June 7

Messages from family on the other side.

In this episode we meet Maggie’s husband Myles, who is interested in understanding the reason behind his night time astral travelling and what his soul purpose is for this incarnation. During his past life regression and his visit to the “life between lives”, Myles receives powerful messages from his step-dad, his spiritual mentor/guide and grandfather who are now in spirit, which help him understand what is important and should be his focus in this lifetime. Myles also receives spiritual healing.

Please note that for the purposes of this podcast the silent moments and healing have been condensed otherwise it would have been a 2-hour episode!


Katische: The angels can carry you through time and space in any direction of time and space.

I am asking the angels now to move and carry you through time and space to another moment and place where there is something important for you to learn and understand that will help you in the very best way. The angels are carrying you, drifting and floating, drifting and floating through time and space. You are feeling protected and safe, comfortable and relaxed. The angels know the way, they are taking you to a time and place that is important for you. Drifting and floating, drifting and floating and now the angels are stopping, they're bringing the bubble of white light that you're in back down, down, down to the surface. The bubble of light is on the surface now. I'm going to count from three to one and when you reach one you'll be on the other side of the white bubble. Our destination for today, three moving through the white light, two moving right through the white light and, one be on the other side of it now. You can hear me and speak to me, even though your eyes are closed. I want you to engage all of your senses, look with your mind's eye, feel and know through your energy, body and listen to your spiritual ears. Where are you? What is your first impression, is it daytime or night time?

Myles: I'm not sure, I feel like I'm inside.

Katische: Somewhere inside okay, and do you have a sort of a feeling of happiness, sadness, elation? Is there an emotion that is coming to you now as you get yourself orientated? Can you hear any sounds of nature or people?

Myles: Just peace. A figure that looks like just an outline of a person.

Katische: Okay all right.

Myles: Female, but no distinct characteristics.

Katische: Okay and how do you feel when you see that outline of that female?

Myles: Calm.

Katische: Calm. Okay, and when you sense yourself, do you get a sense of your own body? Do you feel like you have masculine or feminine energy?

Myles: Feminine.

Katische: Okay beautiful. And do you get a sense of if you were to imagine your feet? Any answer you have is correct. Would your feet currently have shoes on them or are you barefoot?

Myles: Barefoot.

Katische: Okay beautiful, and is there anything that you can sense or know or feel about your body? Is it the body of somebody who is a child or an adult?

Myles: Adult 

Katische: Okay and are you somebody who is tall or short?

Myles: Neither.

Katische: Neither, okay just average and if you were to imagine what you were wearing what would it be? What does your imagination tell you?

Myles:  I know, like, I don't know the word, tunic.

Katische: A tunic, okay, Do you have anything on your head?

Myles: Hair.

Katische: What kind of hair?

Myles: Shoulder length, straight. Kind of like a light brown blonde, this colour.

Katische: Okay beautiful, and this tunic that you're wearing, do you wear that every day or is this just for today?

Myles: Every day, it's just.

Katische: Every day, okay and does it feel rough like a hessian or smooth like a silk?

Myles: Rough.

Katische: Okay and does it come with a belt or any sort of accessories that are important that we need to know about?

Myles: It has kind of clips around the shoulder.

Katische: Clips around the shoulder okay.

Myles: I got some more ties.

Katische: Any decorations of any sort or is it plain?

Myles: Plain, and maybe White.

Katische: Okay White. And what is this a religious tunic?

Myles: No, it seems like something anyone would wear.

Katische: Okay and do you get a sense of, are you currently in the country or in the city?

Myles: I get the sense that I'm kind of in the city but not a large city.

Katische: Okay and if you can orientate yourself around the scene, maybe take a few steps in any direction that is calling you, is there anything that you can feel or see or know that would indicate which geographic location in the world, assuming you're on earth?

Myles: I feel like I'm in, like, like Greece.

Katische: Okay yeah. Okay, and do you feel a number that comes to your mind which tells you how old you are? Any number that comes to mind is correct.

Myles: 27.

Katische: 27, okay and what about any name? Your first name or the sounds of your name comes to your mind?

Myles: Not clearly.

Katische: No, that's all right. All right, well as we go through something may come to you. You may get a letter or a sound and that's fine, we can also ask somebody to tell you your name later on. Do you have any sense of what year it is?

Myles: I don't.

Katische: That's fine, no worries. Okay so your soul has brought you here to have a look at something that specifically happens in this particular lifetime, so could you please ask yourself of this lifetime to move the scene forward to a particular moment in time in this person's life, that we need to witness today. Let me know when you get there.

Katische: It may be later that day, it may be the next year, a decade later.

Myles: I’m there.

Katische: Okay what's happening, what are you sensing?

Myles: I’m sensing that, she doesn't seem very happy.

Katische: Doesn't doesn't seem very happy, okay why doesn't she seem very happy.

Myles: This person in this life doesn't have a spouse.

Katische: Doesn't have a partner. Okay, and they want to have a partner?

Myles: They need a partner, and in this time, it's like you have to have one to survive.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: So her spouse has died and she's alone and not old but I guess considered old to find a new spouse.

Katische: Okay, and how does that make her feel?

Myles: Scared.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: She's worried that things will happen to her, be taken advantage of, even afraid to be killed. It's very scary.

Katische: Okay. So you can reassure her that you are with her now, you are always with her and have always been with her because you are part of her. So let us move the scene forward a little bit and see how she copes with the situation, what is important for you to see?

Katische: Know that you have already experienced what she is experiencing and so you are just honouring and witnessing her journey today.

Myles: Wow.

Katische: What's happening, Myles? You're my eyes and ears.

Myles: I'm sorry. A lot just happened. Everything that she feared but she's still okay.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: She felt like she lost trust in people and everything, but as soon as she felt that she met someone and everything's all right.

Katische: Okay so when she surrendered to the emotion and the fears and just let it be she met someone, is that what are you saying?

Myles: Yes, exactly.

Katische: Okay well that's good, and is this somebody a male? Did she meet male or a female?

Myles: She did meet a male.

Katische: Yep and do you get any sense of whether he's the same age as her or a lot older than her, younger than her?

Myles: A little older, though healthy.

Katische: Okay and what does he look like, what's your sense?

Myles: He's not the same as her.

Katische: Okay so different ethnic origin?

Myles: Yes, olive-toned skin. Dark brown beard, long, curly. He has a headband. It’s closed when we meet, different. They are Orange. Sandals are different.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: He's never seen before but.

Katische: Does that mean he comes from a wealthier family or a higher rank in society? Is that indicative of what he's wearing?

Myles: It does seem nicer, doesn't seem wealthy but definitely better off than her situation. Her things were taken from her.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: After her husband died she went from having a house to kind of like just living from day to day. 

Katische: Okay. Was that normal for the time?

Myles: It was for this time. A woman without a man, it's hard. You didn't feel like you owned anything, had any rights to anything.

Katische: Okay and from her original husband, did she have any children or was it just herself?

Myles: Just herself.

Katische: Okay and do you get any sense of a kind of a name for this new man?

Myles: Going to say it starts with a J.

Katische:  A J, okay perfect and I want you to really feel the energy dynamics between both of them. Can you feel the love or is it mainly friendship and protection? What's the energetic dimension, the energetic relationship?

Myles: It’s love and kindness, hope.

Katische: Beautiful, I want you to really focus in on the energy and I want you to let me know. Have you experienced this energetic being, this soul, in any other lifetime or is this just a soul relationship for the particular lifetime that we are witnessing today? 

Meaning is the energy familiar to you?

Myles: Energy is familiar.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: I’ve felt both sides of this.

Katische: Say that again sorry.

Myles: I feel like I’ve felt both sides of this.

Katische: Okay

Myles: Situation.

Katische: Okay and what about him specifically, have you met him before in another lifetime?

Myles: He seems familiar, I don't know this from another lifetime.

Katicshe: That's okay. If you're meant to know who this person is it will come to you now, otherwise, we can move on. Sometimes you can look spiritually into their eyes and know who this person is especially if they're in your current lifetime as Myles.

Katische: What are you seeing, what are you, what's happening Myles?

Myles: I’m experiencing the energy. Trying to figure it out, it's very familiar for me, the man's energy but it's like I've experienced it before in this lifetime but, it's hard to place.

Katische: Okay, that's all right. We can ask your angels and spirit guides if, and higher self, if it's important for Myles to know who this person is. Please open his eyes of perception and his ears to understand exactly who this person is represented as in his current lifetime, if not then we will move the scene forward to the last day of this person's lifetime.

Myles: It’s Bobby. [laughs]

Katische: It’s who?

Myles: It’s Bobby that’s there, the energy.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: He’s passed.

Myles: His energy in this lifetime wasn’t quite the same. How do I say this - he was harder I guess, probably has to do with the role he played in my life. As a Step-Dad.

Katische: And is there knowing that this person of both lifetimes would like to pass on to you? What is the knowing about the relationship that you have together across all other lifetimes? What does he wish to impart to you as knowledge?

Myles: He's telling me that everything's okay. He’s let me know that we can't do everything in fixed education. He’s let me know that by design everything we do so if something doesn't work out it's just meant to be that way.

Katische: Does he have anything else to let you know?

Myles: He's trying to show me things that he tried to do, you know.

Katische: Okay.

Myles:  Well hopefully everything is going to be the same.

Katische: And is there anything that you feel needs to be released now? Any emotions that you harboured, a grudge or need to forgive him for? Things that you thought that he should have fixed for you that he was not able to?

Myles: He’s forgiving me for things that I feel like I just can't fix, that not to worry. And.

Katische: And what.  

Myles: And when he passed he asked me to take care of my Mom.

Katische: Okay.  

Myles: You know I've just done everything he’s asked but he's telling me that everything's okay. This will be fine and take care of my family too. I have spent so much time worrying so much about her and everything, and that it’s okay.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: And.

Katische: Sorry.

Myles: This time I should help myself too instead of worrying about everyone and everything I guess. He told me almost the opposite in this life.

Katische: When he was incarnated in this life he told you the opposite to what he's telling you now? Okay.

Myles: He always put all this responsibility and these and things on me and that's now the opposite so.

Katische: And why did, why did he do that in his role in that lifetime, in the lifetime that he just had? Was there a reason why he told you the opposite? Did you need to experience something?

Myles: It wasn't for me I guess, it was more for him. He wanted to know things were going to be ok because he wasn’t going to live long. 

Katische: Okay.

Myles: So he wanted me to take care of the family and stuff like he's gone, but now that everything's gonna be okay and that's, just take care of myself. 

Katische: Okay, and in the lifetime where you were together there and you're the female, what was his role in the relationship there?

Myles: He took care of me.

Katische: Yep.

Myles: Without him, I would have died on the street.

Katische: Okay and are you, would you like to take this lifetime to its conclusion now and      go to the last day of your lifetime so we can get these spiritual lessons from this lifetime?

Myles: Yes.

Katische: Okay, so ask yourself to move forward to the end of your lifetime please and see yourself getting ready to cross over to die. And I want you to let me know what's happening, and I want you to allow yourself to leave your body without feeling any pain, just naturally watching yourself. Let me know what's happening and how old you are.

Myles: Sighs

Katische: Remember, this is not the first time you have died. You have died over and over again and so you're safe, you're just witnessing this for your soul's sake.

Katische: What's happening, Myles?

Myles: I’m not seeing myself, I can't see how old I am.

Katische: Okay, alright. So perhaps you can float up high to get a higher perspective. You may not be allowed to see your death scene, so what I want to do is to ask your angels and higher self to guide us to allow you to see the light that you see at the time at which we transition. So I want you to be able to see the light, look for the light. It's usually symbolised by a bright white light or a rainbow or a bridge.

Myles: Okay, I see a light.

Katische: Okay alright, so would you like to follow that light?

Myles: Yes.

Katische: Okay, well follow the light. It's completely safe and the light will usher you upwards towards the heavenly realms and I want you to experience weightlessness as you are following the white light. Let me know what was the most important thing, the reason for that particular incarnation? What did, what was the purpose of that lifetime that you were now leaving?

Myles: The purpose is that you're supposed to experience both sides to everything to understand it.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: It’s more, it’s everything, it's good and bad. I see many examples of how it is experiencing anything. For example, let's say in this situation when I experienced, that you know, she was raped when I was silent. It was very brutal, but it shows in another lifetime where you, where I was the person who did something similar in another lifetime.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: You feel in both situations completely different but also bad. The guilt of doing that and then the insecurity of having that done, it's like you have to experience both sides to fully understand it. The same thing with being poor or wealthy.

Myles: Wow. It’s like race, colour creed and everything. I could tell we have to experience all of these to really truly learn.

Katische: Is there any limiting belief that we need to break the bonds of time with, from that lifetime?

Myles: I think the limiting belief was that she couldn't make it by herself and that she was too old to find someone.

Katische: Okay, and now with your higher wisdom you can see that that is not true?

Myles: Yes.

Katische: Okay, so I'd like you to say after me. I release any outdated vows.

Myles: I release any outdated vows. 

Katische: Or mental.

Myles: Or mental.

Katische: And emotional residues.

Myles: And emotional residues.

Katische: That were blocking.

Myles: That were blocking.

Katische: Or slowing my path.

Myles: Or slowing my path.

Katische: I release them into the white light of the spirit.

Myles: I release them into the white light of the spirit.

Katische: I release outdated past life influences.

Myles: I release outdated past life influences.

Katische: Affecting my path.

Myles: affecting my path.

Katische: Into the white light of the spirit.

Myles.: Into the white light of the spirit.

Katische: Beautiful. Now I want you to keep following that white light now as it's going to take you up into the higher realms. So just go with the white light and let me know what you're experiencing as you experience it. If you see any other bright lights or intense energy, if there are any energetic spiritual beings there to greet you let me know

Myles: I see the white light.

Katische:  Okay just keep following the white light and allow yourself to give yourself permission to allow that white light to absorb you. And I'm going to bring in your angelic team now and ask that the angelic team to assist you to be able to travel in that white light so lifting you higher and higher, lifting you higher and higher as the white light gets brighter and brighter you travel higher and higher as you reach the higher realms, the heavenly realms. Allow yourself to float and drift, float and drift, float and drift. Allowing yourself to go higher and higher, allowing yourself to become aware of the different forms of energy that surrounds you. Allowing yourself to imagine that you are up higher than the clouds, allowing yourself to flow with the energy, to float as though you had wings, knowing that you are safe.

Imagine that you are travelling as high, higher than the highest mountain that you could imagine. You're floating, drifting, floating, floating. I want you to become more aware as you are in a soul state directly, directly connected to the higher consciousness of your mind which is like a vast computer holding all the stored knowledge of your entire existence.

As an internal timeless being you have the ability to look forward and backwards in physical time and be part of the higher realms to access all of the knowledge that you need to access to meet significant people on your soul's journey, your soul group and your soul family to connect with spirit guides and angels and spirit animals and as you are travelling you will remember details about your immortal life between lives and thus you will be able to respond to my questions as your life as a soul. You will have the capability of discovering any aspect of your spiritual existence with objectivity and understanding, you will also have the power to distinguish the difference between your immortal soul character and the personality and temperament of any physical body serving as your soul host in former lives and your current life. 

We're now going to a place of expanded awareness as you move upwards into the loving realm of an all-knowing spiritual power even though you are only now at the gateway of this beautiful realm, your soul can feel the joy of being released. Everything will become familiar to you as we progress further because this peaceful realm embodies an all-knowing acceptance as you enter your eternal home. Think of it as a spiritual sanctuary of planning and harmony, a place composed of wise and kind beings who have great love for you and want to help you in every way. 

Katische: We're moving from linear to now time as you're looking upwards.

I want to get you to hone into your sensations. Are you feeling excited about moving upwards?

Myles: I guess. I wouldn’t say excited. I guess at ease, natural.

Katische: Okay beautiful.

Katische: So you are now moving to a place beyond your current personality where your character is more permanent yet you are still who you are. Take three deep breaths and on the third breath, you'll go to a level where you need to be to recall who you really are as a soul with all information to your immortal identity. So deep breath in, one, and release. Deep breath in, two, and release. Deep breath in, three, and release and you are now in a very bright white light surroundings. Do you see a large globe of light near you or do you see points of light off into the distance?

Myles: Above me.

Katische: Above you okay. Is it just one or many?

Myles: Many.

Katische: Many, okay. If you could count them could you count them? Or are they just innumerable?

Myles: Two large ones and several small.

Katische: Okay, and which is more energetically pulling towards you the larger ones or the small ones?

Myles: The two large ones.

Katische: Okay. So I want you to allow yourself to be energetically drawn towards those bright large ones. As the light of these lights comes towards you I want you to know if they have a colour to them and if they have a shape and appearance?

Myles: Blue but it's almost like they have, not stripes but it's hard to explain.

Katische: Some kind of a pattern?

Myles: Yes. Like, I don't know, veins almost but like really small. Like a really small balance of white and blue.

Katische: Okay, and do these lights drift close to you as if taking you by the hand or does it seem to envelop you with loving energy?

Myles: envelope me with loving energy.

Katische: Okay. Allow yourself to accept the loving energy. And is this loving energy the energy that is a guide?

Myles: Like a guide, yeah.

Katische:  Yeah, okay.

Myles: Mentor.

Katische: And by what spiritual name do you know this guide or mentor?

Myles: It’s an h sound, clearly.

Katische: Okay that's alright. And is this spiritual, sorry

Myles: Like a Heinz or a Hans

Katische: Hans.

Myles: Can’t quite make it out.

Katische: That's okay, the spiritual names sound differently than human names so allow your mind to rest knowing that it is correct and this guide, has this guide been with you for a while?

Myles: Seems like always.

Katische: Always, okay beautiful. So I want you to really feel the energy of this guide.

And where, is there a particular place that this energy resonates with you like does it go straight to a particular part if you had a human body, which you don't have right now, but where would it go to? Does it resonate straight with your heart or your mind or just all over?

Myles: I would say my heart, chest, stomach.

Katische: And does the energy feel cooling or warming or what does it feel like?

Myles: Very cool.

Katische: Cool energy okay. And in all of your different incarnations, our guides give us a kind of a sign or a feeling to let them know that they let us know they are nearby. Ask your guide to show you now an energetic representation so that you know in all future and concurrent and present incarnations when they are present.

Myles: A Cricket 

Katische: Okay.

Myles: My guide’s telling me he's like Jiminy Cricket, like my conscience.

Katische: All right, okay. So is this your actual, your higher self?

Myles: Yeah.

Katische: Okay beautiful. Alright, so it's a beautiful thing to be introduced to the energy of your higher self.  So, higher self thank you for coming and could you please direct us in the direction in the life between lives that you would like us to take now.  Would you like us to go towards a healing room or to meet a soul?

Myles: I want to take this to a healing room.

Katische: Okay perfect. So I want you to follow your higher self to the healing room and let me know when you get there.

Myles: I’m there.

Katische: Okay, and can you describe it for me? As in how is it represented to you?


Myles: Almost like a square room, it's almost like an elevator kind of.

Katische: And do you lie down on a table or a bed or do you stand up for the healing?

Myles: I guess we'd say lie down but there's nothing to lie down on.

Katische: Okay alright, so the healing will either appear in the form of a light healing, a sound healing, a shower, so just allow the receiving now of the healing and let me know in what energetic form the healing takes place.

Myles: Lights, shapes and colours. 

Katische: Okay, so I'm going to be quiet now and I want you to just accept the healing and when you have finished the healing just say done.

Myles: I'm done.

Katische: Okay, perfect and how do you feel now?

Myles: At ease.

Katische: At ease? Okay beautiful.

Myles: Ah nice it's, the energy is like, like a cool breeze on a hot day.

Katische: Beautiful, okay and now your higher self has the chance to take you to meet another soul member, so a soul family member, a soul mate. Would you like to go do that now?

Myles: Yes.

Katische: Okay so move with your higher self to meet the soul that is important for you to meet today. Let me know when you get there.

Myles: Ah, I think I’m here.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: This looks like a tree.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: It's my grandfather.

Katische: Your grandfather, beautiful.

Myles: I was giving a tree when he passed.

Katische: And what does your grandfather have to say to you?

Myles: He says he has given me this tree in the past and it wasn’t by accident. I guess a symbol to be born, to begin with the world, nature, surroundings and to be more grounded.

He’s telling me that part of our lesson is that even in this lifetime, you know reading, that you’ll forget but the soul rest mate is worth more than that. I guess more worldly lessons that you learn. It's hard to say in words.

Katische: That's alright. 

Myles: More of a feeling, it’s not.

Katische: That's alright yeah that's fine, feelings are important so you just you can communicate your feelings as well.

Myles: Maybe some process I’m saying is just like work, things, sports things like that all just not important but the lessons and stuff that you take with you on in your soul and the things we learn, nature. I don't like going outside because I hate mosquitoes, you know it's kind of like “get over it”. Okay.

Katische: And what is the role of your grandfather across lifetimes, is he soul family, does he play the role of soulmate, what are some of the other roles he's played?

Myles: He's always a family, always older like a teacher. Not always a close relative, uncle or grandparents.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: Distant but loving as a good teacher.

Katische: Does he have any other messages that you need to have for your life as Myles?

Myles: Another thing is just,  just to be like I am,  just loving and good parents.

Katische: Okay, well thank you grandfather in this lifetime for his wisdom. And are you ready to move on to your life or light soul council?

Myles: I think I’m ready.

Katische: Okay, is there somebody else that you need to see? Does your grandfather have somebody that they need to take you to?

Myles: No, it’s like he's telling me that I can only handle so much at one time.

Katische: Yep okay that's fine, perfect thank you. That's the indication we were looking for.

Would he like us to return to your present lifetime now? Is your time in the life between lives done for today?

Myles: Yes, he's trying to be nice about it but it's like he says that I don't remember things well and he wants me to remember this.

Katische: Okay great. Alright, well thank you. Thank you very much, thank you to your higher self,  thank you to your grandfather we appreciate their frankness and it's time to go so I want you to say goodbye and I want you to allow yourself to drift and float away, drift and float away, drift and float away and I want you to realise that you are starting to become heavier and heavier as you allow your soul body to transform into your human earthly body. And you drift back down from the clouds slowly drifting, drifting, drifting and allow yourself to drift back down into the place in nature where you started out. Information will be continued to be provided to you by your higher self, your guides and your angels in your dreams and your working moments as intuition signs and inspired thoughts, your dreams will be more vivid over the next few nights and you'll remember them more clearly than ever. Now it is time to return back to your present life, you will remember everything you experience very clearly. Anytime you listen to this recording you will always receive guidance, healing and help from your angels and your higher self and it will be a very transformational healing and pleasant experience. See now yourself back in nature, see that the white light has evaporated and your ankle no longer has little red thread on it, see that this link to the higher realms has now been drawn back up and you're back in your human self. So now you can hear in the background the chimes chiming again.

Chime sounds.

Katische: Now I will count from five to one, and when I reach one you'll be back in the present moment in your own room. Awake refreshed and you will feel wonderful. Five, 

Four, Three, Two, One.

Katische: Back in the present moment, in the present time, the present lifetime as Myles. You have done wonderful, and in your own time you can wriggle your fingers and your toes,

reorientate yourself to the present moment.

Myles: Oh wow.

Katische: Welcome back.

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