January 18

Meditation for increasing Creativity and Passion.

Relax and with headphones on, ease your mind and listen to this meditation with the Koshi Chimes and the crystal singing bowls and the voice of Katische Haberfield. This meditation will not only relax you, but help you become more in tune with the natural creativity of mother nature, and introduce you to the spiritual meanings behind jasmine, sandalwood, ginger, cloves and cardamom. These combined together in our creative crystal cauldron help us infuse our lives aromatically with passion and creativity.

When this meditation was recorded, Katische infused the crystal singing bowl with each of the essential oils from the elements of nature mentioned and thus the essence of each plant is transported along the soundwaves in this meditation. if you have a particularly good sense of smell you will be able to smell the aromas as they arise in the meditation. This meditation can be used to practice going into self hypnosis if you are getting ready for a past life regression session.