November 13

Location Astrology with Indra Rinzler

This is a bonus episode of The Infinite Life with Katische Haberfield. In this Masterclass Indra conducts a location astrology reading for me based on my Vedic Astrology chart. This class will show you the behind-the-scenes of a reading with Indra and teaches through practical application- there is no dry theory here- it is my personal chart. I hope that by sharing it shows you clearly how this information may be of benefit to you, in maximising your goals for this incarnation.

About this week's guest is: Indra Rinzler

I’m a lifetime spiritual seeker. I’m a healer and teacher, and I offer life readings for clients. Astrology and the Enneagram of Personality are the main modalities that I share. I’ve been studying astrology for fifty years. I first learned of the Enneagram of Personality in 1999. I use these two modalities individually and in combination. I can see someone’s Enneagram point in their astrology chart. I was taught this wisdom by a master in 1999. It is rarely practiced this way throughout the world, but it will be one day. My focus is to help clients to wake up to who they really are. I work to help people to live beyond their conditioned stories and to live more in the moment.

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