January 17

Meditation to merge with the light of a star.

merge with the light of a star

Welcome to episode nine. In this episode we hear from a listener of the podcast who's also a upcoming guest about his past life recall and how it has actually impacted upon the trajectory of his life his chosen career and his path. We also in this episode are going to take time to take time from our life to do a beautiful koshi chime meditation in this meditation.

I will lead you to the inner light, the light which is within you , we will also then go on a journey to merge with the light of the star so that you can see how your energy effortlessly lights up the world and that simply by being light you can help others see their own light as well.

The purpose of this meditation is to help you to learn to relax and by going through the process of this guided meditation you will go into a hypnotic state so please don't listen while you are driving or operating machinery.

Many people can feel concerned or worried or anxious about doing a past life regression because they are worried that they won't be able to actually go deep enough, that they will still be active in their conscious mind and therefore won't be able to access a past life memory.

So the best thing that you can actually do is to practice meditating and practice listening to other people's meditations sound healings and past life regressions so that you can practice turning off the conscious mind and accessing the beautiful piece that comes with the relaxation of going into your subconscious mind.

This week's podcast is also available on YouTube as a video meditation. Share it with a friend, so that they can feel the expansive energy of their inner light.