June 13

Current life allergy past-life cause.

Would you believe me if I said that the causes of current life physical ailments, diseases and allergies can have a past life root cause? No, neither did Myles Jones, however, he trusted my intuition that there was a link.

Myles has always been the mosquitos' human sandwich. They love him. If he's around, none of his friends need insect repellant, because they bite him, not his friends. When he gets bitten he breaks out in a chicken pox-like rash and gets very agitated. I can understand that because it happens to me with midges.

I had a knowing that there was a past life cause and that it wasn't something he should "put up with" any longer.

Join us for the second regression with Myles, as we step back into a lifetime in America, as a Native American.


Katische: Do you see something, hear something, smell something, taste something?

Myles: I see a man on a horse.

Katische: Man on a horse, yeah.

Myles: The horse is tan. It's like a light brown with a white mane. I smell moisture in the air, I don't see any water.

Katische: Has it been raining?

Myles: I don't see any water, it may have been raining, there is definitely moisture in the air. 

Katische: Okay, and are you the man on the horse or are you looking at the man on the horse?

Myles: I'm looking at the man on the horse.

Katische: Okay, and where are you in relation to the men on the horse?

Myles: In front of him.

Katische: Okay, and are you male energy or female energy?

Myles: Male.

Katische: Male, and what do you know about yourself? What do you sense, are you tall, are you short?

Myles: I'm tall. I'm trying to look around at myself but I can't see anything, reflection or anything. I'm tan, but I'm tall.

Katische: And would you say that you feel young or old?

Myles: Young.

Katische: Young, child like or young adult like?

Myles: Adult, definitely an adult.

Katische: Do you feel like you could know your age?

Myles: Not exactly.

Katische:  Okay that's fine, and does any locality in the world spring to mind? Do you feel like you're in America or France?

Myles: America.

Katische: Is this a rural scene?

Myles: Very rural.

Katische: Okay, so could you move this scene forward to see where you're going to? Where are you off to today?  

Myles: I'm here to meet this man.

Katische: Okay, you're here to meet the man?

Myles:  I'm at my destination.

Katische: Okay, great and why do you want to meet this man today? What's the meeting about?

Myles: We're trading. 

Katische: What are you trading?

Myles: Food, animals, spices.

Katische: And what do you take from this man?

Myles: I'm trading for help and knowledge.

Katische: Okay, in what ways?

Myles: They're more advanced. They can travel long distances, ships, things like that. We like that we don't have.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: Looks like I'm trading to learn how to make these ships and knowledge.   

Katische: So that would mean that you live somewhere near the water if you wish to be able to make ships correct?

Myles: Yes.

Katische: So if you're a guessing man, could you guess that you are on the East coast, West coast, Southern part? Which part of America? If that's near a border?

Myles: South. It's warm. I'm looking over a cliff and I do see water now.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: It's hilly, warm, hot and humid.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: It feels like it rained as well, so you feel the moisture in the air coming from the grass. It's humid. It's kind of a long journey to meet this man and we rode on horse and brought animals too so it's. A long journey.

Katische: How many people came with you on this journey today?

Myles: Only a handful of people that  I see. We just brought a few animals and spices. It's almost as if this may be a second or third meeting.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: It's not a huge trade, it's like a gift almost like a thank you, kind of.

Katische: Yeah, like a token thing or something.

Myles: Yeah.

Katische: Okay, and given that you're talking with this man does that mean you're like a leader of a group, a clan, a tribe, a settlement?

Myles: Yeah, it seems like I'm not the leader but I'm high up right now in a tribe. It's like I’m looking around and I'm seeing the people that came with me and it seems like we're Indians of some sort of native american tribe.

Katische: And do they call you anything in particular? I mean obviously you're not going to be called Fred. Do you have a tribal name?

Myles: No, I'm not picking up anything right now.

Katische: That’s alright.

Myles: I'm trying to speak to him but we don't speak the same language so, not really talking with my friends they're like on guard, they're curious and safeguarded against these foreigners.   

Katische: Are these foreigners white fellas?

Myles: Yes.

Katische: Once you have exchanged the pleasantries and the things that you brought for them, is there any other business that you're here to do today with this man that's important for you to know about?

Myles: They want to come back with me. I'm supposed to take one of them with me.

Katische: Okay, all right well and do you want to let that person come with you? How do you feel about that?

Myles: Cautious but yes, I want to take him to meet the chief.

Katische: Okay. All right, well let's do that and let me know when you're back.

Myles: Okay.

Katische:  Or if anything happens along the way to getting back?

Myles: No, there's nothing that happens on the way back, just, I could tell some people are arguing that came with me thinking that it's a bad idea to take them back because then they'll know where our village is, but I'm in charge and I was told to take one of them with us so that we can learn more about them. That's all that happens.

And we're back.

Katische: Okay, what happens now play the scene out as though it's a movie.

Myles:  I take him to the chief. The chief is curious, we share food with him. There's dancing, there's music. People are excited and curious about this man. Wel make a fire, cook food. Use some of the spices he brought, it's different, it's something we never tasted before. Some people are scared at first thinking that it might be poison or something like that but we enjoy it. We try to tell stories to him, storytelling seems like it's something that's very common and enjoyed in our village, in our tribe but I can tell he doesn't understand what we're saying. We learn a lot and after the meal is done we sit down to smoke. It's like a ceremony, almost like to seal the deal or as a sign of peace. We smoke, the man's not used to it, he coughs. He's happy but also scared at the same time. It's like when he smokes the pipe, he's afraid that we're trying to poison him now just like we were with the food but he can tell we're happy so he knows it's an accident, it's not a purpose but he's coughing and falls over. He's not dead or harmed. It's just too much for him to take. The chief smokes. I smoke, and the chief congratulates me, he's very old. I can tell that he's older and he doesn't have much time left. He thanks me and congratulates me andI don't know if I'm next after him but I can kind of feel that's the type of wish he has for me. I'm leaning back, peaceful, trying to see if there's any visions. Apparently there's sometimes visions given to you when you smoke from this pipe. Everybody around me is still dancing and happy and joyful but I'm calm and just waiting. I'm looking into the fire to see if there are any signs. I'm starting to see myself in the fire. I see myself wearing a headdress but I'm not happy like I thought I would be okay as chief, it's like I can feel the sadness of him leaving even though he was old and there's lots of responsibility. I think about the days like today where I got to go on the Winter journey off and meet new people and, you know, being able to wander the coast you know kind of carefree seeing the sights and now I'm for the most part bound to the village to keep everyone safe. But I'm loved. I can tell that in this vision everybody loves me, everybody's congratulating me, they're happy just like they are now, dancing and cheering that  I became chief they're not sad that the last chief died, they're happy that they have a new chief that's good. You know it seems like in this vision, the trades go well, we get bigger as a tribe, more knowledgeable, better buildings. We don't have to travel. It seems like before, we were more nomadic and now with this knowledge we don't have to roam as far. We can take boats and ships, go back and forth, yeah so everything's happy.

Katische: Okay, good. So what do you need to know next?

Myles: I don't know, I think the only question I have is I'm torn on which one I enjoyed more.  The love of travelling with nature, the love of my family and my tribe. It's like I want to be the person to give that security but at the same time it's nice to not have the responsibility.

Katische: Okay, and is it in the best interest for you to now to fast forward to the time when you actually are chief? Is that what is best for you now?

Myles: Yes.

Katische: So let's let's do that.

Myles: That’s kind of what's already happening. 

Katische: Yeah, that's what I was figuring.

Myles: Looking into the fire, it's like I never woke up. I was never back in that same place.

Katische: Okay, yep and do you have a special name as chief? Can you describe your headdress?

Myles: My headdress is Red, it has feathers. Red with white tips, there's beads on it. That's all I can see.

Katische: Okay, that's alright, that's perfect. And how much older than you were before when we first came into this lifetime do you think you are when you actually became chief? Is it a matter of a year or are we talking a few years later now?

Myles: This is a couple years later, maybe about two or three.

Katische: And does the chief get married? Like is that something that is expected or not expected?

Myles: It is expected of me to be married soon but I'm not yet.

Katische: Okay,how do you feel about marriage?

Myles: I feel like it's necessary but it's not the time. I've taken on new people to the tribe   and I'm concerned about just our tribe. There was a sickness that came and that's what took the last chief. He was old but he died from a sickness. The foreigners seem to know what it is but it's nothing they can help us with. 

Katische: Okay, what else do you need to know about your time as chief?  Does everything go well for you? Are there any problems that we need to know that are important for you to know?

Myles: Not that I can think of. Everything seems normal. I mean there's problems, there's scuffles here and there between, you know, us and what we should do with these foreigners. They think that they brought death upon us with this sickness but we've also learned so much so, it's a conflict between people inside the tribe. Everybody's mostly happy and they respect me as chief so there's no huge fighting, but I can tell that there's some people that are unhappy with the way things are going.

Katische: Okay, so do you feel it's best to move on to the next scene now? What else do we need to know about your life as chief? Perhaps later in life?

Myles: We're trying to decide on whether we need to leave or not. The foreigners left and then they came back but it's not all the same people and they're not as respectful to our culture.

Katische: Okay and that's why you're thinking about leaving to move away from these people or are there some other conditions that's changed in nature that's impacting your ability to live? Why are you considering leaving?

Myles:  We're considering leaving because of the foreigners. We're thinking about running away. We've had such a good life here and we don't want to leave it but at the same time we're afraid there's a lot more of them now. Multiple ships, big ships and we're concerned for our safety.

Katische: Okay,what about the safety of the women and children? Is that one of the problems are you worried about?

Myles:  Yes, we try. One of our other concerns is that we've traded some of our horses with these people and we're afraid we might not have enough to take everyone.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: So we're trying to find a way to take everyone and leave, just abandon the village and some people want to stay and fight. I'm begging them to leave. Normally I'm a fighter. I'm one of the biggest in the clan which is why I became chief. I'm one of the biggest in the tribe, but I know that fighting is not possible, we are outnumbered, they are more advanced, they have this armour. It would be a massacre.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: I'm begging them to leave with us, and we're leaving. We leave everything behind,  we're concerned about food, there's creeks around so we're not worried about water but we're concerned about, you know, food because we've grown accustomed to that one area   growing crops and things like that. We were nomads before but we would travel with livestock, and things, and now we're just running.

Katische: Okay. Do you have a set destination in mind or how are you determining which way to go and where to go?

Myles: We don't, we're just trying to run away from where they came from. The water so we're just trying to run away from the water.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: My belief is that they could follow us on ship but maybe not in the woods because we know the land better, the lay of the land so we're running through to the woods.

Katische: Okay. What's happening now?

Myles: I feel just kind of itchy.

Katische: Itchy okay, why do you feel itchy? 

Myles: I'm not sure, we're just in the woods. We feel like we're safe and we're trying to set up camp, we don't have any fires going or anything like that and I'm just itching?

Katische: Is it because there's no fire there's no smoke to keep away bugs?

Myles: Yes, yes there's nothing to keep away bugs or anything like that. I'm not concerned with it right now, I'm just looking to make sure we're not being followed. I'm waiting to see if my other tribesmen have come with us, the ones that wanted to fight. I'm concerned for them and I'm trying to look for them. I don't want to make a fire right now, there's people trying to make a fire, but I want to hide so we can't make a fire right now. We don't want to give away our location. i've grown accustomed to the itching but I'm still getting bit by bugs 

Katische: Is everyone else getting bitten?

Myles: There are other people getting bitten, just not as many. It seems like they’re attracted to, I guess some of the people that are hotter. When I was leaving I was carrying lots of stuff 

Katische: Okay, so it's just sweat?

Myles: Yeah, the sweat and they're trying to get me out. I'm one of the biggest ones, I was trying to carry as much as possible to lighten the burden of everyone else and I'm chief so I'm just trying to carry as much as possible so I'm really sweaty.  

Katische: And you're not near water so there's no way to cool down is that right?

Myles: That's right, there's no water around. I want to take off my headdress but I keep it on, this is a sign that I'm still chief.

Katische: Is it heavy? Is it itchy?

Myles: It's heavy, it's itchy. It's making me even hotter than it would if I didn't have it on.  I can't cool down, it's humid and I'm sweating and the bugs are getting to me but I just don't want to make a fire right now to just get in the way. It's like our tribe knows that fire would get the bugs away but since we're a good distance away from them and hiding we don't want them to find us.

Katische: Sure.

Myles: I'm just scared that they'll find us and kill us. But I feel a sense of safety, my men have come back and they don't appear to be followed. It seems like they just didn't want to kill us but they wanted us to leave that area, they wanted what we had built our crops on, our livestock, everything that we had we had to leave behind. So it seems like we're safe but we don't have anything. We're just concerned for food, it's our welfare and just want to keep everybody alive my intuition is telling me that what some of the villagers were dying from was a disease that the foreigners brought and I'm scared, it seems like my higher self is telling me that these bugs are gonna give us that disease.

Katische: Like Malaria or something or a Ross River Fever?

Myles: Yeah, like a Scarlet Fever. It's like something we can't escape, it's like we can't escape our fate, we do the fire, they find us. They kill us. The bugs get us and they're transmitting this disease and it's like a vision that that's what the chief died of. It's carrying multiple diseases. I'm thinking that that's what I'm going to die of, like a fever.

Katische: And while you're without your fire are you able to communicate with your ancestors or spirits or animals, animal guides or anything like that? Does the chief do that? How does the chief gain wisdom on what to do?

Myles: I'm looking at a deer and when I look into its eyes, that's what tells me okay, when I'm there with the tribe I'm looking ahead and I see the deer and it's like there's no words. It's like a feeling, like just looking into its eyes just gives me the wisdom of what's gonna happen  

Katische: So there's no way for you to move on out of this area into another safe area? If you said that it doesn't appear that the men were followed and that the white people just wanted your area, is it not safe for you then to move on?

Myles: We move on but it's like the wisdom that was shared with me is that my fate is sealed.

Katische: Okay.

Myles: I'll go on but I'm gonna get sick and eventually die. If I had to say my age, maybe late 30s possibly. I don't think much older than that. I'm not going to live much longer, I'm going to fight it.

Katische: Okay. So take us to the point where you've moved out and you found this new location. Are you able to settle the people there before you die? What happens with the tribe?

Myles: Yes, we find a clearing.We do settle, we go down to the trees. We do eventually find some animals. We have a small settlement in a clearing of the forest.First, I get my people settled. That's one of the peaceful things that I have when I start becoming sick, is that I get my people safe and everything's gonna be okay for them. There's a couple other people that are sick like me but not many. I feel like I did the right thing in not setting fire because a few died but I think that most of the village will live.

Katische: Okay. Great, tribe is going to live on. Alright, perfect. So I want you to take yourself now to that moment where you start to have the sickness and I want you to witness the last day of your life and experience how your spirit leaves the body without the pain or struggle. So just get to that last moment, that last day where you are ready to pass and then describe the scene for me without feeling sick or sweating.

Myles: There's a healer above me, she's got smoke sage going over my body. I can tell that it's not to try and heal me but it's trying to guide my spirit to the next life.

Katische: Okay, perfect.

Myles: She can tell that today's the day so she's preparing my body and preparing my spirit and mind to travel on.

Katische: Is the healer's energy familiar to you?

Myles: It feels motherly. I can't quite place it.

Katische: Okay. No worries alright, so at the time of your passing do you look into the smoke and then see yourself leave. How does it work for you?

Myles: I'm closing my eyes and I see light even though we're in a tent and it's dark. I smell the sage.  

Katische: Okay. So follow the light.

Myles: I breathe it in and I follow the light,

Katische: Okay. Alright beautiful, so I'd like you to follow that light now. How are you feeling as you're leaving the body?

Myles: I feel light and warm.

Katische: Okay. So just keep following the light out of your body and see yourself going higher and higher, higher and higher. Do you wish to look back down over the tribe and watch how they prepare the body in some kind of ceremony or do you wish to continue to travel upwards and receive healing and clear any beliefs from this lifetime that basically do a life review?

Myles: I want to keep travelling up.

Katische: Okay. We'll keep travelling up. You're in charge now so you need to tell me what you're seeing and whether you're met by any other energetic forms, be they bright lights, colored lights, representations of angelic beings, spirit animals.

Myles: I have just seen a column, a white light. It's like a beam or a column.

Katische: Okay. So I feel like you're meant to be drawn into that column. Can you become one with the column of light?

Myles: I am going towards it and it's just brighter and brighter, right now all I see is just white light but it feels peaceful.

Katische: Okay. So very warm, lots of energy. With this white light that you're feeling, does it feel like it wants to take you higher or does it want you to just to stay there for a moment and receive some kind of healing and wisdom right where you are?

Myles: It feels like I need to stay here for healing and wisdom, it's giving me all its energy.

Katische: Okay, we'll just soak it in. And I'll be quiet while you're receiving this healing and wisdom. If you can let me know if any wisdom and knowledge comes to you and let me know what it is? These may be things that you needed to learn from that lifetime, compliments of what you did well, things that you didn't achieve so just soak in the healing and we'll take it from there.

Myles: He's telling me about things that I skipped over in this life. I did apparently marry, I had a kid, a daughter. I had other kids that I took in, I guess children but not only children from our tribe but other tribes. Some of the men that died off tried to, you know, whether it was a hunting accident or or fighting with other tribes, they left children. I took them in and they're telling me that was a good thing. They're telling me that the leaving was not a bad thing, that I did the right thing. It was meant to happen. I feel like I did keep everything safe.   I was worried that I'd let the tribe down the wrong path but it's like the light's telling me that  I did the right thing.

Katische: Okay. Great and what did you skip over? What didn't you do?

Myles: The part that I skipped over, was about the kids, that I took care of them. It's like it wanted to tell me about that more, that was a good thing. That I didn't  think about it, I just felt like it was the right thing to do, but they're telling me that it's not something that everyone would do but that it was a very honourable deed to take in these strangers.

Katische: And is it important to know if any of the people that you took in or whoever you married or anybody in that lifetime was a soul connection that you have in this current lifetime?

Myles: Yes, I can see it. I can tell that I'm connected to my wife.

Katische: That’s what I thought.

Myles: I'm connected to friends and family, I think that's why I was so concerned about the tribe in my passing. So I wanted to make sure everybody's okay because I felt so connected to them.

Katische: Did you acquire any limiting beliefs or make any vows at your death that need to be released today?

Myles: The only thing I was afraid of when I passed was that I didn't find anyone to take my place.

Katische: Oh, okay.

Myles:  So I don't know who's going to carry on as chief, that was the only thing that made me want to look down when I was being carried to this light, was if they knew who was going to take my place.

Katische: And can you ask the healing energy in the healing entity now to remove all traces of the itchiness and irritation that will link to this lifetime given that you ended up dying from bug sickness?

Myles: Okay.

Katische: Are they saying yes?

Myles: I've asked them. Yes.

Katische: I'm giving you a healing transmission at the same time. And I can feel some light language coming through, so [light language transmission].

Katische: So just keep soaking in that healing. (Shakes) Oh that was strong! Can you see purple anywhere? I feel like the violet flame is just coming?

Myles: I do. I see lots of purple.

Katische: Okay. 

Myles: So White and Purple.

Katische: yeah, okay. That is the violet flame of Saint Germain, so that transmutes, so that's very very powerful. So just allow that purple violet flame light to transmute all, everything, anything that just allows it to come in, to scan. You can determine what needs to stay, what needs to go and allow the flame to burn away all that is no longer required. I can feel some emotion coming out in me so I think there's some grief but it's being transmuted.

Katische: What about Blue, is that coming in as well now?

Myles: Yeah it's coming in.  

Katische: Okay, so that's Archangel Michael. This Blue ray, so accept that healing as well. You're getting the special treatment today Myles!

Katische: I just received a vision of a horse. Did you get the energy of a horse?

Myles: okay, I'm getting more of a deer. 

Katische: Okay that could be. Is the deer your spirit animal?

Myles: I know I'm connected with it. When I saw the deer in the forest, I also had a connection with me in this lifetime. When I was walking my dogs and I don't know if you know where we live but we live in a suburban area and i'm in the middle of multiple rows of houses. Pavements, sidewalks, but I walk outside to walk my dogs and there's a deer in my front yard on my sidewalk. It looks straight at me and just stands there and i'll watch it and i've got two dogs and i'm thinking this deer should run right? It's a doe, it's not a buck or anything like that. It should be running and it just stares at me, like it's five feet away.

Katische: Spirit animal or power animal.

Myles: I got that same feeling when I looked into its eyes in my past life. Almost like there was a connection.

Katische: Yeah, so the deer is there for you through all lifetimes. Is there any wisdom that needs to be communicated to you to bring back to your life as Myles?

Myles: The only wisdom I've got is healing, that this is going to help me to heal.

Katische: Okay. Well I'll just sit here and you keep enjoying that healing and let me know when it's finished?

Myles: Yeah, that's all it wants me to do. That and pay attention to the signs in nature. That's the wisdom I'm getting, is to pay attention to science and nature and it wants me to meditate

before bedtime. It says that it's important to meditate before going to sleep with intentions. Talking about different realms, dimensions, it wants me to set purpose in my meditations like a specific place. I don't have a name or anything it's just showing Blue, I don't know what that means.

Katische:  That's alright, as long as you can see.

Myles: I need to meditate on Blue.

Katische: Okay. That's fine, yep that's great. Colour is really important. 

Myles: I don't feel blue, it's weird, I feel a white light. It’s telling me I need to think blue before bed. 

Katische: So I think blue before bed, yep okay that's easy then. That's a good instruction, it's a good sign.

Myles: It's telling me that’s all, that I'm ready.

Katische: Ready, okay, perfect. So the healing is complete?

Myles: Yes. I feel almost like a warm white light over me now. I've got White, Gold glow.

Katische: Is that the White golden glow and white light of your higher self?

Myles: No, it's on me. I feel like I'm all White and Gold now.

Katische: Okay. Perfect yep, so you've had a vibrational upgrade. Alright, well if in your mind you could please thank the you of the past and all of the energetic beings including   Archangel Michael and Saint Germain, your higher self and the dear and everyone else who participated in this session today. We will now take our leave and leave them with our blessings. So let's drift away from these scenes now. So drift away, float away, allow yourself to drift away from these scenes. Information will continue to be provided to you by your higher self, your guides and your angels in your dreams and in your waking moments as intuition signs and inspired thoughts. Your dreams will communicate to you and you will remember them more clearly than ever without frightening you so it's now time to return back to your present life. You'll remember everything you experienced very clearly. Anytime you listen to this recording of this regression you'll receive guidance, healing and help from your angels and also whenever you see the deer. The deer will communicate through their eyes and it will always be a very transformational healing and pleasant experience. You're now being transported back through the bubble of white light back down to the position where you were laying on the mat underneath the tree, the gossamer threads being removed from your head and mother gaia releasing your feet from the earth. Now I'm going to count from five to one and on the count of one you'll be back in the present moment in your own room awake and refreshed and you will feel wonderful. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Awake feeling your feet and returning.

Myles: Wow. I felt like it was going to be very bright and it is not bright in here.

Katische: Okay. No it's behind your eyes, just behind your eyes

Katische:  It's mind-blowing when you realise the difference between light behind your eyes, the spiritual light compared to human light isn't it?

Myles: It's like I need to turn the light on. There we go, that's a little better.

Katische: There we are.

Myles: I didn’t realise that I didn't have the light on before we started this.

Katische: That's alright, it's mind blowing, that light, the spiritual light. Isn't it. 

Myles: It's just like wow!! Laughter.

Katische: So guess what? There was a reason.

Myles: There was a reason, there was a reason. Those little bugs killed me, they're the devil. I'm taking my fists outside, like you can fight a mosquito.

Katische: And because I was so sure of it, when I grabbed the essential oil to go in the singing bowl, which helps with choosing a lifetime, it wouldn't let me take the normal one and it made me take the bug repellent no [ __ ] joke. Laughter. I literally grabbed the essential oil because I couldn't see it and I grabbed it and it's the bug one, this is no [ __ ]. I was like, yep we're having a bug life.

Myles: That's funny.

Katische: That was interesting.

Myles: Oh man, wow it was very interesting. Wow.  

Katische: I love the facts. I love the fact that both of you have now seen different aspects of the same native american lifetime. That's just super cool.

Myles: I felt like it was. But I wasn't sure until I went to the light afterwards. You know it's like  I couldn't tell my name, I had a feeling but I wasn't sure.

Katische: As soon as you said what was on your headdress I knew because I knew what she had seen in her description. I was like, yep, here we go.

Myles: Because see she never showed me that, about Red Wolf and I'm like, oh man I got a Red Wolf you know on my on my mouse. I felt resonated but I was not sure.

Katische: Okay. It's very interesting and especially as soon as you said that you took in other people's children, I was like yep this is the same one so when the podcast comes out, or she can share it with you now. Seeing her take on the lifetime is very different but you know it has to be because she's a different person so it's great to know that there is that connection between the two of you. It's really beautiful to know that you've got that soul connection and that you know you are each other's. You know, not just partners in this lifetime but you are from a soul family. You travel, so that was beautiful for me to witness and and to see that and from a scientific evidential thing and it's great to see when somebody else has a lifetime and you're in it and then they they see the same lifetime, it's like well you can't make that [ __ ] up, you know what I mean?

Myles: Yeah. The craziest thing that I wanted to say, it was kind of in the moment, when I was leaving was actually when you said to thank Michael, the Archangel. I had a feeling of him wanting to respond like, “how did you know”. You know, like there was definitely a hand in him guiding me, that's like progression. So it was kind of like the feeling I got was almost like a tip of the hat, like you go Katische.