January 28

Meditation for healing in Mother Gaia’s Garden.

mother Gaia's Garden Meditation


Enjoy this meditation using the Koshi chimes to enter Mother Gaia's Garden and obtain healing. Please wear headphones for maximum benefit. Remember to hydrate before and after this meditation.

Are you worried about being able to go into a hypnotic state to access your sub or superconscious mind? The best thing to do is to practice meditating. Now meditating doesn't need to look like sitting on a yoga mat, emptying your mind of thoughts. It's not possible to empty your mind of thoughts.

Why not try one of my meditations. They range from 1 min in length upwards and are on a variety of topics. Most use sound healing instruments such as the Koshi Chimes, the Crystal Singing Bowls and shakers.

The secret sauce is not only the intention of the meditations but in the vibrational aromatherapy encoded in all of my meditations.

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My intention is to make meditation more accessible- to open your mind to alternative ways to reach a meditative state, so that you can enjoy a moment of calm in a turbulent world.

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