Life Between Lives Regression

Life Between Lives Regression is a session that is usually done in conjunction with other sessions as a way of answering additional questions. However, it can be a stand alone session. It is also often conducted with a Future Life Progression Session. The main idea is that you get to meet significant souls, see spirit guides and Guardian Angels and have questions answered about your current incarnation.

Commonly people do Life Between Lives Regression for answers in relation to: 

  1. Understanding Soul Mates, Twin Flames, Soul Family
  2. Career Issues
  3. Life direction
  4. Understanding current life soul contracts
  5. Understanding choice of family, parents and challenges of current incarnation
  6. Understanding the lives and families you chose between before picking your current lifetime

Case Studies:

What You’ll learn in the following videos:

  • Spirit Guides have humour!
  • There is a reason it feels like you have met people before! You have!
  • You can choose your family, actually you did!

LBL Session: Myles

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LBL and PLR Katie.

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LBL Session Katie.

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LBL Myles (2).

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