Light Codes:

Spiritual transformation through 

Light and the Meridians.

Exclusive, private training with Sound and Light Healer Katische Haberfield. 

Learn the principles of healing with light, through the meridians, create change and feel the freedom of spiritual transformation.

Learn to download light codes directly from source.

The knowledge of the ancients is returning.

If you've found this page, then your ancestors and higher self are asking you to connect with the knowledge of the ancients. Spiritual knowledge of how the body works, and how it connects to our conscious mind, subconscious mind, astral, mental, and causal bodies as well as the universe has always been understood.  This knowledge has never been the "reserve" of any particular nation, peoples or culture, but has been embued in our DNA waiting to be reactivated. 

It's time to remember what you have always known.  It's time to remember that your body produces its own light source and that this light source can be activated to achieve the spiritual breakthroughs you have been looking for.

We will be examining ancient knowledge and learning how to apply this quantum healing in our life.

"The meridians are the ultimate connectio between the visible and the invisible".

Qigong Grand Master Xi-Hua Xu


"Meridians form invisible energy pathways that provide coherence to the human body and allow its structures to communicate among themselves and with the external universe".

Qigong Grand Master Xi-Hua Xu