January 29

Meditation for clearing emotional pain.

This meditative journey calls upon the spirit of Helichrysum- the plant- to take you deep into the forest to meet the elf guardian. She sees your pain and takes you through a ritual to burn away your sorrows and emotional turmoil.

Created by Katische as she plays the sound healing instruments of the Koshi Chime and the Crystal Singing bowl, alongside background Royalty-free meditation music from https://www.musicofwisdom.com/ and https://indiemusicbox.com/ and 8HZ to get you into Alpha brainwave states, PLUS vibrational aromatherapy with Helichrysum essential oil, this deep meditation asks you to suspend your life for an hour, and journey deep within.

  • Original meditation script created by Katische.
  •  Please ensure you wear headphones and are not disturbed during this meditative journey.
  •  Drink lots of water after the experience and be kind to yourself.
  • This meditation is perfect for the clients of Katische and those who would like to get ready for an age regression or past life regression session as it helps you to learn to relax and focus your mind.
  • You are seen and heard and loved.
  • Please share with a friend who might need this today and let us know in the comments on YouTube what your experience was like!