening a pathway for me to hear them better.

Katische: Perfect. That's what I was getting.

That's great. That's more important that you, you say it than me?

Laura: Yeah. So I left now. I somehow out. Kind of hurts my left ear, my right ear. You guys . I feel like it connected to the inner left knee. The right ear is dissipating and focusing more on the inner left knee the whole left knee

Katische: Did you just get tiger or lion coming or something?

Laura: Tiger related to that left knee

Katische: left knee. Okay.

Laura: Really just there's like a sign. There was a significant block there

Katische: mm-hmm

Laura: and they're still working on it.

Katische: Yep.

Laura: Sort of like a bracing for impact

Katische: mm-hmm

Laura: a fear of fierceness.

Katische: Mm-hmm

Laura: tiger.Related to the tiger. Mm-hmm something important about the stripes of the tiger?Cause I went, the lion is fine, but it's like the tiger. It's the stripes are. Bold Bo , bolder bringing, yeah. Bold, like the they're sort of showing like the eye energy of a lion, like kind of being lurk, like not

Katische: mm-hmm

Laura: like lurking, but the

Katische: mm-hmm

Laura: tiger being they're both fierce, but the tiger because of its colors, it's bold.

Katische: Yep.

Laura: So immediately, like bringing that well simultaneously releasing the fear to be bold and then bringing the, bringing the ability online.

Katische: Perfect.

Laura: And they're really talking about my business and speaking from that boldness in my business.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: They're still working on the left knee. No worries. And they're playing the “eye of the tiger” song.

Katische: perfect.

Laura: Actually, no, they just blended the Katie Perry song with the eye of the tiger song.

Katische: Mm-hmm well, like, yeah, yeah. I know what you mean. And I feel a softer energy just came in.

Laura: Hmm. Feels like a wave, like a, like an ocean, like a soft gentle ocean wave

Katische: mm-hmm

Laura: was sort of like letting my body rest in that

Katische: mm-hmm

Laura: subtle kind of feeling and a kind of like a, it was almost like finalizing things in the healing session.

Katische: Mm-hmm

Do you see like a Mermaid or something like to go with a flow? Is that a creature in the water?

Laura: Yes. You having me kind of dive with her for treasure.

Katische: Okay, great. Perfect.

Laura: And she's helping me bring it back up to the surface and

Katische: great

Laura: kind of putting it somewhere like that's mine, like in a closet that's mine.

Katische: Mm-hmm

Laura: That I can always is gonna access it. We're putting it in my closet.

Katische: Okay. Is there anything that stands out to you that you grabbed?

Laura: Like a shiny gold bracelet and a giant gold coin

Katische: mm-hmm Is a gold coin of abundance?

Laura: Mm-hmm mm-hmm I it's like saying it's kind of like it's big, but it's like one thing

Katische: mm-hmm,

Laura: me versus, you know, I mean, there's other stuff in the chest, but I picked up the coin because it's, it's just me. It's the they're like, if the coins don't need many coins can sometimes mean many things.

Katische: Mm-hmm

Laura: and they're saying just the coin, it's just you.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: And the bracelets duplicate it themselves, like wonder woman.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: Around my wrists.

Katische: Mm-hmm

Laura: it's hearkening back to a like, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Comma, we're getting ahead of ourselves past life in Egypt period.

Katische: okay.

Laura: Like that's gonna be coming up.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: When we do the other sessions.

Katische: Excellent.

Laura: And they're wanting and they were wanting me to use the treasure chest as like an ideas, a place to go to get ideas.

Katische: Okay.

Laura: The ideas are gold. They said

Katische: mm-hmm

Laura: and it's an infinite supply.

Katische: Great.

Laura: I feel . I feel they're finishing. I mean, they're done with the leg now. The knee. Okay, great. Perfect. Thank you. And I'm getting the completion signal.

Katische: Okay. Perfect. So if you could turn in energetically, thank everybody who's been here today. So we'd like to thank the tiger. We'd like to thank the mermaid we would like to take. Thank ArchAngel Raphael. We'd like to Chan thank you. Sorry. We'd like to thank Angel Caroline.

We'd like to thank ArchAngel, Michael. We'd like to thank the dolphin, the original everybody that was up in that scene, especially if I've missed anybody. I'm sorry. We'd also like to turn and thank the you of all time that we have been seeing the smaller you and all of the friends who you dealt with today.

And could you please confirm with him that we are now to return to your normal life? That the session is complete?

Laura: Yes mm-hmm.

Katische: Okay. Perfect. I just want you to listen to the crystal singing bowl. And I want you to notice as it gathers you back up, transports you away from where you have received this amazing healing for which we are eternally grateful, allow to gather you up and transport you. And it's going to take you back to that room, the white room, where you were laying on the chair, and when you were back laying on the chair, let me know

Laura: I'm there.

Katische: Okay, beautiful. And so we are instructed to return to your everyday life as Laura and as you feel ready and complete.

You can wriggle your fingers and toes, but please do not sit up immediately. You've just had very intense surgery, spiritual surgery, and a complete recalibration

Laura: mm-hmm .

Katische: So when you're ready, you're able to open your eyes and our session is now complete. So you can just turn your head and talk to me that way, if you like so that you don't rush to get up.

Laura: Oh my God. Katische. That was amazing.

Katische: High five spiritual team.

Laura: that was so good.

They said we, they wanted me to do the, the spiritual healing and they delivered,

They sure did geez Louise.

Katische: so that I cannot stress to you enough, how huge that healing was.

Laura: Okay.

Katische: Yeah. So you have to treat yourself as though you've just been discharged from a physical mortal world hospital. Okay.

Laura: Okay.

Katische: That serious level healing, not joking. You may, you may be worked out wiped out for two days.

Laura: Okay. That's what I was gonna ask. I felt when I felt into it, I felt the rest of the weekend.

Katische: Yep. I'm sorry if you had plans, but that is, that's like a reset you've you've got a new body spiritually, energetically, physically. Okay. So you need to that was a very, very, very, very, very significant ceremony that you just received from ArchAngel, Michael. So basically we have wiped the slate clean for you to continue with the journey that you have been assigned here.

When you see an Angel bow down to you like that that is recognition. It's recognition that the, of the struggle that you experience, but it's recognition that it's over now. Okay.

Laura: Okay. Thank you.

Katische: The Angels don't bow down for everyone. Let me tell you that so it is very significant and know that you can reach out to her because the fact that she bowed down to you means that she's always been there with you.

Laura: Yeah.

Katische: Okay. She's been part of your journey and she understands at a very intimate level across all lifetimes, what you've been doing. Okay. So please now know, with every inch of your physical human being, that there is something very special that you are here for. Okay. And you are to no longer doubt yourself because people with a very large spiritual task have challenges for reasons.

Yeah. Yeah. You've just been cleared.

Laura: mm-hmm

Katische: and healed and repaired. So You know, this is day one. Yeah.

Laura: Thank you. Gosh, it was so wonderful.