Mediumship for spiritual entrepreneurs

mediumship sesssions with katische

Spiritual business guidance in 30 minutes.

Ever wonder if you could get quick guidance from spirit regarding your spiritual business? Now you can. I'm providing 30-minute mediumship sessions for lightworkers, healers and starseeds.

This is professional spiritual career guidance from spirits who have been in your life in ANY of your incarnations. This life, past life, future life and your soul counterparts- the you of other lifetimes.

This is not a session to connect with grandma or a loved one who has passed over. I can recommend someone to you for that kind of reading.

Introductory rate $66 USD for $30 minutes. Via Zoom. Booking in comments.

PS. No these will not go on the podcast- they are about your private business so this is not appropriate podcast content.

Katische accepts no responsibility for any of the information provided in this session. You accept full responsibility in determining if these messages resonate with your soul. Legal responsibility for any decisions implemented in your business as a result of this session will not be accepted. You are a sovereign being.